4 Rules for Applying Perfume

4 Rules for Applying Perfume

Correct Rules for using Perfume

Perfume invigorates the mind. Also, Bharasa perfume to remove body odor and keep you fresh throughout the day.

Stay perfumed all day by following just a few simple steps-

1. Use perfume after shower

Bathing exposes skin hairs. If perfume is used at this time, the fragrance spreads for a long time. So use perfume after shower.

2. Do not rub

After applying perfume, rubbing it with both hands breaks the structure of the perfume. As a result, perfume survi is not available. So put perfume on your hands and stretch your hands. It will warm the perfume.

3. Spray on hair

The perfume stays on the hair. For best results, spray the perfume lightly on the entire hair.

4. Pulse point

Perfume spray on the wrists, neck, folds of the hands, the smell will not disappear easily.

Do not spray perfume on clothes. Stains fall on clothes.


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