The Story of Prophet Yunus AS Inside The Fish Belly

The Story of Prophet Yunus AS Inside The Fish Belly

Hazrat Yunus (AS) in the stomach of the fish

As soon as Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) was thrown into the sea, the fishes were removed from the sides of the ship; But a big fish swallowed Hazrat Yunus (AS).

Catastrophe over disaster, disaster over danger! Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) first lost his two sons and his wife on the way to leave the country. Then today he threw himself into the sea and went into the belly of the fish. What could be more dangerous than this? He was a distinguished prophet of God, and God made him suffer these hardships for the crime of leaving his homeland and traveling elsewhere without God permission; But Allah intention was that the incident of the Prophet should be remembered forever in the pages of history as an excellent and exemplary lesson for other Prophets-Messengers and the Muslims of the world. Therefore Allah Taala wanted to save Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) instead of removing him from this world.

For this reason, he immediately ordered the fish, O fish! My beloved prophet has taken refuge in your womb. Be careful! Take care that he does not suffer any kind of trouble or difficulty.

Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) cried as soon as he entered the belly of the fish and began to cry and cry in the court of Almighty God, asking for repentance and saying, O Lord! Please forgive me, I will never do anything displeasing to you again. Please forgive me for this crime. He was begging Allah in this way and started reciting the dua over and over again.

“La-ilaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minajjoalimin.

A total of forty days were spent in this state. He did not stop reciting this prayer even for a moment. Trapped in the darkness deep inside the belly of the fish, he kept reciting that prayer in his concentrated mind. In the darkness, he could not tell when it was daybreak and when it was nightfall.

It is said that forty days passed by one day and two days and forty days he recited this prayer a total of one hundred and forty thousand times. In the end, God grace was revealed. He could no longer remain steadfast in this pitiable condition of his beloved Prophet. He said in response to the supplication recited by his beloved Prophet:

 “Fastajabna lahu anajjainahu minal gammi a kazaalika nunzil muminin.

Meaning: Then I answered his call and I freed him from danger. And this is how I deliver the believers.

Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) did not eat or drink anything during his stay in the belly of the fish for forty days, instead reciting Tasbeeh of Allah was his only food at that time. That saved him then.

Allah Rabbul Alamin has said in the Holy Quran: If he had not recited tasbeeh in this way, he would have been confined in the belly of a fish until the Day of Resurrection.

Getting rid of the belly of fish of Hazrat Yunus (AS).

As soon as Allah Taala showed mercy to Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) and accepted his prayers, the fish started to feel pain in its stomach and became impatient with the pain. Then, by Allah command, the fish went to a large uninhabited island and lifted Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) out of his belly, and thus he got rid of the pain in his stomach and saw the face of strength and relief. Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) was almost like a living dead at that time.

There is no limit to the kindness and mercy of the Merciful God and His power is also limitless. He gives life to the dead, gives death to the living. He has the power to make water spring in the dry desert and to dry up the sea and turn the desert into a desert and He has nothing that He cannot do, He has infinite and infinite power.

The sea fish left Prophet Yunus (A.S.) on a deserted island and went to the sea, where there is no sign of people; There is no need to stay. Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) was almost half dead due to hunger and thirst. What will he eat, what will he drink? Sea water is very salty. The intense heat of the sun on a vast open island devoid of trees and vines is absolutely unfit for human habitation.

But in this hostile environment, the mercy of Allah was revealed to Hazrat Yunus. Where he was lying in a semi-sleeping condition, a tall tree with leaves like the leaves of a gourd tree suddenly sprung up very close to him and grew bigger as he watched. Not only that, it turned into a bush.

This time the Prophet (pbuh) got up somehow and took shelter in the shade of that bush, he was freed from the heat of the sun. His soul became very cold. After a while, it was seen that some fruits were caught on that tree, the fruits were already quite big. The fruits look almost like a gourd and are very sweet and delicious. He plucked a fruit and ate it. He has never eaten such a sweet and delicious fruit in his life. Thus Allah removed his hunger. The Prophet thought, now he will quench his thirst with what? While thinking like this, he saw a mountain goat running towards him. As soon as the goat came, it stood near him and he quenched it by drinking its milk to the full.

In this way, after eating the sweet fruits given by Allah and drinking the milk of the mountain goat, Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) began to feel enough strength and peace in his body. In such a situation Allah order came to him.

O Yunus! You go to the countries on the other side of the sea and preach the religion for a while. Then go to your homeland from there and continue to guide the people of your own people.

Meanwhile, a sea ship came and anchored at the island. This ship had left with passengers on the other side of the sea.

Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) boarded that ship and reached the other side of the sea. After walking a little distance, he reached the locality. The character of the people of that country was very good. They had already heard the name of Hazrat Yunus (a.s.) and were eager to have him among them. So they were overjoyed to find him. The rules of religion that he presented to them, they immediately accepted them.

Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) traveled to all parts of the country and preached. Once he was preaching in a Jalsa, at that time a pious man of the area came to the Jalsa with a woman.

As soon as Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) looked in front of him, he saw that the approaching woman was his wife. The Prophet (pbuh) was shocked. The pious man looked at the Prophet (peace be upon him) and began to say, a few days before Huz, I once went fishing in the char area on the coast of the sea and saw a woman lying on the char in a half-dead state. Then I approached him and noticed that he was still conscious. He said something in a low voice, but I could not understand it. In this condition, Allah saved him by taking him home and taking care of him. He then introduced himself. After knowing his identity, we sent news to your country detailing the incident, but we did not receive any reply from you until you entered our country. Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) was overjoyed to get his wife back in such a miraculous way. Bibi Sahaba also came back to her husband in this way and expressed her gratitude to God. However, at this time, their joy turned into sadness as they remembered their lost sons.

But their minds were filled with grief and sorrow because they did not know what God had written in their eyes. If they knew, then there would be no trace of sadness or unrest in their minds.

Two days after this incident, Hazrat Yunus (as) was sitting in a meeting and giving advice to some people. At that time, a man appeared there and said to him, Lord! It happened a few days ago. Once eight or ten of us went to a forest to cut wood. At that time, I suddenly saw a tiger carrying a boy in its mouth and quickly entering the forest. We all got together armed and chased the tiger, he left the boy and ran away. The boy was in a stupor, I then took the boy to my house and gave him a lot of treatment and care and made him completely healthy and well. After recovering, he told his full story and revealed that he is your son. He will come here immediately with my companions.

A little later the boy appeared there. Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) expressed his gratitude to God after getting his son back in such an incredible way. Tears of joy began to melt from his eyes.

Another incident happened the day after this incident. On that day, Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) was preaching to a large gathering of countless people. Once he sat down to rest. At this leisure, a man stood up and looked at the audience of the Mahfil and said, "Brothers present." A child was found floating in the river a few days ago. If anyone has lost a child in any way, please take it.

None of the people in the party spoke loudly to the man words, but Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) felt a little worried, he asked the man, "Where did you get it?"

The man said, I went to bathe in the river and saw the child floating in the current on a floating bush; But I did not think he was dead. Then I lifted him up; But it was not possible to know his identity as he could not speak. I have brought the boy here. Saying this, he brought the child from the lap of a nearby lake in front of Hazrat Yunus (A). As soon as he looked at the boy, God! Shouting that you are so great, he took the child from the man in his arms and said, This is my youngest son. The eyes of the Prophet (pbuh) were filled with tears and tears fell.

it took Then the Prophet (A.S.) came to his senses and narrated the details of the loss of his wife and two sons in front of everyone. Everyone started thinking about the power and majesty of Allah after hearing this wonderful event.

Arrival of Hazrat Yunus (AS) to his people

Ever since Prophet Yunus (a.s.) left the country, his people were looking for him and begging Allah to bring him back to them.

In due time, the response of their prayer was seen in the court of Allah. God mercy manifested itself to them. Allah knew well the desires of their hearts. This time he completed it. Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) returned home with his wife and sons from the new country he had gone to.

Allah Taala infinite mercy; Once upon a time, the people who used to listen to Prophet Yunus (a.s.) laughed and mocked him, chased him away as a madman, dismissed his advice and admonitions as crazy, after he left the country they saw the beginning of the wrath given by Allah, and they followed the right path in his presence. Realizing the importance of the word and the truth of the prophecy, they were looking forward to having him in their midst. They were overjoyed to have him back after such a long time. Now they accepted all the words that he told them and the way that he told them to follow, all the rules and regulations that he taught them, and accepted him as the guide of the path to their welfare and well-being.

It is said that Hazrat Yunus (A.S.) lived for another thirty one years after his return to his homeland and he passed away at the age of one hundred and eleven after continuing to guide his countrymen for so long.


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