The secret of the creation of the Sun

The secret of the creation of the Sun

The secret of the creation of the Sun

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Allah created the sun as a bright peninsula. (Surah Nuh: 16)

Only Allah knows best about the purpose of creation of sun and its secret. Everything that man has been able to know through his own talent, wisdom and research, is discussed below.

Due to the rotation of the sun, night follows day and night follows day. If there was no difference between day and night, all the activities of the human race would have been disrupted. It was not possible to perform any work of the world properly. Earning a living became impossible and life became more and more difficult.

If the earth was sunless and covered in water, it would be impossible to observe any object or to determine its color. If there was no sunlight then the food eaten by humans and other animals would not be digested. As a result, the animal world inevitably became sick and disturbed.

Similarly, if the sun never set, the night never came, and there were only uninterrupted days, the human race, including the animals, would be forced to face disaster. After a whole day work, man naturally rests at night to remove all the fatigue of the body and prepare for the next day work. Makes the body healthy and fresh. Brings back the spirit of new work to the body and mind. If the end of the sun and the arrival of the night did not happen, then people would continue to work incessantly in the lust of money and wealth, and would not rest. As a result of which their body would gradually become weak and inactive. The overall sense of enthusiasm to work would be lost and the body would become more dull and dull due to various diseases.

Similarly, domesticated animals that are tired after working all day are kept in their houses at night, so that they can rest for the night and gather energy to work anew the next day. If night had not come, their bodies would have become weak and numb from continuous work without rest.

All the energy of the body would be wasted. If the sun were to rise continuously without setting, another serious disaster would occur, the ground and all the furniture of the earth would become unbearably hot. Heat would have made it impossible for humans and all other animals to live on Earth.

So now it is concluded that both the rising and setting of the sun are completely scientific and beneficial for the animals. Otherwise the status and peace of all beings on earth would be disturbed. An analogy in the world is that when people get bored with the bright light of an electric lamp, they get relief by turning off the lamp.

Once again, he gets calm by turning on the light to get rid of the annoying darkness. People prepare different types of food by fire. It is through fire that people are saved from the curse of darkness. People get many benefits from this fire. In this way, the speed and nature of creation and the integrity of life are maintained. Life exists in both light and darkness and heat and cold. Otherwise the existence and status of life on earth would not be possible.

Referring to this, Allah Taala has said in the Holy Quran:

(O Muhammad!) Tell the people that if Allah had made a dark night over you until the Day of Resurrection, then there would be no other for you besides Allah.

Give you light?

(Surah Qasas: 07)

Just as the rising and setting of the sun is a mysterious mystery, there are many mysteries in the evolution of the seasons as a result of its rising and setting. Almost everything in the birth and existence of flora and fauna is dependent on the change in time and place of the rising and setting of the sun. Timely flowering, ripening of fruits etc. depends on this evolution. This mystery also includes the shortening of night and day in the change of seasons. If the sun always rose and set at the same time, there would be no difference between day and night. But human nature demands exactly the opposite. He is always thirsty for change and innovation. In this he finds joy and peace.

As the saying goes, every novelty has charm and taste. Measuring time and solving tasks accordingly depends on the evolution or rising and setting of the sun. Note, Almighty Allah has created the day for earning a living and the night for rest and relaxation. Apart from that, the main source of annual evolution of seasons, change of weather in every season, is the rotation of the sun. On the other hand, climate change causes variation between heat and cold and inevitably affects plant crops and fruits and flowers. Timely cloud formation, precipitation and rainfall, depends on the evolution or change of sun and seasons. If the regular rising and setting of the sun did not take place, there would have been an interruption in the timely rainfall, which would have caused disaster to the flora and fauna. Because rains and monsoons are extremely helpful in sustaining the life of humans and animals. And changes in human form-nature are inextricably linked with the evolution of these seasons. The direct influence of the Sun evolution is at the root of human nature growth, decline, improvement and status.

Basically, the human body getting sick, getting well, getting energy in the body, creating enthusiasm in work, etc. are organically intertwined with the evolution of the sun. All this is happening in due time and phase in the course of nature. And behind this incident there is a secret and all good. Seeing the harmony and continuity of creation, one cannot help but be grateful to the Creator and the craftsmanship of his creation. By whose infinite nature and ultimate mastery of creation this universe is controlled and managed, He is the great merciful masterful creator.

The annual cycle of time and the coming and going of seasons like winter, summer and monsoon are dependent on the Sun own orbit. And by this circumambulation days, weeks, months and years are calculated and the age of every object including man is determined.

Notice again, Almighty God has placed the sun very high. It is the infinite strategy of his creation. If he had kept the sun fixed at one place, one part of the earth would have received the sun light and heat, while the other part would have been deprived of it. His light could not be equally spread throughout the world. One part would be warmed by continuous light and heat and the other part would always be dark and cool. But the glory of God is not that. He created the sun by evolving and moving it. After the sun rises, the part of the earth that receives its light and heat falls into darkness after sunset, and the other part (which was previously dark) receives light and heat. In this way, sunlight and heat are radiated all over the world.

Now focus on night and day. In the systematic evolution and change of day and night lies deep mystery and innumerable goodness. If there is even the slightest disturbance in this discipline, no animal on earth is immune to its reaction. It will have a negative effect on more or less all living beings and plants. For example, let us say, as long as there is daylight, only animals will be engaged in some work. It will deplete his strength. Activity will decrease; Or the animals and birds will graze in the fields in search of livelihood. And as a result of the length of the day, at one time this activity or grazing energy will also be out of power. And anything that goes out of bounds means inevitable destruction.

Now consider the plant world, if they are exposed to constant light and heat, they will dry up or burn to ashes. Similarly, if there is continuous night and there is no light and heat from the sun, then it goes without saying that there will be unlimited problems in the livelihood of man and all living beings. Nature will become cold and dull and numb. It will become impossible for all animals and plants to sustain life. Even everything will be destroyed.

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