How long should you sleep at any age?

How long should you sleep at any age?

How long should you sleep at any age?

There is no substitute for getting enough sleep to stay healthy. Not getting enough sleep can affect our daily life. It is important to rest after long hours of work. Rest improves physical and mental health.

If sleep is not proper, the body can suffer from various diseases. An adult should sleep at least 6 hours a night. Less than this sleep is very harmful for the body.

A prolonged period of less than 6 hours of sleep can affect a person life expectancy. So one should sleep properly after daily work.

How many hours of sleep according to whos age?

Individual sleep requirements depend on age, health status, lifestyle and various other factors. Because of this, the amount of sleep needed at a certain age cannot be completely replaced.

However, general preparations are given:

  • (0-3 months): Newborn babies usually need 16-18 hours of sleep a day. Newborn babies sleep, eat and care for themselves during this time.
  • (4 months - 1 year): Babies generally need 12-16 hours of sleep, which can be inconsistent with different sleep schedules.
  • (1-2 years): This age usually requires 10-14 hours of sleep.
  • (3-5 years): Preschoolers typically need 10-13 hours of sleep.
  • (6-12 years): Elementary school-aged children may need 9-12 hours of sleep.
  • (13-18 years): Teenagers usually need 8-10 hours of sleep.
  • (18-25 years): 7-9 hours of sleep is common during adolescence.
  • (Above 26 years): Aging generally requires 6-8 hours of sleep.

At any age, proper sleep is important for vital health and harmony. These times may not be specifically set in general and may depend on individual requirements.


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