Hazrat Yahya (A.S.) Full Story

Hazrat Yahya (A.S.) Full Story

Hazrat Yahya (A.S.)

After the martyrdom of Hazrat Zakariya (a.s.), his son Hazrat Yahya (a.s.) attained prophethood. He preached religion among the Bani Israel for a long time. He used to sit in Al-Aqsa Mosque most of the day and night to worship and give advice to Bani Israel. But few people were converted. Most of the people were hostile and hostile towards him.

An incident happened during the time of Hazrat Yahya (a.s.): A woman with her second husband wanted to marry a daughter of her first husband womb, but Hazrat Yahya (a.s.) prevented this and said that it cannot be; As it is totally illegal in Shariah. This incident led to a serious dispute between Bani Israel and him. 

The woman second husband was an influential leader of Bani Israel; So almost all of Bani Israil joined his side and opposed Hazrat Yahya (a.s.) and they did not pay attention to the prohibition of Hazrat Yahya (a.s.) and completed the marriage. Moreover, they conspired to kill Hazrat Yahya (a.s.). Once, according to the orders of the second husband of the woman, Hazrat Yahya (A.S.) was brought to her.

At that time, the angel Gabriel came to Hazrat Yahya (a.s.) and said, O Prophet of God! If you direct, I can destroy the whole city along with them as a punishment for these sinners.

Hazrat Yahya (A.S.) said, No, I do not think it is good to destroy them in this way. What Allah has written in my sight will surely happen. But I do not want to punish them.

The sinners delayed no longer. They split the head of Hazrat Yahya (as).

It is said that a clear voice emanated from his broken head, O sinful infidels! The misdeeds you have committed today in the pride of power will soon reap its rewards.

After this incident, the angels pleaded with God, O Lord! I did not understand the reason why you did not punish your enemies and let your most devoted prophet, the innocent Hazrat Yahya (A.S.), die at the hands of his enemies.

Allah said, Angels! According to the conventional rules, one has to destroy the enemy and protect the safety of the friend. Outwardly, my work seems to be against the conventional norms, but actually it is not. 

When I saw that the heretics were fiercely enmity with my Prophet. They did not accept it at all, so We caused them to commit a grave crime in order to give them its ultimate reward. And by this I have not done any injustice to my Prophet. Because my name is more desirable than the world to the prophets and messengers. I did this by the enemies of the Prophet in order to make this wish a speedy success. 

By this I made My Prophet safe from worldly troubles and made his enemies worthy of severe punishment for serious crimes. They will enjoy its reward in both this life and the hereafter.

It is heard that after the martyrdom of Hazrat Yahya (a.s.) the aforementioned woman and her former husband unborn daughter fell from the roof of the house and lost their lives, and shortly after that her husband, the influential Bani Israil man, lost his life in the state of utter humiliation by his attendant and companion. Of course, their real worldly punishment remained for them.

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