Some FAQs on how to get rid of Blemishes

Some FAQs on how to get rid of Blemishes

Question: What should be done if someone complexion suddenly turns black?

Answer: The reason should be investigated first. This can be due to various diseases, such as malaria, black fever, diabetes, anemia etc. in the past few months, which can cause such problems. On the other hand, if chloroquine, minocycline, largactil, etc. group drugs have been consumed within the last two months. Even then, the natural color of the skin may turn black, and such problems may also occur with the use of some types of cosmetics or soaps. Therefore, in all cases, if the cause of the disease is treated, it is possible to restore the normal color of the skin.

Question: What is the treatment for burns?

Answer: Burns are usually caused by accidents. So it cannot be said how much the skin can be damaged. If there is a mild type of scar, it will become lighter or disappear with time, but if the scar is deep, i.e. if it damages the dermis of the skin, topical steroids or Sobalen drugs can be used as per the advice of the specialist. If there is no improvement in the white spots, it should be understood that the cells that produce skin color have been destroyed. So in this case plastic surgery is the best treatment.

Question: Is there any way to lighten the color of the body or face?

Answer: Whether skin color is black or fair, it is due to hereditary, racial and birth factors. Therefore, it is not possible to change the skin color through any medicine or by using makeup or uptan etc. However, skin color can be brightened by regular skin care. For this some rules need to be followed. First of all : Sun rays should be avoided as much as possible. Because sunlight burns skin color. So you must use sunscreen before going out in the sun. Secondly: Health should be maintained. For this reason, one should practice eating a balanced diet, moderate exercise and rest, as well as eating plenty of water, cool water, vegetables, etc. instead of salty, oily or fatty foods. Thirdly: It is possible to increase the brightness of the skin by using Retin A cream. Fourthly; Among some home remedies, using cucumber juice, canned water, sandalwood and turmeric paste etc. can also get some benefit. Follow proper diet and eat healthy food. Spicy food should be avoided. A lot of water, fruits, salads should be eaten. Do moderate exercise. People whose skin is not cleansed regularly may also have this problem. For them, massage the skin using baby oil, then the skin will be clean and the skin brightness will return.

Q: Can facial birthmarks or birthmarks be cured?

Answer: Facial scars can be treated. All birthmarks on the face. These include hemangiomas and Achilles-like nivus verrucosus. A hemangioma may get better on its own with age. So in this case you have to wait patiently. If it does not reduce, it is possible to fix the mass or masses through plastic surgery. And plastic surgery is also successful in nivus verrucosus.

Question: How to take care of mixed skin?

Answer: People with combination skin have oily face, forehead, nose, lip and chin areas. So the skin needs to be kept clean. Do not apply any cream. Use moisturizer and astringent. Cucumber juice is useful in home remedies.

Question: Are there any skin whitening creams or cosmetics available in the market?

Answer: There are some medicines or creams available in the market that claim to make the skin whiter or fairer. In fact they have no scientific basis at all. Moreover, their use is likely to cause skin damage and side effects. Therefore, it is not advisable to use them without the advice of a dermatologist.

Question: What should be done to bring back the lost radiance of those whose skin is dull or dull?

Answer: First of all, a physical examination should be done by a doctor, so that it can be understood whether there is any disease in the body and if there is any disease, then the condition will improve with treatment. Moreover, if you do not have enough sleep, your eyes always look tired. Follow proper diet and eat healthy food. Spicy food should be avoided. A lot of water, fruits, salads should be eaten. Do moderate exercise. Those whose skin is not cleaned regularly may also have this problem. For them, massage the skin using baby oil, then the skin will be cleansed and the skin glow will return.

Question: Can use on oily facial skin shrink large pores?

Answer: In all these cases, you should wash your face with lukewarm water and dry your face with two spoonfuls of milk of magnesia medicine. After drying, wash the face with cold water. There may be some benefit in this process. Use astringent regularly.

Question: Does exercise have any role in improving the skin?

Answer: Yes. Exercise can improve skin health and increase radiance. Because exercise increases the blood circulation in the body and the body harmful or waste materials can come out through urine. Moreover, the sweat that occurs in the body as a result of exercise also removes a lot of dirt from the body. Which is helpful in keeping the skin clean. Exercise makes the body tired, sleep is better and hunger is also better. As a result, the amount of food will increase and the health will be better. And only good skin comes with good health.

Question: Why do stretch marks appear on the body? What if you do not read the stretchmark?

Answer: Since there is no direct treatment to cure stretch marks, care should be taken to prevent stretch marks from falling off. The cause of stretch marks is when the elastic and collagen of the skin or tissue has been stretched for a long time.

Question: What can be done for those who have a little tiredness on their face?

Answer: Tiredness appears on the face after overexertion or walking outside. For this reason, after returning home from outside, you should first wash your face with a splash of water. Wash the eyelids with water. Then rest for a while. Clean your face with a cleanser afterwards. Hope you get benefit.

Question: Is there a relationship between skin diseases and seasons?

Answer: Some diseases may occur in countries with seasonal variations. During summer, skin problems like rashes, fungus, rash, sunburn etc. can occur more. On the other hand, in winter, problems such as cracked skin, chapped lips, dandruff, itching, scabies, allergy to cold etc. may occur. Chickenpox, measles etc. can occur in spring. Daud, ringworm, onychomycosis, various yeast skin diseases can occur more during monsoon.


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