Health Benefits of Eating Puti Fish

Health Benefits of Eating Puti Fish

Learn the benefits of eating puti fish

What is puti fish?

Puti is a kind of small fish. Putimacha is a freshwater fish of the genus Cyprinidae. Putty fish are usually small in size and flattened in shape. A full putty is 20 to 25 cm short. They are mainly found in the reservoirs of Southeast Asia. Stripes and spots can be seen on them. In the scientific taxonomy, the genus name of this species is Puntius.

Putti fish is a more valuable fish at a lower price than putti fish. Puti fish is very tasty and nutritious. Puti fish is very easy to cook, oil-fried Puti fish is very fun to eat. The many health benefits of fish are discussed in detail below. Learn the benefits of eating puti fish regularly.

The benefits of regular putty fish play-


Puti fish is rich in plenty of protein. Puti fish is a small fish but all the organs are rich in tuku protein. If our body is deficient in protein then we should eat putty fish because it contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B complex and mineral minerals so it is able to fill our protein deficiency. Putty fish has a lot of vitamin E Putting Puti fish in leaves one day a week is able to fill all the vitamin deficiencies in our body. So keep puti fish on your food list at least two days a week to keep the body healthy and fresh.

Cures colds and coughs

Puti fish works as a medicine to cure cough, cold and cough. This is because putty fish contains vitamin C and antioxidants which act as antidote to cold fever in our body.

Relieves arthritis pain

Puti fish contains vitamin D which is vital for muscle function and can have anti-inflammatory effects. Regular consumption of puti fish results in muscle aches, bone aches and bath pains removes.

Eliminates leprosy

Puti fish contains vitamins, proteins and antioxidants that help eliminate leprosy. Regular consumption of puti fish is effective in curing leprosy.

To keep bones strong

Puti fish helps our body to keep bones healthy and promote bones because it contains a lot of phosphorus and vitamin D. Phosphorus helps to keep bones strong in our body.

Keeps eyesight good

Puti fish is forced to eliminate energy in the eyes, various eye problems, blurred vision, cataracts, itchy eyes and watery eyes. If we eat puti fish as a regular food then it helps in eliminating our eye problems. Eating Puti fish regularly makes the eyes look healthy and fresh green beautiful.

May increase immunity

Puti fish is another great way to boost immunity. This is because putty fish contains antioxidants which can enhance immunity and improve health. Regularly eating putty fish enhances the body immunity, the disease germs and viruses cannot easily infect us and Puti fish plays a big role in multiplying our body immunity.

How to clean puti fish?

Rub the puti fish on a surface, remove the fish stalks and wash well with one tablespoon of flour. This will get rid of all the dirt on their skin.

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