Yoga to relieve back pain at once

Yoga to relieve back pain at once

Yoga is the medicine to prevent all kinds of diseases. Doing 10 minutes of yoga every day will get rid of all the problems of your body.


Vajrasana Yoga is very easy to do. If you do this yoga regularly, the pain in your legs and knees will go away easily.

How to do Vajrasana

Sit with your knees bent.

Then the ankles should be attached to the hips of the two legs.

Both hands should be placed on the knees.

In this way you have to sit for 3 minutes keeping your breathing normal.


This seat is to lie down.

How to do Savasana

First you have to lie down with your legs straight.

Then keep the legs active for 3 minutes keeping the breathing active so that they are vertical.

This seat will benefit you if you do it twice a day.



This seat is useful for those who work in one place for a long time. Sitting and working for a long time puts pressure on the spine. This results in back pain and accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen. Virabhadrasana is a permanent seat of the lungs or a group of yoga poses. The seat combines both permanent and balanced functions of the body

How to do Virabhadrasana 

First you have to stand with your legs straight.

Now you have to turn from the waist to the right.

So do Virabhadrasana for 4 minutes every day as a rule. Your body fatigue and drowsiness will go away in an instant.


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