Hazrat Idris (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Idris (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Idris (AS)

The people of the world have been involved in idolatry for a long time after the sinful devil introduced it. They completely forget about the worship of Allah Taala, the great Creator. After a long time in this way, Allah Taala again sent Hadrat Idris (AS) as a Prophet to guide them.

Idris (AS) is described in the Holy Quran in this way?

Wazkur Phil Kitabi Idris, Innahu Kana Siddiqan Nabiyu Arafanahu Makanan Aliya.

Namely: Remember Idris mentioned in the book. Surely he was a true prophet and Allah Taala raised him to a higher place.

The original name of Hazrat Idris (AS) was Akhnuk. However, the reason for his name being Idris was that he had properly educated the people of the country. Providing education is called dars or training. And the word Idris is derived from that word Daras.

Hazrat Idris (AS) on the one hand was highly educated and on the other hand he was endowed with various qualities and adornments. Most of the time he spent in teaching people and preaching among them and engaged in worship. It is known that he used to sew his own clothes and also used to sew other people clothes. Of course, that is why he did not accept wages or remuneration from anyone.

He was such a person of worship that on the one hand he was working, on the other hand he was doing dhikr in his mind. It is heard that while sewing clothes, he used to recite tasbeeh of Allah name on each of the needles.

Hazrat Idris ascension to heaven

Hazrat Idris (AS) performed many miracles in his life. One of the major miracles was that the prophecies he made came true word for word. The angels would take him to heaven at different times, rejoicing in his excessive worship. An incident related to this is known as the most significant event of his life. Once he was reciting Tasbeeh Tahlil. Suddenly the angel Azrael (AS) came in the guise of a common man and stood before him. He treated her as a foreign guest and gave her a warm welcome. Hadrat Idris always fasted and food would come down from heaven for his iftar every evening. He used to break his fast with that heavenly food. After breaking the fast, whatever was left over would go back to heaven. On that day also, when food came from heaven, he broke his fast with it and gave it to his guest to eat. The guest angel Azrael (AS) did not eat; Instead, he spent the whole night in worship.

Hazrat Idris (AS) was amazed to see how many more features were observed in the behavior of the guest. The next morning, Hazrat Idris (AS) said to the guest, O new guest? Let us take a short walk and observe the miracles of Allah Taala.

The guest agreed and the two set out on a journey together. After walking some distance, the guest suddenly said, "Lets pick some fruits from the field and eat them together." Hazrat Idris (AS) said in a voice mixed with some surprise and anger, you are a man of great surprise! You did not eat halal food at night, but now you want to pick fruits from other people fields and eat them. It is absolutely forbidden for us to accept the property of others.

The guest proceeded without answering.

Going a little farther, he saw some goats grazing in one place and said to the guest Hazrat Idris (AS), "Lets bring a goat from there and sacrifice it." It can be eaten quite well. Hadrat Idris (AS) said, "Do you not know that it is a sin to sacrifice another goat?"

Idris voluntary death:

Thus the stranger remained in the company of Hazrat Idris (AS) for three days. Idris (peace be upon him) doubted that this person was not a human being. So he said, "By Allah, tell me your true identity." The guest said, I am not a human being. I am an angel. My name is Malakul - Maut Azrail (AS). Hadrat Idris (AS) said, "Are you the one who captures the souls of all the creatures of the world?" Malakul Maut said - Yes.

Then Hazrat Idris (AS) said, but it seems that you have come to capture my soul. Malakul-Maut said, No, I have come to establish brotherhood with you. My sincere wish is that you and I will agree to this proposal.

Hadrat Idris (AS) said, "I can establish brotherhood with you on the condition that you will let me enjoy the state of death once and for all." If you could just let me enjoy the state of death right now, it would be of great benefit to me. Fearing death, I could devote myself more to the worship of God.

Malakul-Maut said, "I cannot do it without the permission of Allah." Since now the time of your death has not come.

Hadrat Idris (AS) said, "Take permission from Allah." Then Malakul-Mawt sought permission from Allah. God gave him permission.

With permission. Malakul-Mawt captured the life of Hazrat Idris (AS). Shortly after his death, Malakul-Maut prayed to God to resurrect him. Allah accepted his prayer and revived Hazrat Idris (AS).

Then the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) asked him, Brother Idris (peace be upon him)! Tell me,

What did the state of soul deprivation look like to you?

Hazrat Idris (AS) replied, "Brother Malakul-Maut, when the skin of a living animal was pulled from head to toe and dropped, I felt the same pain as the animal."

Angel Azrael said, brother Idris (AS)! I have not captured anyone life as easily as I have done so far. I paid close attention to what was causing you a little trouble.

Tactically going to heaven:

Anyway, then Idris (AS) said, brother Azrail! I am very excited to see hell. If you had shown me Hell, I would have been able to concentrate more on worship for fear of Hell.

Accepting his offer, Malakul-Maut took him to the gates of hell. After seeing the hell he said, brother Azrail (AS)! I have a keen interest in seeing heaven. If you had fulfilled this wish of mine, I would have been eternally grateful.

Malakul-Maut said, "If you promise me that you will come back to me after seeing heaven, then I can show you heaven." When Hazrat Idris (AS) agreed to that, Azrail (AS) took him to the gates of heaven. He would take off his shoes at the gates of heaven and enter them: he wandered about for a while. Then he came back and kept his promise, but again he got his shoes and ran into heaven. Malakul-Maut called him and said, Brother Idris (AS)! Why did you enter heaven again? Come on, hurry up. I will take you to the world and do my other work.

Hazrat Idris (AS) replied from the inside of heaven, brother Malakul-death! Allah Taala has said: Every creature will taste death once and no one will be able to enter heaven without seeing hell once. I once tasted death and saw hell. Then I came out of heaven and kept my promise to you. So now I will not get out of heaven, you go to your work.

The angel Azrael (peace be upon him) listened to the words of Hazrat Idris (peace be upon him) and could not decide his duty.

Allah Almighty looked at Azrael and said, Azrael! Let Idris stay in heaven. In his destiny, I have recorded such incidents.  Then Hazrat Idris (AS) started living in great happiness. Meanwhile, his family began to weep over his separation.

The Devil Trick:

A few days later, the sinful devil came to the children of the Prophet Idris (peace be upon him) and said, "What is the use of crying like this day and night for your father?" I am a devoted follower of your father.

Of all his ummahs, I was his most beloved and beloved. While he was still alive, he made a stone statue of his exact shape and told me that after my ascension to heaven, you will all worship this idol of mine and go around it and circumambulate it. Worship it continuously. Then I will be very pleased with you and will recommend to Allah for the welfare of each of you.

The children of Idris (AS) forgot about the deception of the sinful Iblis and they used to place this idol on a hill and start worshiping and circumambulating it. That idol was exactly like Idris (AS).

The person who observed it thought that Idris (AS) was sitting on the hill. Iblis did not fulfill his duty by handing over the idol to the children of Idris (AS).

The word which he had spoken to the children of Idris (peace be upon him) about the idol was spread all over the country. As a result, everyone in the country came and started worshiping the idol of Hazrat Idris (AS).

Gradually the situation became such that the rituals of the true religion preached by Hazrat Idris (AS) were completely abolished and idol worship became widespread! Everyone began to think of it as the true religion.


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