Cosmetic in the care of Damaged Hair

Cosmetic in the care of Damaged Hair

We unknowingly spend money and time making our hair rough and damaged. Although the objective is to make the hair beautiful and attractive, due to lack of proper knowledge about hair care, application of various chemical processes, use of various tools in hair styling etc., the hair becomes rough and damaged. Moreover, wrong application of various shampoos, excessive or insufficient conditioning can also damage the hair. Again, following the wrong method can also cause hair damage.

Again a waste of money and time. Some patients with this type of problem always cut off the damaged hair in their hair treatment, so that the new hair can be lengthened as desired.

The first piece of advice when it comes to using cosmetics to treat hair problems is that the affected man or woman use the right shampoo. People with lighter hair color may turn green if they bathe in swimming pools (due to the chlorine in the water) or use tarry shampoos. There are some special shampoos, through which one can get rid of such unwanted color. Choosing the right shampoo is very important for hair that has become dry and damaged by the use of various chemicals. In all these cases, the affected person will get a lot of comfort by choosing a conditioning shampoo and will be able to manage the hair properly. For those with thin or chemically treated hair, conditioning shampoos will often show that hair is in better condition for one to two weeks. After that her hair can not be twisted. This condition can be due to excess conditioning in the hair. It can be removed with a mild shampoo. no If you use baby shampoo once a week, this problem will not exist. Patients should remember not to comb the hair without drying it thoroughly. Because wet hair has more elasticity and can break easily.

A tip for chemically damaged hair is to use instant conditioner immediately after shampooing. For very damaged hair, use a deep conditioner once every two weeks. However, frequent use can damage the hair. Care should be taken in case of damaged hair, so that less stress is applied to the hair. Hair perm process can reduce hair strength by 15%. Combing the hair or brushing the hair should be limited to a minimum while styling the hair. No one should go to bed with a brush or roller on their hair, nor should they use a curling iron. In general, the use of procedures that can cause hair breakage should be kept to a minimum. Because chemically used hair follicles break easily. Many patients use other chemical processes to improve their damaged hair. For example, those who have permanently colored hair and cannot curl their hair, use the conditioning permanent wave process. As a result, the hair can become damaged and cause more problems.

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