Hazrat Zul-Kiful (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Zul-Kiful (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Zul-Kiful (A) genealogy

Nothing is found in Al-Quran except the name of Hazrat Dhul-Kifal (A). Thus, there is nothing more to be said about the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) than that Hazrat Zul-Kifal (pbuh) was a prophet chosen by Allah and was sent to guide a nation. 

Even after sufficient research to provide more details, nothing has been found about it which can shed light on the condition and events of Hazrat Zul-Kifal (A). Hazrat Zul-Kifal (A) is discussed in the Quran in two surahs namely Surah Ambiya and Surah Chowad. Only his name is mentioned in these two surahs. Roughly or in detail no discussion has been done.

واذكر اسمـعـيـل والـيـسـع وذكـفـل وكـل مـن الاخـبـار

“And remember. Ismail, Idris and Zul Fiql. They all belonged to the people of Nekka. (Surah Chowad-48)

Sayings and narrations of the Companions

Ibn Zari copied a story about him from the famous Tabee Mujahid (RA). And Ibn Abi Hatim narrated some sayings from Abbas and Abu Musa ash-Aari (ra), whose chain of transmission is different. Mujahid narration is, "When the Israeli Prophet Hazrat Al-Yasa became very old, one day he said, "How good it would be if there were a person in my lifetime who could be my rightful successor and be sure that, He is qualified to represent me properly.

Then he gathered the children of Israel together and said, I want to appoint a person from among you as my caliph. On the condition that he will promise me these three things: (1) to fast all day, (2) to be busy in the worship of Allah at night, (3) to never get angry. Hearing this, a person stood up, who had no dignity or respect among the people. 

He said, "I am ready for this service. Hazrat Al-Yasa (a) repeated his three conditions. And asked, these conditions will be observed? That person said, I will definitely fulfill the conditions.

On the next day again, Hazrat Al-Yasa (a.s.) gathered the Bani Israil and repeated the words of the previous day. All remained silent, and the man again advanced and offered himself for the said service, and promised to fulfill the three conditions. Hazrat Al-Yasa (A) appointed his own Caliph.

Iblis could not bear to see this. He called together his children and companions and said, "Adopt such means that this man may be confused and unable to stand on his own terms." The devils tried their best, but all failed. Then Iblis said, I can complete this work myself. You will not be able to.

It was the custom of Hazrat Dhul-Kifal (a.s.) that he used to sleep for some time between day and night to relieve fatigue. One day Iblis took the form of a feeble old man in deep thought and came knocking at his door. That person left the comfort sleep and asked, who? Answered Iblis, an oppressed and feeble old man. He opened the door and inquired about the situation. 

Iblees said, "There is a quarrel between me and my people." They are oppressing me and have made the story of oppression so long that the time of day-sleep was last in the evening when the majlis was held. This Caliph said to Bani Israel, "You go now, come in the evening when the Majlis is sitting, I will judge you."

Iblis left, in the evening when the majlis sat, the caliph saw that the old man did not appear and finally the majlis broke up and left, but he did not come. In the morning, when he sat again in the Majlis, he still looked around deeply, and saw that maybe the old man would come, but he did not come. After the breaking up of this Majlis, when he retired to sleep, someone came and knocked on the door. He opened the door and saw the old man standing there

He started talking again like last day. Khalifa said, I told you to come to the majlis in the evening, but why did not you come?

Iblis said, the people of my nation are very bad. When he saw me present in the Majlis, he quietly said to me, "Do not complain to the Khalifa, we will definitely give you your due rights." But after you dissolved the Majlis they again refused.

The Caliph said, Come this evening, I will judge your rights in my presence. Being engrossed in this conversation, the time of the day sleep was wasted. Insomnia made Olifah very tired. But when he sat in judgment in the evening assembly, he looked around and did not see the increase. He also did not appear in the next morning majlis. 

On the third day when he was overtaken by sleep, the Caliph told the people of the house, "You will never open the door during my day-sleep, no matter how hard any person may come and knock at the door today." Saying this, the Caliph just laid back on the bed and immediately Iblis came in the form of an old man and knocked on the door. The reply came from inside the house, today the Caliph order is that the door will not be opened for anyone.

Iblis said, I have been attending the court of the Khalifa for two days for a very important work of mine, the Khalifa asked me to come at this time so open the door but the door was not opened. The people of the house saw that the man had come inside and was banging on the door of the Khalifa room, even though the outer door was closed. 

The Caliph opened the door and said to the people of the house, I did not forbid you not to open the door today. But how did this person enter the house? Immediately he looked at the door and saw that it was closed and saw the old man in his arms.

Then the Caliph realized the real situation and said to Iblis, “O enemy of God! Are you the devil? He said yes I am Iblis. I did this as a last resort when you had rendered me most incapacitated and my children, the Chelachamundas, could do no harm to you. 

So that I can make Tema angry and make Tema fail to fulfill the conditions. But alas I failed myself. After this incident, Allah gave him the name of Zul-Kifal. Because, he fulfilled all the conditions that he had accepted from Hazrat Al Yasa (A).

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