Common Hair Loss Causes in Men

Common Hair Loss Causes in Men

The tendency to lose hair at an early age is increasing among men. The reason for this is that if these mistakes are not corrected, the amount of hair loss will increase. Men scalp is different than women because hormones. Some of the wrong steps in men hair care increase hair fall.

I know that men have to forget to lose their hair.

The mistakes are:


Men scalp is more oily, so using extra oil can cause hair loss in men.

Excessive shampoo

Men hair is quickly damaged by external dust, so many people use shampoo every day. The scalp is damaged and the hair becomes rough and falls out.

Comb wet hair

 This mistake of combing wet hair also causes men to lose the amount of hair on their head. When the hair follicles are soft when wet, combing the hair weakens the hair and causes it to fall out.

If you fall asleep without eating at night

When a man falls asleep without eating at night, his hair falls out.

Use hair gel

The use of hair gel and hair spray on the hair as well as the choice of hair color is also weakening due to this mistake. And men are losing their hair.


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