Hazrat Shuaib (A.S.) Full Story

Hazrat Shuaib (A.S.) Full Story

Hazrat Shoaib (a.s.) was a prophet descended from Hazrat Saleh (a.s.). Of course, he is also said to be a prophet descended from Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah (a). Because he was a prophet from the city of Midian in Persia. Madian was named in such a way that one of the sons of Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) was named Madian and the Prophet from that Madian was Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.). Judging from this aspect, it is more reasonable to call him a prophet descended from Hazrat Ibrahim (a).

Hazrat Shoaib father name was Kahmil. Kahmil father name was Ezjar. Ezhar father name was Madian and Madian was a son of Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah (AS). Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) was a prominent person among the Prophets. His voice was smooth. He was also quite experienced in linguistics. Apart from the language of his own country, he also had etymology in the languages ​​of many other countries. He spoke in very pure language. For this reason, our last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) called Hazrat Shuaib as Khatibul Ummat or the best speaker among the Prophets.

Allah Rabbul Alamin sent Hazrat Shuaib (A.S.) to spread the religion among his own people. Because the people of that time were indulged in various vices. A serious injustice is that the sellers used to charge the full price from the buyers by giving less goods to the buyers. In addition, the people of Madyan used to make fake coins in the country: they spread them widely in the country. Among the people of that community, theft, robbery and looting started on a large scale. And in terms of religion, almost all the people of Qaum worshiped idols of gods and goddesses. They did not obey Allah and did not fear His displeasure and punishment. Hazrat Shuaib (a.s.) used to preach the religion of Hazrat Ibrahim (a.s.) among such dishonest and sinful people and admonished them thus:

When you are buying and selling goods, do not intend to defraud anyone by charging them the full price. Because this is the reason for severe punishment from Allah.

As a result of his admonitions and guidance, a number of people adopted the right path: focused on religious activities as usual; But a large number of people did not abandon their evil way, moreover, other people began to say like this: None of you come near Shuaib. Do not do what he says. What right does he have to advise us on buying and selling our goods as we wish? Is he not our king-king that we have to listen to his advice?

Hazrat Shuaib (a.s.) heard all these words and did not get angry with them but started saying, Look, you remember the events of the time of Hazrat Nuh (a.s.), the people of Ad, Hazrat Saleh (a.s.), Hazrat Hud (a.s.) and the people of Lut that , what severe wrath was revealed to them from Allah. Theres still time. For what you have done so far, repent before Allah: beg for forgiveness and become pure and free from danger. Now believe in Allah and take initiation in true religion.

All these words of Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) used to ignite a fire in their bodies, they used to scare him and say that we have forbidden you many times, do not come to us to say such nonsense; But you do not stop at anything. I warned you again. Do not lose your life prematurely by coming to give such vain advice.

Hearing their words like this, Hazrat Shuaib (A.S.) became completely disappointed about them, at that time, once the angel Gabriel brought Tashrif and said, O Prophet of God! Allah Taala will soon send a curse on your disobedient people. You take your followers and the people of Tawheed and leave this country. As the time has come.

As per the advice of Gabriel, Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) left the country with his pious family and his devoted followers. Seeing this, the people who disobeyed Allah mocked them and said, O Shuaib! After showing us various false fears, you take the people yourself and flee the country in fear of us?

Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) replied, "I am not fleeing but I am emigrating on the orders of Allah." Because the wrath of Allah will come soon in this country. At his reply they mocked and jeered more and more: clapping their hands and laughing and saying, Look, he still scares us with empty pride. Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) did not give any answer to their words and left with his people; And he went to a place half a mile away from that city and started living. A total of one thousand seven hundred people were with him.

Night came at the end of the day on the day when Hazrat Shoaib left the country. The night passed uneventfully. The night passed and the next morning the wrath of God came. Angels sent some of the heat of the fire from hell to that country. The whole country became warm like fire. Houses, roads, fields and fields were all unfit to stand because of the extreme heat. The people could not stay at home and ran to the field. The condition of the field is the same, the condition of the garden full of trees and vines is the same. Cannot stand on the ground. Blisters fall off. If you put your hand on the vine, your hand wants to burn. The water of the rivers, canals, wells and springs began to boil and boil in the heat. Many people ran like crazy and lost their lives by falling on the ground. In such a situation, suddenly dark clouds appeared in the sky. Wherever that cloud was seen, the people thought that they would feel comfortable under that cloud and soon the country would become cool after raining. Thinking like this, people started running in the shadow of that cloud; But they were more endangered. Flames rained down from the clouds instead of rain. People started burning and dying.

In such a situation, the angel Gabriel came and gave such a loud roar that the people trembled and lost consciousness due to the loud roar of that roar and immediately died. Thus in no time the entire country became a desolate desert devoid of living creatures. After the end of the revelation, Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) prayed to God, O Lord! Shall I live here now, or go back to the city? It was ordered: You go now with your people. Hazrat Shuaib (a.s.) returned to the city and found that the houses of all the believers he had taken with him were completely intact. Only the houses of heathens and disobedient people were burnt to ashes.

Then the believers started living in their own houses. Within a few days the ruined city of Midian prospered again. After this great devastation, Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) again preached religion among his people for two years. Because of the destruction of his people in this way, sometimes he used to cry excessively in the court of Allah. Both his eyes became blind due to crying.

Once the angel Gabriel (A.S.) came and said, O Prophet of God! Tell me why you cry so much. If you weep at the desire of your eyes, then Allah will make it good. And if there is any other wish, fulfill that too. If you are crying because of the fear of hell, stop crying. Because Allah has forbidden hell for you.

And if you cry because of the desire to achieve some worldly goal, then stop crying. Because Allah will fulfill any desire you have. Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) said, "Brother Jibraeel, I do not want any of that." I only wish for Allah grace. May Allah fulfill this wish of mine. When the angel Jibraeel reported this desire of Hazrat Shoaib (a.s.) to God, God said to him, Jibraeel! You inform Shoaib that I will certainly fulfill his wish on the Day of Resurrection.

Death of Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.).

Angel Jibraeel went and told Hazrat Shoaib (a.s.) about this promise of Allah. Hearing this, Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) was very happy and his thoughts were removed. After a few days, Hazrat Musa (A.S.) came to Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) and stayed with him for a few days and left. It is said that Hazrat Shoaib (A.S.) lived blind for twelve years. His total life span was two hundred and twenty years. Hazrat Musa (A.S.) was alive for seven years and four months after coming to him. According to some writers, Hazrat Shoaib (a.s.) passed away four years after the prophethood of Musa (a.s.). His burial was completed at a place in Sham.

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