Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Story

Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Story

The arrival of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) in the world

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) blessed this earth from his mother womb on Monday 12 Rabiul Awwal of the year 570 or 571 A.D. All the miraculous events that took place in the birth anniversary of Hazrat Rasool Kareem (peace be upon him) are described by his mother Bibi Amena in her own words:

Bibi Amena was completely alone in the house just before the birth of Huzur Pak. Suddenly he heard a loud noise from the sky and became very frightened. Immediately a bird in the shape of a rooster flew into the house and its two feathers touched the head of Bibi Amena. And all his fears were dispelled from his heart, and he began to rejoice and be glad. Then the rooster put some sweets in the mouth of Bibi Amena.

It is seen in the narration that after the rooster was gone, a handsome young man came and made Bibi Amena drink a glass of sweet sherbet. It looked as white as milk, but it was as sweet as honey to eat. Bibi Amena said, "Then a wonderful light will come out of me." Went up to the sky. Immediately some beautiful women came to me. I inquired about their identities and found out that they were Hazrat Hajra, Hazrat Maryam and Hazrat Asiya. They reassured me in particular that you have no worries or fears. We have come to serve you by the command of Allah. This time I heard an invisible voice: keep the baby out of human sight.

Then I saw some beautiful women come into the house with meshak, amber and other perfumes in a silver plate. I also noticed that some wonderful birds were flying over my house. I have never seen such a beautiful color and shape of a bird before. Seeing that, my eyes widened. In such a situation my son Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born. I did not realize anything. As soon as he landed, he fell down in prostration and said, La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah.

Incidentally there was no lamp in my house on the night the baby was born. But the light of my son body illuminated my interior in such a way that even the needles falling on the floor of the house could be picked up by that light. The light shone so brightly that it flickered before my eyes as far as Syria.

Bibi Amena said, then a piece of white cloud came down and picked up the baby from my lap. At this time, as if to say, bring it around the whole area of ​​East and West, so that the whole world becomes known to it. After a while, the white cloud returned and put my son back in his lap. Immediately I saw three men with beautiful faces like sunlight come and stand beside me. One of them had a gold lota in his hand, the other had a ring wrapped in a piece of silk cloth in his hand and the other had a piece of beautiful woolen cloth in his hand. They took my son from their first person lap and bathed him with their lottery water. The second man pulled the ring out of the silk cloth and pressed it between the two shoulders with the ring. Then the third man wrapped the woolen cloth in his hand and put it on my lap and said something in his ear. I could not understand everything about it. But what I understood was that, O Messenger of Allah! Allah has given you knowledge of the unseen which has not been given to anyone. And the good news for you is that those who believe in you as prophet of Allah and believe in you will be considered as your nation and they will be saved from the torment of Hell.

Allah Beloved Hazrat Rasool Kareem (peace be upon him) was born and drank the milk of his mother Bibi Amena for only seven days.

Then he drank the milk of a woman named Chuwaiba for a few days. Prior to this, this woman had also given milk to Hamza (R), the widow of Huzur Pak (SAW) for some time. There is considerable disagreement as to whether this woman later converted to Islam. When Huzur Pak (peace be upon him) migrated from Mecca and settled in Medina, he would occasionally send some presents and clothes for the mother.

Hazrat Halima Saadiya, the stepmother of Huzur Pak (SAW) is well known in the Muslim world. She was from the tribe of Bani Sad bin in the Taif region of Arabia. This tribe was the purest language-speaking people of Arabia at that time. Personally, Hazrat Halima was a very kind, virtuous, honorable and patient woman. She used to live with her husband.

The snatching of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Haramat Halima Saadiya said, "I weaned the baby Muhammad (peace be upon him) in time and handed him over to his mother in Makkah." Needless to say, my mind did not want to lose such a blessed boy. I fell in love with him so much that he was incomparable; But in spite of that, he cannot be bound forever. In what right shall I give him, whose son shall return him into his hand? It will not work otherwise. Therefore, somehow suppressing the aching heart, I raised the child Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the hands of Hazrat Amena and said, Honorable! Take this doll of your heart, gold manik, priceless maharatna as your own. Hazrat Amena took him in her arms and kissed him tenderly.

Then I looked at Hazrat Amena and said, "Honble, it would have been better if you had kept your son with me till he became a little stronger and stronger." Especially in the current epidemic in Makkah, I think it is best not to have a minor here. Now do whatever you like. Hazrat Amena listened to me and gave her son to me. I took him to my house. Two or three months later, the baby Muhammad (peace be upon him) once said to me, why does not my brother-in-law stay at home for so long every day? Where to go? I said, he goes to the field with the flock of goats. On hearing this, the child Prophet (peace be upon him) said, but I can also go with him.

I agreed and let him go to the field with my son the next day; But shortly after I left for the field, my son came running crying and told me that our Qurayshi brother was suddenly grabbed by two men dressed in white. From a distance, I saw two men make him lie down on his back, tear his chest, and throw him out of the house.

Hearing such terrible news from the boy mouth, I told my husband and then we both ran to the right place.

I went and saw that he was standing. But seeing the soil on his body, I became restless. My husband took her in his arms and said affectionately, "What happened?" He replied, "Two men dressed in white came and grabbed me and took me to a secluded place. They made me lie down, snatched my snatch and took it out. Hearing this on her face, my husband said, Halima.

I am very scared, is not there danger in this manik? You go with me to Makkah, before the calamity befalls, we deliver it to the mother as usual. Then my husband and I took him to Makkah and took him to his mother and told him the whole story. He patiently listened to it and used to frighten us: You are frightened at the thought of being possessed by a jinn-ghost, but know that no jinn-ghost can befall this child of mine.

By God! I have no dominion over this child. But what you have seen is surely a wonderful miracle. When you have brought him, keep him with me. Then we brought him to him.

There are two main opinions about the rupture of the chest of Hazrat Pak (SAW). One is that the chest has been torn four times in total. For example, the first time in the house of Bibi Halima, the second time in the age of ten years before receiving prophethood. Some time before receiving the prophethood, his place of worship and meditation was in the cave of Hira mountain and before going to Meraj Sharif for the fourth time.

According to another narrator, the chest of Hazur Pak (SAW) was torn three times in total. For example, the first time at Bibi Halima house, the second time at Hira Parbat cave and the third time before going to Meraj Sharif.

The childhood of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

It is inevitable that there will be differences and distinctions with other people in every chapter and every level of the life of the one whom Allah has chosen and sent to the world as a guide for the world. In the case of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) this pattern was seen in full measure. It was seen in his childhood that his character did not match with the character of other boys. From an early age he was short-spoken and gentle. There was not much agility in him. He did not love games, nonsense at all. When the boys his age were intoxicated with games, he would sit on the edge of the desert and think to himself. No one has ever been able to persuade him to play, even though he insisted. Besides, from a very young age, his character was very beautiful and admirable. He used to talk to everyone with a smile. Everyone loved him by listening to his words and seeing his sweet demeanor. Everyone was happy with his sweet words. He never quarreled with anyone over anything.

He used to do as little as he could without wasting time on sports or bad work and helping his uncle Abu Talib with household chores. Sometimes he would go to graze in the field with his uncle Abu Talib goat herd. On this occasion he used to meet his peers in the field. They were absolutely fascinated by his behavior and speech. When boys of the same age called him to play, he would say, We did not come to this world to play; Rather, we have special responsibilities and duties. Then they said, what is the responsibility and duty? He could not, of course, answer this question; But he was very thoughtful about it.

He realized the value of time from his childhood. Therefore, if there was no work at hand, he would keep quiet and think deeply. As a child, it became his main duty to think like this. Sometimes he stared at the distant blue sky, sometimes at the gray desert, sometimes at the green forest, sometimes at the high mountains, sometimes at the moon, the sun and the stars in the sky at a glance. His question arises in his mind, whose creation is this moon, sun, planets-stars, sky-wind, forest-jungle, mountains-mountains? And who is raising the moon and the sun, blowing the wind? By whose order day and night are happening like this? In this way hundreds of thousands of questions would arise in his heart; But he did not get any satisfactory answer to these questions and the level of his thoughts and thoughts was increasing day by day.

Once he went to a distant field to graze the goats of his uncle Abu Talib. Suddenly two very dear people came to him. Their appearance, the beauty of their costumes, and their elegance were all impressive. Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that I have never seen such a beautiful lake like them. Good fragrance was emanating from their bodies. I did not recognize them; But later I found out that one of them was angel Gabriel and the other angel was Michael. They came to me and shook hands

He grabbed me and made me lie down on the ground. Then they tore from my navel to my chest; But it did not bother me at all. One of them said to the other, Get rid of the evil instincts in it and fill its heart with all the virtues of knowledge and wisdom, humility, humility, kindness and honesty. The other angel took out some black blood in the middle of my chest and threw it away. Then he washed my bloodstream thoroughly with soft fragrant pure water and placed something white like silver in my bosom. Then he put my torn breasts together and made me look exactly like before and lifted me up and said, go, now rest assured.

May the infinite mercy of Allah be upon you. This time the snatching was the official purification of the second phase of the soul of Huzur Pak (SAW).

Through this purification ceremony, the heart of Huzur Pak (SAW) is adorned with omniscience. His heart is filled with the virtues of kindness, honesty, humility and truthfulness, tolerance, etc., and is freed from lust, anger, greed, delusion, drunkenness, envy and hatred. In addition, this purification gives him the strength to endure hunger and thirst and to control his appetite for food. In fact, it has been shown that,

Even in the midst of hunger and thirst, he could have spent days drinking only one or two cups of Zapam well.

From the heart of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the root cause of evil inclinations and evil deeds was washed away. So for one day and he never did a dishonest or disliked thing. The seed of falsehood was not in him from childhood. Many reject lies, and at least in the midst of laughter and lies, one or two lies; But that never happened in the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). He was the embodiment of truth. Even the enemy of his soul could not say that a lie ever came out of his mouth even in his childhood. He was a shining example of this great truth. That is why the Arabs awarded him the title of Rare Alamin.


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