The mystery of the creation of the universe

The mystery of the creation of the universe

The mystery of the creation of the universe

Almighty Allah said:

I made the world a bed. What a beautiful bed maker I am. (Surah Zariat: 48)

Almighty Allah has created this world as a beautiful and good bed. People are living their lives in this bed with absolute safety and security. In this bed called Earth, there are all the means-tools of human life and the necessary and various products of food and drink. In a word, Allah Taala has provided all the furniture that people need in this land. As there are measures to survive from cold and heat and adverse weather, there are also measures to protect oneself from the attack of violent animals. Also arrangements have been made to bury all the smelly garbage including dead rotting garbage in the ground to get rid of their noxious stench.

Allah Taala has mentioned in the Holy Quran:

Did I not create the earth to contain the living and the dead? (Surah Mursalat: 25-26)

For easy communication, well-arranged roads have been created on land to move goods and essentials. In this, people can go from one place to another place, from one country to another country, with little labor, in a short time. If there was no such good arrangement of roads and paths, people would have lost their way by climbing the mountains and getting lost. We farm on land. We get all the crops from the soil. The food for our domesticated animals is also produced in this soil. This soil is the main source of food for all living things including humans.

In the Holy Quran, Allah Taala mentions this topic and says:

He (Allah) issued from it water and grass. He firmly established the mountain. For the benefit of you and your four-legged animals. (Surah Najiyat: 31-33)

Almighty Allah created the earth soft and flat for easy use by humans. People live on this land.

On it we spread our beds and rest, sit and walk and travel from one place to another. Because the earth was made suitable for us to live in, we live on it very easily and are able to do the necessary work.

Otherwise, if the soil was too wet and soft or unstable, then people could not build houses on it. Agriculture could not be done and it would not be possible for them to live on it. For example, the earth shakes due to an earthquake. The ground became unstable. People get scared. Then it is not possible for people to do any kind of work, in addition they have to face various disasters.

Allah Almighty sometimes causes natural calamities in His infinite power to warn His disobedient and sinful servants and to bring them back from misguidance. All these are manifestations of Allah excellence and greatness.

Just as Almighty Allah has made the earth soft and suitable for human use, He has also made it dry and cool. If the soil was made too hard and strong like stone, it would be impossible for people to build houses and do agriculture on it. But the immense glory of Allah subhanahu wa taala is that He has made the earth soft, dry and cool as needed, so that people can do all kinds of work and live on it very easily.

Almighty Allah did not create the earth completely flat. The north end is slightly elevated from the south end, so that the water does not accumulate in the same place, and is distributed evenly throughout the land. All living things should enjoy the benefits of water. No animal should be denied access to water. Then the water rolled down as if falling into the sea. Otherwise, if the water were to freeze at the same place, one end of the earth would sink and form an ocean, and the other end would dry up and become a desert.

It interfered with people necessary activities, movement and easy living. For example, in floods or floods, people get trapped in water and fall into great misery. God infinite blessings are also contained within the land. Various mines are scattered in its womb. Some gems and pearl mines, some gold and silver mines. Somewhere or Yaktu - a mine of emeralds. Somewhere there are huge deposits of copper, lead, iron, sulphur, marble, harital, limestone, cement etc. A detailed description of these mines is not possible in this short space. People extract valuable resources from these mines and use them for various purposes. Its endless store makes life dynamic and rich.

Almighty Allah has created a wide area of ​​land flat. And made it soft, cool and dry as needed, so that it would be easy for animals to live. Otherwise, the earth would have been created as high as a mountain and as solid as a rock. Then living in it would not have been comfortable and easy at all. If the land was high and hard like mountains, it would not be possible for humans to do agriculture. Soft and flat land is suitable for agriculture. Because flat land can hold and nurture water, which is essential for plants and crops. And it is known to everyone that if the ground is soft then the tender shoots can easily break through the soil and grow. Again, when the shoot gradually expands its trunk or branches and stands on the ground, and its tender roots spread around inside the ground and keep the tree standing, and the tree receives the necessary food through these roots and remains alive and fresh.

One of the other advantages of the softness of the soil is that ponds, wells etc. can be easily dug wherever desired. If the soil was as hard as rock, it would have been very difficult to dig there. It would disrupt various activities including the movement of people. Because, it is very difficult work to build roads by cutting stones.

And if it was not fixed and arranged, traveling would have been a very difficult matter.

In the Holy Quran, Almighty Allah has said:

Allah has made a way for you to travel on earth, so that you can reach your destination. (Surah Zukhruf: 10)

Another benefit of soft soil is that it can be easily used for building houses. Bricks, bricks, sheets etc. are easily prepared by this soil. Apart from that, it is used for various purposes.

Allah says:

He has given you the land. So walk on its roads. (Surah Mulk: 15)

The soil is very soft in all the places where there are salt, iron, sulphur. Different types of plants grow on soft land, which do not grow on hard hilly land. Also, the plants that grow in the dry hard soil of the mountains do not grow in the soft soil. Apart from that, there are many birds that live by making burrows in soft soil. Because the soil is soft, they can easily make nests in it. Otherwise it would have been very dangerous for them to live in holes in the ground or build nests. Because there are some animals that are unable to live without soil.

The creation of endless mines inside the earth is a sign of the infinite power and supreme mercy of Almighty Allah. Referring to His grace on Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him), Allah says in the Holy Quran:

 And I made a well of copper flow for him.

(Surah Saba: 12)

The great and skillful God has created mountains on the earth. Only Allah knows about all its benefits. One of its countless benefits is; Raining of water from the sky, which is one of the means of survival of plants and animals. If the mountain range did not exist, all the water would be dried up by the heat of the wind and the sun. At that time it was not possible to collect water in any other way except digging the ground. But the Most Merciful God has created mountains in the heart of the earth in His creative skill. There is a huge reservoir inside them. From there the stream of water gradually began to flow far and wide along the course of rivers and canals. This mountain stream becomes more necessary for some rivers and towns during summer. From then till the arrival of the rainy season, these mountain streams relieve the people lack of water in various ways.

There are some mountains that do not have water storage or accommodation inside. In God infinite power, there is a system of storing water there through ice, and it melts in the heat of the sun and flows into rivers and streams. Food grains are stored in state treasuries or large warehouses and are used when needed. Similarly, large mountains store water and use it during the dry season or when needed.

Special types of trees and vines grow in mountainous regions, which do not grow anywhere else. Different types of medicines are made by them and boats, ships and all the furniture of the house are made from the wood obtained from big strong trees.

Such beautiful and strong wood is not commonly available from other trees. Besides, the hilly regions have very beautiful and scenic spots and the climate there is very healthy. Excellent for traveling or vacationing. Hills are very favorable areas not only for humans but also for other animals. There are lively pastures and safe havens for quadrupeds. Bees also have a favorable environment for making beehives in the mountains. Moreover, hilly areas are considered as safe places for burial of dead bodies.

In the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty says - "And they build safe houses in the mountains."

(Surah Hijr)

Another advantage of the mountain is that special signs are placed on its summit to determine the direction and route of the traveler. Travelers and wayfarers are benefited by its wayfinding.

Another special benefit of mountains is that small and weak troops unable to fight the enemy can take refuge on the mountain tops and use the mountains as fortresses to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

Pay attention to the infinite power of Almighty Allah; He has skillfully stored the gold mine inside the earth and He has created it in limited form rather than endless like water. Of course, if God had willed, he could have created the gold mine on a large scale. But it is also a special wisdom of God that He has created gold and silver in limited quantities. And Allah knows best about this wisdom.

Allah Taala has said in the Holy Quran:

And with Me is the storehouse of every thing. I ascribe it to certain extent.

(Surah Hijr: 21)

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