Is lassi drink good in summer?

Is lassi drink good in summer?

Many benefits of lassi drink in summer

Lachi is a delicious drink made from curd. Yogurt is made by adding sugar, beets and various spices.Many people drink different kinds of drinks to avoid heatstroke in summer. Drinks help keep the body cool. Lachi or milk drink gives a fresh feeling as it helps regulate body temperature. Apart from meeting water needs in summer, this drink also ensures hydration. This drink also replenishes electrolytes like potassium and sodium.

It is necessary to follow some rules to keep the body healthy and normal in summer. The benefits of drinking lachi in summer are-

Lachi is a delicious liquid drink that is preferred by most people. Moreover, such drinks are able to keep you hydrated throughout the day. This drink is refreshing in hot weather.

The probiotic content of this drink helps in digestion. May relieve gastric pain and bloating. Helps reduce high cholesterol levels. It also regulates blood pressure. Helps keep the heart healthy by reducing the risk of disease.

Lachi naturally increases body strength. It also increases the overall nutritional content of the body. Being a dairy product, this drink fills up the lack of calcium in the body.

This drink helps keep the intestines healthy. Gives a feeling of satiety and digests well.

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