Hazrat Yusuf (AS) Story

Hazrat Yusuf (AS) Story

Hazrat Yusuf (AS)

Allah Almighty has called the story of Hazrat Yusuf (AS) as the best story in the Quran.

There are some differences of opinion among the scholars as to why this story has been termed as the best story in the Quran. Some say that the story is better and more succulent than all the other prophets; But some scholars say that the climax of the patience shown by Prophet Yusuf (AS) in certain events of his life is stated in this story and it is called as the best story in the Quran. This is because patience is the best and most important trait in human character. The reason why Surah Yusuf was revealed in the Quran is that once seven Jews came and started arguing with Hazrat Omar (R) to the effect that our Torah is better than your Quran; But Hazrat Omar (R) did not say, our Quran Majid is better than your Torah.

The Jews said, "We have the story of Prophet Joseph (pbuh) in our Torah, but it is not in your Quran." And that story is the best story. Hazrat Omar (R) did not respond to the words of the Jews and came to Huzur Pak in a sad state and narrated the incident.

Hazrat Rasool Kareem (sws) heard the matter and started thinking about it without giving any immediate answer. Meanwhile, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) came from Allah and conveyed the verses of the story of Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) to Huzur Pak (peace be upon him). The above mentioned story is continuously told as follows:

The Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) was born in the womb of Rachel, the second wife of the Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him). After her, Rachel gave birth to another son, Bani Yamin. In addition to these two, Jacob had ten more sons. They were all born in the womb of their first wife, Leah.

Rachel passed away shortly after giving birth to Bani Yamin. At that time Prophet Yusuf (AS) was only five years old.

She was the most beautiful of all the brothers. From his birth, his character was very beautiful. That is why Hazrat Yaqub (AS) loved him very much.

There was a sister of Hazrat Yaqub (AS). Once he said to his brother Hazrat Yaqub (AS), you have many children; It is very difficult for Lear alone to take care of them. Therefore, entrust at least one of your sons to me, and I will take care of him. Saying this, he wanted to take Hazrat Yusuf (AS) to his house. Hazrat Yaqub (AS) became restless after seeing this son for a short while. He ran to his sister house to see his son. Thus long as Hazrat Yusuf (AS)

While his uncle was at home, his father Jacob (AS) used to visit him again and again.

The brother-in-law of Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) loved him very much and took good care of him; But Hazrat Yaqub (AS) soon brought him to himself. Because in his absence he would spend time in extreme discomfort. Apart from the younger brother of Prophet Joseph (pbuh) though there were ten other half-brothers; But they did not fill the mind of father Jacob (AS) at all. Because their nature was not good at all. Besides, they were very quarrelsome and jealous. They used to quarrel with the neighboring boys and girls. Due to this, Hazrat Yaqub (AS) did not have much attraction and affection towards them.

The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was not only loved by his father. Her physical beauty and good character also made her neighbors love her and admire her with hundreds of faces. But in spite of all these qualities of Prophet Joseph (pbuh), his half-brothers were not at all happy with him; Rather, they hated him. Allah Taala had already informed Hazrat Yaqub (AS) that he would grant prophethood to Yusuf (AS) out of his twelfth son. For this reason, Hazrat Yaqub (AS) was more attentive and attracted towards his son Yusuf (AS). He could not have kept the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) out of sight at all.

The Miraculous Dream vision of Hazrat Yusuf (AS) and his wonderful interpretation

Hazrat Yusuf (AS) was then a teenager. At this time he had a strange dream and related it to his father. In the language of the Holy Quran, it is expressed as follows:

_ Wa iz qalaa Yusufu li abihi ya abati inni raitu ahada ashara kawkabau wash shamsa wal kamara raitu hum li sajidin.

That is, when Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) said to his father Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him), O father! I saw (in a dream) eleven stars and the sun and the moon. I saw them prostrating in front of me.

Hearing the dream, Hazrat Yaqub (AS) said to his son Yusuf (AS):

‘Kala ya bunaiyya la takbachuch ruiyaka ala ikhwatifa fayakidu laka kaidan, innash shaitboana lil insani aduum mubin.

That is, O son! Do not reveal this dream to your brothers. Because they are people of the lineage of the Prophet, at least guess what. As a result, they will use any special means to torture you. Surely Satan is the open enemy of man.

Hazrat Yaqub (AS) explained to his son in a special way and said, Son! This dream of yours is very good. Dreams. By this dream it is understood that Allah Taala has chosen you as a prophet just as He had given Prophethood to your fathers and forefathers Hazrat Ibrahim and Hazrat Ishaq (AS). The moon and sun in the sky mean your parents and eleven stars mean your eleventh brother. Sijdah means obedience here. That is, when you receive prophethood by the grace of Allah, then all your brothers will be obedient and loyal to you and will show you respect. Even your parents will not disobey you.

Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) was very happy to hear the interpretation of the dream from his father. Hazrat Yaqub (AS) further said to his son, Son! Always remember one thing, your stepbrothers should not hear this dream at all. Because that is how they hate you, and if they find out about this dream, they will be more hostile to you.

Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) said to his father, "No, he will not tell his brothers about this dream." He kept it a secret, but it was not hidden from his half-brothers. During the conversation between the father and the son, one of the half-brothers of the Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) stood behind him and listened to everything, and he passed it on to the other brothers.

It is to be noted that from the day when Prophet Joseph (pbuh) saw this miraculous dream, his father love for him increased even more. On the other hand, the enmity of his half-brothers also increased towards him more than before. On the same day, they suggested how the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) could be destroyed. They said that if Joseph survived we would never receive the love of a father.

Conspiracy of step-brothers

In those days, the sons of Amir Umara of that country used to graze goats, sheep, sheep etc. regularly every day, it was a traditional occupation of theirs. This work would not have been considered an insult then. The Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) was a prophet on the one hand, and on the other hand he had considerable wealth. He had large arable land, cattle, horses, camels, goats, sheep, and huge flocks of sheep, and in each herd there were thousands of cattle; So his sons also went to the fields regularly to graze their cattle; But Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was not allowed to go with his father and his other sons. He was well aware of the jealousy and behavior of his other sons towards Yusuf (AS). That is why he did not believe them at all. He always feared that if he did not go to the field with them, he would be in danger; But what Allah Taala has written in his destiny, no one can eat in any way.

Joseph half-brothers were well aware of their father affection and attraction for Joseph. This was the cause of their burning sensation. At one point he began to say that Joseph and his brother Bani Yamin were dearer and dearer to our father; But we are his many sons. We are doing all kinds of service to him due to his physical strength and this abundance. As such, we are the most deserving of his affection; But what a surprise! Our father is completely wrong in this matter. Far from loving us, his love is bound up with Joseph. In order to change this situation, either Yusuf should be killed or he should be thrown away. One of them said, We are all children of the same father; But in practice, Joseph alone seems to have captured his father affection, as if we were not his father children. We must remedy this and move on. Another said, "You have said that without Joseph, we would have received the full affection of our father."

Another said that it was known, but no one was saying how to do it. Another said, I will say again? I will finish it completely. We will take him with us to graze goats. And I will take him into the forest and finish him off.

The first one said so, but it does not seem that Yusuf will go with us. As soon as we call him, he will say, let is ask Dad first. And if you ask him, he will say, No, you can not go anywhere. In response, another said,

Then we will tell him and take him away. Somehow it can only be taken once. Then I will give him how the moon-sun and eleven stars are prostrating him.

Everyone laughed out loud at his words. One of their ten brothers was named Reuben. He was not as cruel as the others. His heart was a little soft. He said, "No, you refrain from plotting to kill Joseph." If you want to do something, do something so that he survives. But he hid from us and Abba. I do not think it is good to be completely destroyed. There is more injustice done to both Yusuf and Abba. No matter what you say, he is our brother. Our father child.

Hearing him, another brother said, "Then what do you do?"

Ruben said, "I will throw him into a well where there not much water." Meanwhile, he will not be able to come out of the well by himself. If a foreign traveler comes to fetch water from that well, they will surely pick him up and take him to a distant land, in which our desire will be fulfilled; But he will live. Everyone supported Reuben proposal.

The next morning they all went and said to the father at once, Dad! We go to graze goats every morning. We go to the field and play various games and have fun, but Yusuf stays alone in the corner of the house all day without going with us, he can not have any fun, it is very bad for us. It turns us into joy and sorrow. So today we want to take him to the field with us.

After listening to the sons, Hazrat Yaqub (AS) said, look, sons! Joseph, my mind becomes completely restless when I close my eyes. There is no peace in the mind. You want to take him with you but I will be very worried about that. Because you may be grazing goats or playing games, at that time Joseph may be walking a little farther away from you, and at that time a tiger may come and take him away.

They said, Dad! It is not possible for us to have Yusuf as a tiger with so many brothers. And if Joseph is taken to the tiger, will it be less sad for us than you? He is our youngest brother, we have no shortage of tenderness for him. So we must keep an eye on him. So that he cannot go far away from us. As a result, the sons of Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) insisted on taking Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) with them so much that Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) finally allowed his son Joseph (peace be upon him) to go to the field with them. Provided. In the desert where they used to graze goats, there was a huge jungle at one end and a deep well on one side. There was not much water in the well. The half-brothers took Hazrat Yusuf (AS) and left with great happiness and after some distance they started torturing him. Someone started punching him and someone started slapping him. Hazrat Yusuf (AS) Kadia said, brothers,! Have I committed such a crime against you, that is why you are torturing me? As I delivered my hand to you, the Father repeatedly bequeathed to you my protection. But is this a sign of keeping his will? You have brought me with you, promising to protect my father. Please keep that promise to you.

They did not listen to the words of Yusuf (as) and continued to persecute him arbitrarily. And he said, You have told a false dream to your father with evil intent that the moon, the sun and the eleven stars are prostrating to you. The purpose of your telling such a false dream is to keep us loyal and submissive to you, we understand that very well. Today we will eradicate that greed of yours. We will end your life soon.

After a while, they took Yusuf (as) to the shore of the aforesaid well and threw him into the well. The Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) cried and wept a lot, but the hearts of his cruel brothers were not swallowed up. They threw him into a well and left the place unharmed.

Meanwhile, Allah Taala sent the angel Jibraeel (AS) to save his future prophet. He came and comforted the Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) and strengthened him and placed him on a rock in the well. Hazrat Yusuf (AS) started calling Allah Taala in one mind without getting any response even after calling his brothers many times. The Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was convinced that Allah Taala would save him from this danger anyway. When Joseph brothers threw him into the well, his shirt was left open. They smeared the blood of a slaughtered goat in it and at night they came to their father and said, Father! What you feared has happened. Sad to say, we were all herding goats at one end of the field, with Yusuf sitting next to our belongings. Meanwhile, a wolf came out of the jungle and took him away. We heard his screams and rushed to grab Yusuf shirt, but we could not get him out of the tiger mouth. The shirt remained in our hands, but the tiger took Yusuf and hurried into the forest. Saying this, they presented the blood-stained robe of Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) to his father.

Their father, Hazrat Yaqub (AS) heard the words of the sons and fell from the sky. He grabbed Joseph shirt and said, "I do not believe you at all." You are lying. You grabbed his shirt and pulled it out to get him out of the tiger mouth, but there was no tear in the shirt. How can you be trusted? And the blood you have smeared on his clothes is not human blood; Rather, it seems to be the blood of a goat that whatever Allah willed has happened. What else can I say? I am relying on Allah Taala and asking for help in His court or maybe he can bring Yusuf back to me one day. My mind is saying that Yusuf must not have been eaten by the tiger. He is saved by the grace of Allah.

As a result, Hazrat Yaqub (AS) became patient. He told his sons no more.

Meanwhile, a group of merchants were going somewhere along the shore of the river. The water ran out with them. Seeing a well on the side of the road, a man dropped a rope barrier bucket into the well to draw water from it.

The Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) saw the bucket in the well and thought it was a mercy of Allah. He himself sat on the bucket and held its rope. The man went to pick up the bucket and was surprised to feel so heavy. He could not lift the bucket alone, so he called someone and picked up the bucket with his help.

But what a surprise! A real handsome boy who got up inside the bucket. Where is the real boy inside the well! What a surprise!

One of the merchants said, "No matter where the boy comes from, we do not think it is worth it." Our advantage is that we can sell it as slaves at a very high price. The other merchants also gladly agreed with him.

Such beautiful slaves are not commonly found. So on the way another group of merchants met the merchant caravan. They expressed interest in buying the slave boy. These merchants sold Joseph to the Egyptian merchants for twenty pieces of silver.

Egyptian merchants marched to a large market. The kingdoms and emirs of the country come there. Many kings and queens were present in the market on that day also. When they saw Joseph as a slave to the merchants, they were all impressed by his beauty and set out to buy him. The number of buyers has increased a lot. Realizing the opportunity, the Hashiya merchants demanded higher prices. The buyers did not shy away from it but competed among themselves. The price that one buyer said, the other said more than expected.

The chief vizier of the king of Egypt, Aziz Misr, was also present in the market on that day. In the end, he bought Joseph from the merchants at an unbelievably high price and took him home.

The condition of Hazrat Yusuf (AS) in the house of Aziz Egypt

The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was not only possessed of form. He was also entitled to all the qualities. Aziz Misr noticed that decency, honesty and truthfulness were blossoming inside his purchased slave in words and deeds. Extreme humility and courtesy are seen in the conduct. She knew in that look that he had succeeded. Hazrat Yusuf (AS) Aziz entered his youth in the house of Egypt. His character is honesty, quality and knowledge and so far

The identity of intelligence was well acquired. So this time he entrusted him with the responsibility of his money-assets and some other annual activities. Hazrat Yusuf continued to perform his duties with utmost devotion and competence.


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