The mystery of Water creation

The mystery of Water creation

The mystery of water creation

Allah Taala says in the Holy Quran:

And I created all living things from water, will they not believe? Then with that water I created a pleasant garden. You do not have the power to produce its trees.

(Surah Ambiya: 30)

So is there any other deity with Allah? Rather, they are a deviant community.

(Surah Namal: 60)

Water is very essential for life. Water is very essential for the survival of all people, animals, trees, vines, and Allah Taala has created such an essential thing endlessly, which bears witness to His infinite power and grace. A man can realize the true value of water only when he is thirsty. Then he does not even hesitate to give his all for a drink of water. But people are completely indifferent to such an essential favor of Allah and hesitate to show their gratitude.

It is Allah infinite grace that He has created such essentials in abundance and wide and widespread, which are readily available in almost all parts of the world. People, animals, trees and vines can all drink water at the moment of thirst in their own places. If water were scarce and scarce like other commodities, life would be difficult for all; Rather, the speed of creation would be disrupted.

Now notice; Allah Taala created water as liquid and soft. When rain falls from the sky, it thickens and becomes liquid. Then it turns into steam again in the heat of the sun and rises up. The fineness of water helps food reach the stomach and digest it. When people are thirsty, they drink water and get a taste of nectar. It removes all his fatigue and exhaustion. Freshness and new life returns to the body. Moreover, many complex and incurable diseases can be avoided by drinking water regularly. When the laborer takes a clean cold bath after a long day of work and drinks a glass of cold water, his tiredness of the day is relieved. New energy and energy returns to the body.

When a person is agitated by extreme anger, drinking water will relieve it somewhat. Moreover, food products cannot be prepared without mixing water. A variety of sweet syrups or drinks are made from water.

People achieve purity by ablution with water. It removes dirt from the body and keeps the body healthy. Washes dirty, unclean and impure clothes and other furniture and cleans and sanctifies them. Other animals also quench their thirst by drinking water, cool and clean their bodies by soaking in water and get various benefits.

Water is essential in mixing and softening bricks, clay, sand etc. Water mixes with them easily as it is very fine. In this, people are able to build houses and buildings easily. During fire there is no motion without water. Pouring water on a burning flame extinguishes it. It is not possible to describe the many other benefits of water in this short range. There are no statistics on the extent to which we enjoy this endless blessing. If Allah the Exalted had not created so much water, life would have been severely disrupted and it would have been impossible for animals to sustain life.

Millions of thanks to the Merciful God who created water in abundance and spread it all over the earth. So that its use is easy and extensive for us, so that our life-journey is fast and peaceful. Counting these endless favors and blessings of Allah is nothing but foolishness.

Allah says in the Holy Quran:

If you count the blessings of Allah, you will not be able to count them.

(Surah Ibrahim: 34)

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