Computer Maintenance Requirements

Computer Maintenance Requirements

Attendance at everything is undeniable. Maintenance of computer equipment is also important. Computers lose performance due to lack of maintenance. As a result we suffer financial loss. Not only this, with the help of computer you can do valuable things. So the maintenance of computer equipment is vital.

Causes of computer damage

The reasons for the loss of computer equipment are:

1. Not getting uninterrupted power flow

2. Fluctuating voltage of electricity

3. High temperature

4. More cold flow

5. High humidity

6. Wash

7. Dust

8. Water or any other liquid should not be drunk sitting in front of the computer.

9. Virus attack

10. Natural / Used Erosion

11. Creation of magnetic field.

12. Use full software.

The cause of the computer device overheating

Computer devices can be heated both internally and externally. The internal cause is the result of prolonged power outages in various electronic devices of computer devices. They spread heat as they go. And the external reason is that the computer gets heated as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun rays on the computer device.

Normal warmth for computer equipment

The normal temperature for a computer device is 40 degrees centigrade. It should not be more or less. Computers work longer at normal temperatures.

Ways to reduce the temperature of computer equipment

The ways to smile at the warmth of a computer device are:

1. Keep the computer in an air-conditioned room.

2. Otherwise it should be kept in a room with ventilation.

3. Hold off for a while after running the computer for a long time.

4. Make sure that the sun rays do not fall on the computer.

5. Clean the white sand regularly, because if the computer is overheated Dust attached to the device freezes. As a result, the devices soon lose their functionality.

How is the computer affected by dust?

The reasons why computers get infected with dust are:

1. Computers are infected by dust and sand mixed with air.

2. Computer equipment attracts dust as a result of heat.

3. The computer attracts dust when it is generated in the electric field.

4. When an electromagnetic field is created in a computer, it attracts dust in the air.

5. Different cooling fans of the computer attract dust while rotating at high speed.

Which parts of the computer are most affected by dust?

The parts of the computer that are most affected by dust are:

1. Internal memory chip.

2. Various electromechanical instruments

3. Motherboard

4. Disk drive

5. Printer

6. Three

7. Monitors, etc.

What kind of damage to the computer is affected by dust?

If you are affected by dust and sand, various kinds of damage are done to the computer. E.g .:

1. Dust builds up on motherboards and cards, blocking heat radiation. As a result, the computer suddenly heats up.

2. Power supply, hard disks, floppy disks, etc., accumulate dust in the air and obstruct their normal ventilation. As a result, their efficiency decreases.

3. The cooling fan of the computer reduces the speed of their normal rotation by accumulating dust in the national components. As a result, the computer suddenly heats up.

4. Disk drives, CD-ROM drives, etc. make them unusable by freezing dust.

5. If the dust accumulates on the disc, the disc is damaged.

6. Dust on the printer results in poor print quality.

7. The output is not well visible if the monitor is covered with dust.

8. Accumulation of dust in various pins and connectors causes oxidation. As a result, the normal performance of the computer decreases.

9. Dust erodes computer components and circuits.

10. The external brightness of the computer is dimmed by the dust.

What is the way to keep the computer free from dust?

Ways to keep the computer free from dust are:

1. Use dust cover regularly. Dust covers for computer system units, monitors and keyboards are available in the market. However, it is not advisable to turn off the constructor and put dust cover on it immediately. If the computer is cold and normal then dust cover has to be installed.

2. After working on the computer, turn off the computer at the end of the day and when the computer is cold, clean the computer system unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse with a cotton cloth.

3. Do not keep the computer by the open window.

4. Do not smoke in the computer room.

5. Do not eat any food in the computer room that can fly to the computer.

6. Blower or vacuum cleaner should be used to clean the dust by removing the lid of computer system unit and monitor.

7. Do not wipe the board or motherboard with a damp cloth.

8. Occasionally there is a need to open the mouse truck ball to clean the dirt inside.

9. From time to time, static reducing substances such as Mr. Crane, Mr. Brusho etc. are available in the market.

10. Above all, the computer should be kept in an air-conditioned room with doors and windows closed.

What kind of damage does magnetism do to computers?

Magnetism is especially harmful to computers. Computer disks and disk drives are most affected by the effects of magnets. Inside the disk are many magnets. Placing a strong magnet near the disk can confuse the layout or arrangement of the paramagnet inside the disk. As a result, the data stored on the disk is lost.

Kiki need to be careful while transferring the computer?

Here are some precautions to take when moving a computer from one place to another:

1. All connection cables must be opened properly before transfer.

2. When opening the connection cables, keep in mind which one was connected and how.

3. The best way to remember connection cables is to label the ends of the cables.

4. When opening the connection cables, open them carefully so that the pin of the connection cable does not break or bend due to pressure.

5. Care should be taken not to shake during the transfer.

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