What is the Virus? Differences Between Biological and Computer Virus

What is the Virus? Differences Between Biological and Computer Virus

What is the Virus?

In the literal sense

Virus is a law derived from the Latin word Viron. Viron means poison.

According to medical science: -

The virus is a type of virus. Which penetrates the organism and infects in various ways. For example: Influenza virus causes fever in human body. The cancer virus causes cancer in the human body. There are also many other viruses that infect humans (animals, birds, plants) and infect organisms.

What is the Computer Virus?

The virus is a type of virus. Which contaminates the organism entity and makes the organism entity sick. Computers are certainly not creatures. So the concept of virus in medical science is not directly applicable to computer but indirectly. This is on the grounds that the PC, similar to the organic entity, is tainted by the infection and damages the PC. Vibration of the word VIRUS on the computer is Vital Information and Resources Under Siege which means to damage or confiscate the source of important information.

A computer virus is basically a program unlike any other program used in computers. Which is called computer virus program. Computer viruses interfere with the normal functioning or speed of a computer. The virus damages the information stored on the PC. The virus first enters the computer, then the virus spreads to the computer and at one stage infects the entire computer and paralyzes it.

Differences between the Biological Virus and the Computer Virus

When discussing biological viruses and commuter viruses, some similarities and differences are observed between them. E.g.-


1. Both spread through virus carriers. For instance, a  biological virus spreads starting with one creature then onto the next. Similarly, computer viruses spread from one computer to another.

2. Just as other organisms become infected when they come in contact with an organism infected with a biological virus, a computer virus infects other computers by transferring files from one infected computer to another.

3. The biological virus infects the organism and gradually paralyzes the organism. Essentially, a PC infection invades a PC and step by step influences all parts of the PC, upsetting the ordinary working of the PC.

4. Just as an organism infected with a biological virus can be protected by an antidote, a computer virus antivirus program can protect a computer from being infected by a virus.


1. Biological viruses are not created by humans. In addition, computer viruses are created by programmers.

2. A biological virus is a parasite that infects the cells of an organism. Computer viruses, on the other hand, are a program. Which infects and damages computer files and memory.

3. Biological viruses can be detected with the help of instruments in the laboratory whereas computer viruses can never be detected. It can be understood only through symptoms.


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