What is Photodermatitis? Treatment and Remedies

What is Photodermatitis? Treatment and Remedies


Those who are sensitive to sunlight may develop a small rash like rash on the face, back, neck, etc. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are mainly responsible for this problem.

Some people skin is photosensitive by birth, which means sun exposure can cause various problems.

However, apart from congenital causes, photodermatitis can also occur after the use of certain drugs in some cases. Drugs include tetracycline, chloroquine, sulfonamides, chlorcorites etc. Sometimes using any cosmetics, perfumes, creams, lipsticks etc. can cause such problems. If this problem is caused by the sun for a long time, it will gradually become chronic and the skin will become rough, dry and scaly and the elasticity of the skin may be lost. And if there is vermatitis caused by immediate sunlight. Then it can be seen that the face or the sun-affected area will turn red. Swelling will occur and may appear as a rash or a watery rash. Or after a few days it can cause redness and white dead cells to appear.

Sometimes photodermatitis can manifest itself as just blackening or browning. In the case of those who are allergic to sunlight after using oil on the head, it will be seen that black spots have formed along the hairline on the forehead and in front of the ears.


It is necessary to find out the cause in each patient and avoid it in the future. Although it is not possible to pinpoint the cause, it is better to avoid all possible causes.

If photodermatitis occurs, application of Calmin lotion is very beneficial. Moreover, saline compress also gives good results. In case of overdose, steroid lotions or creams and food antihistamines can be used in consultation with a dermatologist.

The use of steroid cream should be stopped once the affected area is healed. But the use of sunscreen cream should be continued. And it will take a long time for the sun-damaged spots to disappear on their own. Therefore, hydroquinone lotion at 2%-5% twice daily can be used to lighten these spots, until the skin returns to its normal color. Preventive measures include using umbrellas, caps, sunglasses etc. when going out in the sun. Go out in the sun using sunscreen lotion or cream. Calamine lotion can also be used instead of sunscreen cream.

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