Brain connection with body exertion

Brain connection with body exertion

Effects of physical exercise on the brain

The brain is the main organ that controls the entire body. Individual parts of the body move as a result of instructions from the brain. Even the smallest physiological functions are controlled by the brain. So the brain has a strong relationship with the body.

Physical exercise also affects the brain and mental health. Daily physical activity affects the release of various chemicals from the brain.

Exercise also increases the release of activity-related hormones such as mood swings, self-esteem, sleep, etc.

In addition to exercising; Daily exercise can be done by taking a leisurely walk, playing sports in the afternoon, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking on the way home from work, etc. On the one hand, as energy levels increase. The body will grow, it will be easier to focus on work.

Exercising daily affects the mental side-

Exercise can alleviate various mental abnormalities. Such as depression, anxiety, inferiority complex. Some can help people overcome physical disabilities. As a result of exercise, various inertias of the body are removed. Memory is improved, attention to work increases and endurance is also affected, sleep is improved, various bodily functions are also improved.

The relationship with nature deepens. Green environment and free environment of fresh air leads to mental relaxation and peace.

Food fried in oil affects the brain

Food fried in oil – from chops, beguni, pakoras to kebabs, parathas or any type of fries; Oil plays a special role in all things cooking. A lot of oil is also used in sweet dishes like Kalojam, Jilapi, Bundiya.

In addition to large restaurants, many small makeshift shops also produce oil fritters on a large scale. But these foods are fried and cooked in oil. A lot of oil remains after cooking. Those oils are not discarded and are used later in cooking.

Doctors do not recommend cooking with used oil. Gastric, constipation, abdominal pain, upset stomach, discomfort are various primary problems. However, frequent consumption of foods made with high-use oils can lead to more serious problems.

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