Mouth ulcers Symptoms, Treatment and Remedies

Mouth ulcers Symptoms, Treatment and Remedies

Aphthous ulcers of the mouth.

Some of us often find painful sores or sores inside the mouth, especially on the inside of the cheeks, gums, tongue, palate, lips. 

But the patient has to be in discomfort and pain for a few days. But the disease does not get better. In most cases it appears repeatedly. Only victims have experience in this regard. About 10 percent of the general population has this problem. Can be at any age. However, it is usually seen between the ages of 10 and 40 years. Factors that may contribute to its occurrence include food and drug allergies, physical and mental stress or deprivation. There is disagreement about the true cause. Because there is no evidence that these factors can always cause aphthous ulcers. In the case of those who have this problem repeatedly, it is caused by a tooth bite or an injury with a tooth. Moreover, in the case of girls, its excess may appear even before menstruation. Again, a tendency to get better towards the end of pregnancy can also be observed.


For those who are prone to recurring mouth sores, the disease process can be divided into four stages. The duration of the first stage is 24 hours - during this time the patient may have dizziness, tension, burning, pain, hypersensation etc. But it will not be accompanied by any external sores, bruises or any symptoms. The second stage is the pre-ulcer stage and the duration of this stage can range from eighteen hours to three days. Although this period varies from person to person, everyone has more or less pain. The duration of the third or ulcer stage is from one to sixteen days. At this time, the lesion will be slightly elevated or flat and will have a red circular area around it, which will later become a gray or yellow coating over the lesion. At this time there is severe pain in the affected area and the pain persists for 2/3 days after the ulceration. The fourth or final stage lasts from four to thirty-five days. At this time, the wound will dry naturally. Two out of every three patients recover within fifteen days. On the other hand, in one case, it may recur till the age of forty. Patients who develop mild wounds or ulcers heal faster than patients who develop deep wounds.

It is safe to say that for the first 2/3 days of the disease, there is severe pain in the affected area and this causes disturbance in eating, drinking and speaking. The number of affected areas can be one or many. A number of diseases can be seen that may correspond to this type of sores or lesions on the face. For example:

(1) Viral fever cysts, (2) Candida-like diseases, (3) Traumatic wounds, (8) Deficiency of blood immune cells, (5) Vitamin B-12 or folate-deficiency anemia, (6) Iron deficiency, (7) some other diseases.

Treatment and Remedies: 

Treatment aims to (1) control pain, (2) shorten the duration of symptoms in the affected area, (3) stop new affected areas.

Controlling pain: Use of topical anesthetic ointments is beneficial. It should be applied directly on the sores or wounds. Reduction in number and persistence of lesions: Use of tetracycline antibiotics is paramount. Mix a 250 mg tetracycline capsule with 1 teaspoon of water, soak a piece of gauze in that water and keep it on the affected area for 10-20 minutes 5/6 times a day. Do not eat anything within half an hour of use. This treatment should be continued for 5 to 7 days. In most patients, this treatment can reduce the severity of lesions, reduce pain, and accelerate early healing of lesions. Unfortunately, however, some cases may not respond to this treatment. For those who have this disease repeatedly, treatment should be started as soon as the symptoms of the disease appear.


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