How to get water out of your ear?

How to get water out of your ear?

What should I do if water enters my ear?

What to do and what not to do when water enters the ear?

Water often enters the ear while taking a bath. Water in the ear may feel uncomfortable. However, in most cases water has entered the ear and the problem is solved by tilting the head to the side. Many put earbuds or fingers in their ears.

However, poking the ear with a stick or finger is more likely to cause damage than water entering the ear.

Clean the area around the ear with a dry towel.

Poking with a stick or bud can cause bacteria to penetrate deeper into the ear.

The resulting infection is not uncommon. However, this problem can be solved with a clean dry towel and rubbing alcohol and white vinegar.

What to do if water enters the ear?

If water gets into your ear, you can take the following steps:

  • Clean the earwax: First gently wipe the earwax with a tissue. It is especially suitable for relieving earwax on the face. If the water is in the ear, the ear should be emptied after the water has drained.
  • Tilting the ear to one side: Water in the ear can tilt the ear to one side. Helps to expel water.
  • Avoid using permanent ear sealant pumps: Do not use permanent ear canal sealant pumps if water enters the ear, as it excludes water and volume.
  • Consult a doctor: This is probably a common occurrence when water enters the ear, but if water definitely consult a physician.

What not to do when water enters the ear?

The following should not be done if there is water in the ear:

  • Do not touch the ear with fingers: If water enters the ear, do not touch it with paper tissue or fingers. This can help build up water or residual earwax pus.
  • Avoid using pots or puss: If the water in the ear can go to one side, this effective measure should not be taken. This step can help drain water or ear residue and prevent ear wax.
  • Not using a permanent sealant pump in the ear: It should be decided not to use a permanent sealant pump, because it helps to serve water or volume selenium document and helps to place impurity in the ear and selenium completely or permanently.

If you have ear pain, bad breath, you should consult your doctor immediately.


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