Why do Wrinkles occur? Treatment of Wrinkles

Why do Wrinkles occur? Treatment of Wrinkles

Wrinkle problem is one of the obstacles to maintaining the beauty of the face. For a wrinkle-free face or to delay the appearance of wrinkles, some understanding is necessary. Why are wrinkles created? 

Reasons that can cause wrinkles include:

A) Primary causes are: 1) Age, 2) Harmful effects of sun rays, 3) Loss of support of subcutaneous tissue.

(b) Secondary causes : 1) Gravitational effect, 2) Facial circulation, 3) Lines caused by sleep.


All the processes of our body are in accordance with the biological clock of an age. Studies have shown that the elastin and collagen fibers of the skin tend to degrade with age. Some people can still look youthfully youthful into their forties, but by the age of seventies everyone has lost new elastic fibers (which lie loosely or unevenly in the skin) and little elastin is produced. So we cannot stop ageing, or evolution, in any way. However, the best treatment for removing the signs of aging is prevention.

Harmful effects of sunlight:

The second factor or cause i.e. the effect of sunlight is in many cases preventable and hopefully many people have started trying to reduce such harmful effects. It is enough to tell the patient how damaging the effects of the sun can be, that if the upper part of the arms and legs can be noticed on the thighs, then the difference can be perceived from the areas affected by the sun, such as the face, throat, hands and the reverse side of the arms. The harmful effects of sunlight can cause changes in all layers of the skin. The damaging effects of too much sunlight can reduce skin elasticity and accentuate facial muscle lines and sleep-induced lines. Skin color becomes dull. This natural or self-healing process can result in mild skin compensation, if the skin can be completely protected. And for this protection of the skin, excessive exposure to the sun should be reduced as far as possible. Since the entire period of childhood is spent in sunlight, protection from the harmful effects of sunlight should be started from childhood. Avoiding the harmful effects of the sun is important every day, not just in summer. Maybe there is an idea among many people that only during the hot season one should not move around much in the sun. If the skin can be protected from the midday sun, then half of the day can be protected from ultraviolet rays. Because sand, rocks, steep paths, etc. can reflect up to twenty-five percent of sunlight. So even if you take shelter under an umbrella at the beach, you cannot be safe from the harmful effects of sunlight. Even on a cloudy day, the amount of UV rays from scattered sunlight can be only ten percent less than on a sunny day, which is not negligible.

One of the best ways to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun is to reduce the amount of local skin exposure (exposed to the sun) by wearing the right clothing. Most fabrics (whether natural or handmade) can protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays. Generally, the resistance of the fabric depends on the fiber, color or thickness of the fabric. For example, the face can be protected by wearing a hat or cap. Of course, this immune system is only sufficient for the forehead, but not so much for the nose, throat, back of the throat, etc.

Wearing proper clothing to protect against sunlight or using a hat or cap on the head is not always possible in practice due to various conditions. Regular use of high-dose sunscreen is the solution in all these cases. Sunscreens, however, are mostly formulated to protect skin that has recently been damaged by the sun. Their effectiveness, however, cannot be so optimistic that it will do the same for chronically damaged skin as it does for age-damaged skin.

However, it has been shown that if sunscreen is used daily from childhood, age spots or aging can be prevented or delayed. But the real question is how realistic it is. Few can follow this rule from childhood. Because it is very rare to use regularly for such a long time. So it is not possible to motivate the public easily. Moreover, long-term use can sometimes cause allergic or non-allergic skin inflammation or other side effects. So living completely out of sunlight is an unrealistic endeavor. Excess sunlight should be avoided as much as possible in infants and from early childhood.


It has long been a common belief that treating age spots and sun-damaged skin will not benefit. Such an idea is correct in some cases but not in all cases. Various studies have shown that the use of special creams can partially make a difference.

Topical trinitone cream plays a big role in this. One study showed that fine and coarse lines and skin texture remained the same after four months of use. Most visible changes are completed within the first six to ten months of using the cream. Six months later, 70 percent are satisfied; A few scattered sunburns are gone. By using this cream, the rosy glow of the skin is enhanced and the healthy pink reflection is reflected. Trinitone 0.1% cream should be used initially in sun-damaged skin compared to untreated mildly yellowish skin. Later, for control, 0.05% cream was applied every other day and this improvement was observed up to two months after stopping the treatment. Then begins the gradual deterioration of partially finished skin from sun-damaged skin. Side effects of use include (sometimes exfoliation, dryness and redness). These symptoms, however, can be reduced by avoiding the use of trinitone cream for a few days on the affected skin.

* As trinitone may thin the surface layer of the skin, a high-strength sunscreen cream should be used. Some sunscreen creams can cause irritation. Especially when using lotion.

* The greatest improvement is observed within the first two months of use, after which, however, less improvement may be seen. It has also been shown that improvements can be maintained for up to twenty-two months of use. Trinitone acts slowly and therefore the patient should be aware of this.

* Avoid sunlight as much as possible.

* Smoking should also be stopped.

* If you are aware of wrinkles from a young age, wrinkles will be less. Avoid excessive hands on the face, all these will help to delay wrinkles, skin will be tight.

* Children who have wrinkles should use cleansing milk instead of soap and use moisturizer afterwards. Use anti wrinkle cream on areas that have wrinkles.

* Trinitone does not make sense for those who work in the sun.

* The maximum state of cosmetic or aesthetic improvement of the skin can be observed after two to three years.


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