Follow these tips to stay healthy

Follow these tips to stay healthy

1. Do not take medicine in cold water

2. The best time to sleep is 10 pm.

3. Drink plenty of water in the morning.

4. Do not eat heavy meals after 5 pm.

5. Do not lie down after a heavy meal. 

6.Always answer the phone on the left ear.

7. Wake up in the morning and go for a walk.

8. Practice sitting up straight.

9. Chew food well.

10. Say no to oily and sweet foods.

11. Green vegetables and fruits are daily companions.

12. Try to do the homework yourself.

13. Wear loose clothing while sleeping at night.

14. Stay busy at work.

15. Control Anger. 

16. Be moderate in speech.

17. Do not keep working.

18. Please learn to trust people.

19. Think honestly, shake off pride.

20. Learn to say no to injustice and yes to justice.

21. Learn to forget. The special that never changes.

22.Practice meditation regularly.

23. Analyze your own work.

24.Do not interfere in anyone work unless he tells you to.

25. Peaceful mind is little to keep the way

26. Empty yourself of any wisdom

27. Always try to be busy with beautiful work.

28. It is better to be free from envy and repent to others in future.

29. Work should be appreciated

30. Receive the phone on the left ear.

31. Do not sleep immediately after taking medicine.

32. When the phone charge is very low. It is better not to use the phone. Because low charge phone radiation is 1000 times more.


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