Natural Benefits and Healing Properties of Mango

Natural Benefits and Healing Properties of Mango

Mango (Mangifera indica)

Among the fruits, mango is one of the most popular unique fruits. A fleshy drop-like fruit of the tropics. It varies in size and shape. Their colors are green, yellow, and red. Inside the fruit is a hard endocarp. Mango trees are evergreen and branched. Mangoes are juicy, sweet, contain very little fiber and have a pleasant aroma.

Origin and spread

Mango is a native plant of the subcontinent. Mangoes are grown in large quantities in Asian countries. Mangoes are grown in India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Haiti, Mexico and Brazil.

Food quality

Green or unripe mangoes are rich in starch. During ripening of mangoes, starch is converted into glucose, sucrose and maltose. Green mangoes are a good source of pectin, which is depleted after pulping. Raw mangoes are sour because they contain oxalic, citric, malic and succinic acids. Minerals, vitamins, calcium, protein, phosphorus, iron, fat,

Contains ash, carbohydrates, vitamin C, very little vitamin B.

Raw mango is a good source of vitamin C. Raw mango contains more vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2, niacin.

Ripe mangoes are very healthy and nutritious. The main food ingredient of mango is sugar. This results in tartaric acid and malic acid and a very small amount of citric acid. These acids help maintain alkalinity in the body.

Natural benefits and healing rituals

Both raw and ripe mangoes are well known for their medicinal properties. Raw mango is acidic and antiscorbic. Raw mango has a pronounced effect on skin astringents and mucous membranes. Mango Pickle People suffering from gout, rheumatism, sinusitis, sore throat and hyper acidity should avoid pickles.

Ripe mangoes are antiscorbic, diuretic, tonic and astringent. It keeps heart muscle healthy, brightens complexion and increases appetite.

Mango to cure diseases

Heat stroke

Mango benefits liver disorders, weight loss and physical ailments. Raw mango syrup is an effective remedy for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Eating raw mangoes with salt cures water thirst.

Gastro-intestinal disturbances

Raw mangoes are beneficial in gastro-intestinal disorders. Consuming sweet mangoes is very effective in diarrhoea, dysentery, indigestion and constipation.

Biliary disorders

Raw mango works very well in bile disorders. The acid in raw mango increases bile secretion and acts as a disinfectant. Eating raw mangoes with honey cures cholestasis, indigestion and jaundice. It improves liver health.

Blood disorder

Raw mangoes contain high levels of vitamin C. It increases the elasticity of blood vessels and helps in the formation of new cells. It helps in the absorption of iron from food. Acts against tuberculosis, anemia, cholera and dysentery.

Eye disease

Ripe mangoes are very beneficial in night blindness. This disease is caused by lack of vitamin A. In this condition, eating more mangoes can help in this disease. Other problems include dryness of the eyes, softening of the cornea, and burning and itching of the eyes.

Weight loss

Mango milk is a curative method in the treatment of weight loss. For this you should always drink ripe mangoes and milk. Ripe mangoes are rich in sugar, but deficient in protein. On the other hand, milk is rich in protein, and low in sugar. Eating milk-mango combination improves health and increases energy and weight.


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