Do this exercise to relieve constipation in the body

Do this exercise to relieve constipation in the body

Pair of yoga matches to get better health. Do regular yoga to reduce body constipation, hypertension and pain.


Navasana is to be done according to the shape of a boat. Lie on your back with your legs together and spread your arms out in front of your head. Then lift the arms and legs upwards. Lift the arms and legs in such a way that the folds do not fall. Do this exercise 4 times a day for 20 seconds.


If you do Trikonasana, you will get relief from waist fat, leg and knee pain.

First, stand up straight with your legs apart. Now lift both hands along the shoulders so that they are straight. In this position, lean to the right and touch the big toe of the right foot with the right hand. Do this for 25 seconds every day.


Doing Halasana Yoga reduces colds, coughs and belly fat.

First, lie on your back and keep your arms straight on both sides. Now the dupa should be straightened up and slowly lowered towards the back of the head so that the soles of the feet touch the ground. Do this seat 4-5 times every day. Breathing will remain normal.


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