Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) Full Story

Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) Full Story

Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.)

Hazrat Zakariya (A.S.) was a descendant of Prophet Dawood (A.S.). Being a prophet, he was engaged in preaching religion among the Bani Israel. His age reached old age. But Allah did not give him any children. In this situation, he started praying to God. O my Lord! My spine is bent and the hair on my head has turned white. I have never prayed to you in vain. But I am very disappointed about one thing. As I am now quite old, my wife is also barren, and I have no hope of having any children. If I die childless, I will have no heirs. Therefore, O Lord! Please give me a son.

The prayer of Hazrat Zakaria (as) was accepted by Allah. It was said from Allah, O Zakaria! I have good news for you. A son named Yahya will be born to you. Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) heard this Ershad and said, O Lord! How will my wife and I have a son in this old age? At this moment, the angel Gabriel (A.S.) appeared and said, O Prophet of God! It is not difficult at all for Allah Taala to give you a child. Think about yourself. What were you previously? Once upon a time you did not exist.

But then you came into existence as a human being with hands, feet, eyes, ears and heart by the power of Allah.

Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) said in the court of Allah, O Lord! Gabriel words are correct, but still my heart does not agree. Show me some signs that you will give me children. Allah Taala said, O Zakaria! For three days and three nights you shall not have any conversation with any person. You will be speechless for that time. If there is a need, just gesture with hands and head. Some time passed after this.

Then he saw Hazrat Zakariya (a.s.) wife menstruating. After that, she had intercourse with her husband Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) and through the union, by the grace of Allah, Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) wife became pregnant. His pregnant wife gave birth to a son on time. He named the son Yahya on the instructions of Allah Taala. In the heart of this son, Allah bestowed the wonderful characteristics of His special light. He stayed at home as a child until the age of four. Never left the house even once. When he reached adolescence, he still refrained from going out and playing sports with other boys. He used to spend time alone sitting alone at home, thinking about what he was doing and crying. His mother used to say to him, son! If you always sit in the house like this, then you will become completely lazy and inactive. You go out and play a little with the boys of the same age and play a little, it will also give you a lot of joy. Yahya, the boy, listening to his mother, said, Amma! Allah has not sent me to play sports in this world. I have to go ahead with the purpose for which He has sent me.

Seeing the condition of the boy Yahya, his father Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) also became sad. He prayed to God, O Lord! I prayed to you for a child, you gave me a son; But she just spends her time crying and thinking in solitude. There is no smile on his face. Please change his behavior.

Allah Taala said, O Zakaria! You prayed to me for a stepson; Therefore I have given you such a child. I love such a servant more, who always cries to Me and expects nothing from anyone but Me.

Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) was very happy after hearing this word of Allah and expressed his gratitude to Allah.

It is said that Hazrat Yahya (A.S.) used to listen to his father waj-admonitions and learn from him. His clothes were very simple. As he grew older, he used to spend most of his time in Baitul Muqaddas Masjid. He used to stay there day and night only worshiping Allah.

He used to drink so little that his body became dry and emaciated. Seeing this situation, his parents said, Father Yahya! When Allah has given strength to your body by the grace of Allah, you will worship him accordingly, this is very natural; But it is also necessary to take the food you need with it. Or why will your health and body be strong?

All these words of his parents were not agreeable to him. He used to say to himself that if he eats too much, he will become lazy, as a result of which his desire to worship will be hindered.

While staying in the mosque, both his worship and weeping went on equally. After crying, the corners of his two eyes and both cheeks were covered with water. His father saw this situation and tied a strong bandage under his two eyes with a cloth so that the tears could not reach his cheeks.

When Hazrat Zakariya (a.s.) preached about the punishment of sins in the Majlis, Hazrat Yahya would listen to it and become restless with fear and weep. As a result, Hazrat Zakariya (a.s.) used to perform this waj in the absence of his son Yahya (a.s.). Another type of waj was performed in his presence.

Once Hazrat Zakariya (A.S.) started to preach and looked around the congregation to see if his son Yahya was present. But not seeing him anywhere in the Majlis, he thought that he might not be present in the Majlis today; So he began to preach about the blessings of heaven and the harsh punishments of hell, targeting the Bani Israel, the audience of the Majlis. On that day, Hazrat Yahya sat a little hidden in a corner of the Majlis and listened to the talk of heaven and hell by his father, lost patience and ran towards the mountain crying. His parents and relatives did not find him despite many searches. After seven days had passed he was found sitting in a mountain cave praying and weeping. Mother brought him home after persuading him a lot; But his crying never stopped.

Martyrdom of Hazrat Zakaria (AS).

During the time of Hazrat Zakariya (a.s.), the community of Bani Israel seriously disobeyed Allah and abandoned the religion-Sharia completely. They even determined to destroy him; But the Prophet of God continued to fulfill his duty.

Once he preached in a congregation of a few people; At that time, a group of miscreants armed with deadly weapons came from outside to kill him. Seeing this, he ran towards the forest in fear of his life. Sinful enemies also pursued him. When they were very close, Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) approached a large tree and said, Tree! Shelter me inside you. Immediately the tree split in two. Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) quickly entered it. Again the two parts of the tree were joined.

Hazrat Zakariya (A.S.) hid himself inside the tree, but when Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) entered the tree, one of his branches remained outside even though the tree was attached. Meanwhile, Hazrat Zakariya (a.s.) was now hidden from the sight of the enemies, so they searched for him everywhere in the forest, but could not find him anywhere. Then Iblis took the form of a man and came to them and said, what will you do to find Zakaria? He is a great magician. I have never seen such a big magician. Just now, fearing you, he entered a tree and hid himself. The people heard and said, are you saying, how can people enter the tree? You are clearly lying.

Iblis said, you are calling me a liar. Why should I lie? If what I have seen with my own eyes is false, then there is nothing in the world that is true. People still did not want to trust his words. Then Iblis said, I am telling the truth, there is proof of it. You can check it if you want.

Iblis then took them to the tree and showed them the folds of the clothes of Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) and said, This is proof. They were shocked to see it. Then they brought a saw and started cutting the tree

It is narrated that when their saw fell on the head of Hazrat Zakariya (A.S.) and started to cut off the tree, then Hazrat Zakariya (A.S.) began to cry out in great pain. Angel Gabriel appeared and said, O Prophet of God, be careful! You shall not make any noise or shout. Be patient. Otherwise, Allah Taala will remove your name from the office of Prophethood. On the other hand, you will also lack the virtues of patience and gratitude. Then everything will be wasted.

You, being a prophet of Allah, fell into trouble and sought refuge in a tree instead of seeking refuge in Allah court. This is a grave mistake for you, no tree can save you. As a punishment for the mistake you have made in seeking shelter near a tree, the enemies of the infidels will cut you in two with a saw. If you can be patient at this time, then Allah will forgive your mistakes.

In no time, the infidels cut the body of Hazrat Zakaria (A.S.) into two parts with a saw. He was martyred by mentioning the name of Allah; But he did not cry so much. When he was martyred in this way, his son Hazrat Yahya (A.S.) only recited Innalillahi wa inna Ilaihi Raziun.

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