Essential Tips to Protect Computer Hardware

Essential Tips to Protect Computer Hardware

This time I will discuss some of the necessary tips to properly protect the various types of hardware attached to the computer in front of you. Take regular care of the necessary computer devices. Use the methods.

(A) After a few days, open the casing and clean the dirt inside with something like Bay Air or Vacuum Cleaner. Especially if you have a spider web, you must clean it. Because, if the spider web falls on any of the integrated circuits of the motherboard, it will get hot. As a result, it can be ruined at some point. If such parts are damaged, the whole motherboard has to be replaced.

(B) The fan attached to the power supply unit sometimes becomes very dirty. This fan should always be kept clean and tidy.

As a result, the temperature generated at different times within the CPU remains normal. As a result, the computer will be able to work smoothly.

(C) You can use software like RA and CPUIDLE to control the temperature inside the CPU. If you use these, many components of the computer will be normal.

(D) To keep the various hardware used in the computer for a long time, they have to be protected from all kinds of dust, sand, water etc.

(E) Before taking out the floppy or CD given in the drive, you must make sure that the light of the drive is on. Never pull a floppy or CD out of the drive when the lights are on. This can damage the drive.

(F) Before inserting any CD into the CD drive, the CD must be thoroughly cleaned and wiped clean with a good soft cloth to remove dust and sand.


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