The mystery of creation of wind

The mystery of creation of wind

The mystery of creation of wind

Allah Taala says in the Holy Quran:

I direct the rainy winds, then rain water from the sky, then make you drink it. In fact, you do not have it in store. (Surah Hijr: 22)

The Most Merciful Allah created the air by mixing it with water and moistening it. If the air were dry instead of moist, it would be impossible for animals to sustain life due to lack of oxygen. Rather, the animal kingdom would have been destroyed. Regulates body temperature by inhaling air through respiration. Just as water is essential for aquatic life, air is essential for land life. If the air flow does not reach the body and does not reach the heart inside the body or if the air movement inside the body is stopped even for a short while, then the heat of the whole body will fall on the heart. It will stop the heart and lead to death. In medical terms, this is called “breathlessness or cardiac arrest”.

Allah Taala has not limited the wind to the same place by His grace. He moved air from one place to another, so that air is always present everywhere. The movement of wind moves the clouds from one place to another and the dry uplands are moistened by rains and made fertile. And the cropland becomes more fertile. If Allah Taala did not set the wind in motion and move the clouds with it, the clouds would have accumulated in the same place and the rain would have fallen in the same place. As a result, some parts of the world would be washed away by monsoons, and some parts would become dry. It would have disrupted farms and agriculture and disrupted people normal lives.

With the help of wind, ships and other watercraft can move easily in rivers and seas. It makes it easy to carry the goods of import and export of various countries. Although in this age of ultimate excellence of science, the use of nuts in boats or ships is not in vogue, but before the mechanical age, large boats and ships were propelled with the help of nuts.

If the goods of one country were not exchanged with other countries by ship, then the expansion of trade and commerce would not have happened in the outside world. No country could import or export its essential goods. As a result, the surplus product in a country would have rotted away, and the people of a country might have been forced to suffer due to the lack of that product.

Notice again; How fine has Allah made the wind? Air is so subtle that it can easily penetrate any space, no matter how small and slim it may be. Another benefit of air is that it removes polluted and odorous air and creates a healthy environment. Otherwise there would be stench everywhere. In this, the environment was polluted and various diseases were created, which caused the health loss of all other animals including humans.

The speed of the wind blows away the dust and sand. When the wind blows over the trees and vines, it cleans the leaves of the tree. In this they become alive and lively. In this way, the movement of the wind takes the dust and sand and forms the soil layer of the hill. As a result, agriculture is possible there. From the waves created by the wind currents on the seashore, precious substances with an amber-like aroma are produced.

Air flow turns the rainwater into droplets, which spread evenly across the sky. If the wind did not disperse the cloud water and turn it into droplets, then the cloud water would accumulate and fall together in one place, causing damage to people farms and houses. But in God infinite power, the air flow disperses the cloud water into tiny droplets. Then it rains evenly everywhere very quickly. There is no risk of harm; In addition, there are benefits. The small droplets of the cloud gradually fall on the vast land of the earth and become rivers and streams. Then the water flowed everywhere. Now look at its extensive usage rules. Just as Allah beloved servant is benefiting from it, His disobedient servant is also not deprived of it.

As air is essential for life, Almighty Allah has created it abundantly and made it readily available. All over the world, all animals are able to breathe freely in the free air and benefit from it. Its numerous benefits bear witness to the infinite power of the great creator Allah.

Almighty Allah said:

He has sent down water from the sky for you. From this water you drink and from it grow plants, so that you feed the animals. With this water they produce crops, olives, dates, grapes and all kinds of fruits for you. Surely there are signs in it for those who think.

(Surah Nahal: 10-11)

Pay attention to the power of Almighty Allah; Sometimes it stops raining during the rainy season. The sky is cloudless and clear. Air is in flux. It makes the work of people a little easier. If it continued to rain throughout the rainy season then all animals including humans would get bored with the continuous rain. All activities were disrupted. If the flow of such air was stopped for a long time, it would be difficult for the animal world to sustain life. Even in the scorching heat, everyone life was lively.

Of course, it is not that such disasters do not happen sometimes. You must have noticed that sometimes it rains continuously. Then the fields were flooded and there was a huge loss of crops. Houses collapsed. Paths become muddy and sink. Traffic is disrupted. In this, all activities including trade and commerce are disrupted.

If the steady rain resumes and the wind subsides, it will also pose a hazard. All animals will become hungry in summer. The body will become dry. Water in canals, ponds etc. will dry up. Then what remains will also become contaminated. It will pollute the weather.

As a result, people will be affected by various diseases. Plants, fields and farms will be burnt and destroyed. Crop production will be disrupted. The market will be expensive. There will be severe shortages throughout the country. Famine may even occur. The pastures will dry up and become dull. Bees will be hindered from collecting honey. But honey is an essential product for treatment. Without honey the medical system will also face disaster.

Basically, both lack of rain and excessive rain are not favorable for animal and plant life. Both bring great disaster to people, animals, birds, trees and vines. That is why God has bound the time in this sequence of rules, rain after rain, drought after drought, so that the damage of one does not cause disaster, and whatever damage is caused, the other comes and is able to fill it. It maintains the balance of atmosphere and nature. which is especially essential for the order of creation.

By the infinite power and grace of Allah, this world is being run in a very orderly and systematic manner. Now if someone falls into the trap of confusion due to lack of knowledge and asks that due to the evolution and disasters of nature, animals have to face various losses. The answer is that natural calamities are experimentally sent upon people to warn them when they are drowned in the infinite blessings and favors of God and become indifferent to God.

May the wayward disobedient and sinful servant return to the path of Allah. And let them understand the numerous blessings of Allah - sometimes rain, sometimes dry, sometimes hot, sometimes cold, and how many benefits the creation world is enjoying from natural disasters.

Notice an example of the fact that all things in the universe are not idle, not fruitless, there is some benefit in everything; When people get sick, they take bitter and bitter medicine. Which is grossly bitter and bitter and healthy people never consume it. But Allah has hidden the secret of curing disease in this. This shows that Allah has not created anything in the world in vain.

Allah says:

But he revealed as much as he wished. Indeed, He is aware of His servants and sees everything.

(Surah Shura: 27)

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