What to do if the weight is not falling?

What to do if the weight is not falling?

Those who are not losing weight means that your metabolism has slowed down. Exercising to lose weight, cutting back on eating and drinking. Still not losing weight.

Not losing weight what to do-


Drink a glass of turmeric in warm water with lemon juice and a spoonful of isub gul in the morning. Kidney patients are not for them.


Do not sleep after meals.


Exercise for 20 minutes every day.

Let us take a look at why weight is not being lost-


One of the reasons for not losing weight is the adaptation of your metabolism i.e. the body takes time to get out of its own comfort level. Your body is used to digesting the amount of food you used to consume before. The metabolic process tries to maintain the body previous position by retaining fat. As a result does not want to lose weight.


In addition to exercise, the body needs calories for a long time and expend calories accordingly.

Eating organic food and eating natural food without processed food will not increase weight. Eating just fruits and vegetables can lead to weight gain if you eat too many calories. If you want to lose weight, you need to reduce your calorie intake.

Eating habits

Abruptly adopting a different diet reduces the chances of losing weight. This has a negative impact on health. So gradually eliminate the foods that you are used to eating. Avoid spicy food fried in oil. Eat a healthy diet along with exercising daily to lose weight.


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