The mystery of the creation of the Ocean

The mystery of the creation of the Ocean

The mystery of the creation of the ocean

Allah Taala says in the Holy Quran:

Allah has made the sea subservient to you, so that you may eat fresh fish from it.

(Surah Nahl: 14)

Almighty Allah has created the ocean as vast and vast and in it lies innumerable goodness. And he created the sea around the land in such a way that the land is a small island in the heart of the vast ocean, surrounded by water. The types and number of animals on land are many times more than those in the sea. And there are such wonderful and strange animals and various plants that bear the signature of God infinite power and skill of creation.

Some sea creatures are so large that if any part of their body floats on a particular body of water, it would be mistaken for a small mountain. On land there are various types of animals such as cows, goats, sheep, buffaloes, birds, etc., in the sea there are several times more and different types of animals. Rather, it can be said that all the types and numbers of animals in the sea are absent on land. Allah Almighty in His infinite power and special mercy has created different means of sustaining their life there.

Apart from that, the quantity of perfumes and precious pearls and gems found in the sea cannot be found on land. If all these details were written it would become a huge book.

How did Allah create the pearls inside the oysters and preserve the corals under the rocky reef at the bottom of the sea!

Allah says:

Both seas produce pearls and corals.

(Surah Rahman: 22)

Marine experts and researchers say that the marjan (coral or gem made from marine insects) mentioned in the Quran is a kind of pearl, but somewhat smaller and slimmer in size.

Then Allah Taala mentions His blessings and favors and says:

Then will you deny any contribution of your Lord?

(Surah Rahman: 23)

The word "A-la" mentioned in the verse means gift or grace. Apart from this, Allah has created many valuable resources including amber in the ocean.

Now notice; God has made the sea subservient to man and has given man power over the sea. Huge boats float on the water. In these boats and ships, people carry many goods and travel abroad. (There is no alternative even in the age of almost final success of science.) If there was no such good system of transportation on water, the transfer of much needed goods from country to country would have been impossible and trade would have been disrupted. As an inevitable consequence of which the life journey became very difficult and difficult.

In this regard, Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Ships ply on the ocean, benefiting people.

(Surah Baqarah: 164)

Another sign of the power and majesty of Allah Taala is that He has made water so liquid and flowing and He has made it so solid and composite that all the water of the whole world can be kept together in one reservoir. All the water on Earth can be mixed as easily as it can be separated. Water from one place mixes with water from another place and becomes a uniform body. Again, he can be easily separated. Because water is so flowing and liquid, various watercraft can easily move over it. Otherwise it would not have been possible to move vehicles over it.

Those who are ignorant or indifferent to these infinite blessings and mercies of Almighty Allah have nothing but pity and pity for their ignorance and indifference. But everything from the sky, the earth, the mountains and the ocean to the atoms of this vast universe has clear signs of the infinite power and creativity of Allah Taala. Every thing has a sign of Allah, which bears witness to His Oneness.

These creations of God are calling the human society and saying, O human race! Remove the heavy veil of ignorance from before your eyes and see the inner vision. Allah has created many useful and necessary blessings for you. Is there a creator other than Allah? But you associate with him. Everything in the world has been created by God and He has created it for the good of mankind.

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