Water spinach (Kalmi Shaak) Eating of Health Benefits

Water spinach (Kalmi Shaak) Eating of Health Benefits

Water spinach

Water spinach is a tropical plant grown as a vegetable. Commonly cultivated widely in Southeast Asia. This herb has many medicinal properties. Regular consumption of Water spinach improves your eyesight, helps in digestion and keeps hemoglobin levels in the blood in check. Water spinach is antidote to spring diseases and also has high immunity.

Nutrition facts

Nutritional value of Water spinach per 50g: Water – 45.3g, Vitamin C – 2.5mg, Calorie – 15kcal, Fat – 1.5g, Calcium – 0.4mg, Iron – 0.3g, Protein – 2.2g, Fiber – 1.1 gram, thiamine – 0.5 mg, niacin – 1.1 mg.

Learn the benefits of Water spinach (Kalmi Shaak)

Bones become stronger

Water spinach is rich in calcium. Calcium is a mineral and vitamin that helps various organs function properly. It helps in strengthening bones and teeth. Regular consumption of Water spinach is also essential for muscle function. As the age increases, calcium deficiency in the body increases.

Increases immunity

Contains anti-oxidants that increase immunity in the body. Water spinach are rich in vitamin A. Beta-carotene in vitamin-A which improves the function of skin and mucous membranes.

Prevention of spring disease

Water spinach is an antidote to spring diseases. Due to the iron content in Water spinach, it is very beneficial for anemia patients.

Constipation is eliminated

Constipation disease is eliminated by eating Water spinach. Its rich in fiber, help in digestion and metabolism. Water spinach are very beneficial for anemia patients as they are rich in iron.

Beneficial in physiological problems

Eating Water spinach increases the milk of the mother. If the mother does not get breast milk, eating Water spinach will be beneficial. Water spinach works quickly in physiological problems of mothers during pregnancy. Urinary tract irritation is reduced by drinking Water spinach juice.

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