These 3 Exercises to Lose Weight

These 3 Exercises to Lose Weight

We are all eager to lose weight. If you want to lose weight by following the diet chart, you have to accept various obligations. Let us find out how to lose weight easily in just 1 month.


Lie down first. Slowly bend the legs so that the legs and ankles are along the same line. Place both hands facing downwards on both sides. Now lift your back upwards with your breath. Try to hold the ankle with both hands.

Body weight will be on the shoulders, arms and legs. This way you have to have 20 seconds. Then slowly lower your back with your hands. Do this 3-4 times.


Push up is the act of lifting the body by leaning on both arms while lying on your back. If you do push-up exercises regularly, you will lose weight fast. Doing this exercise strengthens the muscles of the body.


Jumping jack exercises increase heart rate, increase blood flow, the body muscles are effective. The 20 minute jumping jack is as beneficial for the body as it helps to lose weight again.


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