Hazrat Ismail (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Ismail (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Ismail (AS)

Bibi Hajar was married to Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) because of the interest, desire and effort of Bibi Sara, the first wife of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS); But a few days later, with the birth of a son of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) in the womb of Hazrat Hajra, Bibi Sara attitude towards Hazrat Hajra changed again. Sarah, who loved and cared for Bibi Hajara like a younger sister, fell in love with her. His wife-like thoughts were created in his heart and it was also exposed outside. His behavior and manners became extremely hostile and violent. He. Hazara was persecuted and abused in various ways.

Finally one day she told her husband, you can not keep the two of us in the same place. If Hajera is in this house, I will go somewhere else. And if you want to keep me in this house, put Hajara in a place where there is no fruit, no tree, no water, and no human habitation.

The Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) became concerned about Sarah proposal and his use of Bibi Hajar. He began to think, what will I answer to God if the completely innocent Hajra is expelled from the house? If he is not deported again as Sarah has said, how will Hajera tolerate the way Sara started torturing him? Again, if I do not do as Sarah says, she may go away in a rage, or I may have to answer to God. Abraham (peace be upon him) fell into both crises and began to spend his days very sadly. He had no idea which way to go. In such a situation, revelation was sent down to Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) from Allah and his duty was determined.

God commanded him, “O Abraham! Do what Sarah says. Take Hazera to a place where there are no trees, fruits, grains, water or human settlements. By receiving such instructions from Allah, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) seemed to find a way. He saw that what Sara was saying was exactly the same instruction from Allah Taala. But there must be some mystery inside it; So he decided to deport Bibi Hajra along with his infant son Hazrat Ismail.

Hajara and Ismail are exiled in a desert

Soon after, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) said to Bibi Hajar, get ready with Ishmael. I will take you somewhere. Hajera was ready. Then Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) took some dates, some bread and a mug of water with Hajra and the infant son Islam and mounted a camel from Baitul Moqaddas and started walking continuously. 

After walking for a few days at once, he came to the Farran Desert near where the Kabah is now, and found that there were no traces of trees, water, or people in the vast area. Only gray sandy land all around. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) on the advice of Gabriel (AS), an angel sent by Allah Taala, sent his wife Hajara and infant son Ishmael down from the camel.

Ismail - Janani Bibi Hajera could not understand even a little while ago where her husband was taking her. But when she was taken off the camel, the husband said, Hajera! You will be here with your son Ismail. Then she guessed the situation a little and said, O my husband, the Prophet of God! Are you keeping me here by God command? The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was deporting his innocent wife Hagar along with her infant son Ishmael to this desolate desert, but his heart was pounding with grief. None of his words were coming out of his mouth. So the answer to Hazara question came out of his mouth with great difficulty.

Hazrat Hajra then said, but I have no more worries. Indeed, I would have been patient in relying on Allah: I will stay here. Tears were flowing from the eyes of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him). He said, Hajera! I am also surrendering you to the great Lord, who is the real help and supporter of all the miserable poor.

At the moment of farewell, Hajera said only to Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), Dear Husband! All you have to do is ask me to come from time to time so that I do not have to, at least a piece of your collar go see this baby boy.

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) did not answer this question, but silently wiped his eyes and said goodbye to his wife and infant son. At that moment, Bibi Hajera, holding the infant son in her arms, stared at the moving camel like a static stone statue. Two drops of hot tears fell from his eyes and fell to the ground. He wiped his eyes with the hem of the cloth. 

At that moment, the storm of pain that was about to start in his chest, he resisted with the strength of his heart. He calmed his mind, no, why should I break down, Allah is the helper. The little food that Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) had given to Bibi Hajar was consumed in just three days, on the fourth day he was completely starved. The water that Moses had was gone. So he became restless because of hunger and thirst. 

The baby Ismail, of course, used to breastfeed, but as the fourth day passed, Bibi Hazra breasts became completely milkless. He pressed his nipple and saw that not a drop of milk came out. In this situation, Bibi Hajera became very worried and anxious about how to save the life of her son Ismail. The condition of child Ismail also became miserable due to hunger and thirst. Hungry, he began to cry; But the mother could not provide any food for him. Baby Ismail was getting weaker and weaker. His thirst became strong.

He began to squirm. Seeing the condition of the son, Bibi Hazera mind started crying. Alas! How can he save the life of a piece of collier now in this fruitless and desolate place. Quickly he ran outside. He turned around and searched to see if there was a drop of water; But no, not so much water was found anywhere. 

Suddenly his eyes fell on the nearby Safa hill. He felt as if a fountain of water were flowing down from the top of Mount Safa. With great hope he ran towards it. As he got closer, he saw that there was no trace of water. He had lost his sight. In fact, the sunlight falling on the rocks of the mountain felt like a fountain of water. He returned from Mount Safa.

Then Hazrat Hajra gaze fell on the hill of Marwa and the same situation appeared there. It seemed that a stream of water was flowing at the foot of Marwa hill. Then he ran away again to Marwa hill. Going there broke his fascination. Go and see, not even there, the same condition as Safa hill. Not water, it is just a mirage. Even though the sun-rays and the glittering play of limestone were false, his mind was not obedient. So he went twice to get water at Safa and Marwa hills at least seven times.

Disappointed at last, he cried out and returned to his dying son Ishmael in tears. He came and saw that his death was no longer delayed. Then what else does he have to do? He stood by his son head and raised his hands and began to pray in the court of God.

‘O Merciful Lord! You are witnessing my miserable condition, nothing is hidden from you. You are omnipotent, you can do whatever you want. My fervent supplication to you, O Lord! Either way, save me the life of my infant son by providing me with some water. O Lord! My infant son has not yet committed any sin or crime against you. He is completely innocent, blameless. For what reason would he die for lack of a drop of water? O Lord! You are not Rahim and Rahman. The reservoir of infinite mercy! Save the life of this son of mine by your infinite mercy.

Bibi Hajara sad cry reached Allah great throne in Mualla and immediately Allah Taala sent the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) to Bibi Hajara in the desert of Faran. Gabriel (peace be upon him) came and stood at the feet of the child Ishmael (peace be upon him) where he was lying on the ground and kicked hard on the ground.

Gabriel (peace be upon him) looked at Hagar and said, O wife of the Prophet! Make your son drink this water and you too will get warmth by drinking it. By the grace of Allah, with the blessing of this water, both hunger and thirst will be removed. Because this holy water is the drink of the mercy of Allah Taala. The currents of this drink will never run out. Hazrat Hajra first made his son drink water. Then he drank it to his heart content. Then he tied the dam around the well and kept the water. The name of this well is Zamzam well.

Hazrat Hajera used to run to Safa and Marwa hills seven times in search of water for his son. And each of them is satisfied by drinking water from the holy Zamzam well.

Then Bibi Hajera and her son spent a few days just drinking water from the Zamzam well. Then suddenly Jibail (AS) came and gave Bibi Hazera some dates and khorma from heaven.

He said that after eating these, he would bury its seeds around the Zamzam well. By the infinite mercy of Allah, in a very short time, a tree will grow out of it and bear fruit.

Bibi Hajera did the same. He ate the fruit and planted the seeds on the ground. In fact, in a very short time, a tree grew out of it, and by the grace of Allah Taala, it soon blossomed and became fruitful.

Bibi Hazera had no home to live in for so long. He lived under the open sky with his infant son. This time he built a hut out of palm-leaf leaves and began to dig into it. Hazera has no problem eating or drinking anymore. Eat dates and dates as needed. Zamzam drinks water from a well and lives in a house with his own date palm branch. By the grace of Allah, he is now spending his days in peace with his son.

Construction of Kaaba in Khana

Abraham (peace be upon him) completed the sacrifice prescribed by Allah and returned Hazrat Ishmael (peace be upon him) to Bibi Hajar and he himself went to Bibi Sara in Syria.

A few days later, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) brought Tashrif and said to Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him), O Prophet of Allah! Allah Taala has instructed you to build a house in the world which will be called Baitullah or House of Allah (Worship). From now until the Day of Resurrection, people from all over the world will come and circumambulate that house. The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) asked, O brother Gabriel! Where should it be built?

The angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) said, "You will ride on the camel and move the camel, and as long as it is moving, you will not stop it and you will not drive it as you wish;" Rather, he will mark the place where he wants to go and stop, and will build the house of God there.

According to another account, the camel can be seen stopping at a place where a snake has come and encircled some space. He will build the house on that place. According to another narration, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) himself showed the place to Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and said that he would build a temple in this place.

It is mentioned in the first narration that he used to ride a camel according to the instructions of Gabriel (peace be upon him): he drove the camel; But did not point in any direction. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) marked the place where the camel was traveling from Syria.

As a result, that place is the place where the first father of the human race, Hazrat Adam (AS) built the first mosque in the heart of the world, and after a long period of worship by the people of different countries of the world, it became certain in the time of Prophet Noah (AS). The feature and dignity of this place is that it is located just below the house of worship of the angels called Baitul Mamur in the seventh heaven. That is to say, the place where the shadow of Baitul Mamur in the seventh heaven falls is the place where the Prophet Adam (peace be upon him) built the Kabah. After it was destroyed in the flood during the time of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him), Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) again built the house of God on that place.

After the place was fixed, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) again prayed to Allah in the court, O Lord! To build your mosque. Where can I find stones?

The answer came from Allah Taala, O Ibrahim! You do not have to worry. My angels will bring stones from the following five mountains. These five hills are-

(1) Lebanon (2) Hera (3) Abu Quraish (4) Safa and (5) Marwa.

By the command of Allah Taala the angels used to bring stones from these five hills and Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) started building the house of Allah with them. Hazrat Ishmael (AS) started helping his father in his work.

When the wall of the house became very high, the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) could not reach to place the stone on top of it, so he stood on a very big stone and built the wall of the house. The higher the wall, the higher the stone that the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) stood on by the power of Allah. Undoubtedly, this was due to the infinite might of Allah.

After the construction of the Kaaba, the stone house was placed in one place of the Kaaba. So far it has remained the same. It is well known as Makam Ibrahim.

Construction of Kaaba: Prayers of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) along with his son Hazrat Ismail (AS) were praying as follows in the court of Allah Taala while constructing the Kaaba.

‘Wa Is Yarfau Ibrahimul Qawaida Minal Baiti Wa Ismail Rabbana Takbabbal Minna Innaka Antas Samiul Alim.

That is: When Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and his son Hazrat Ishmael (AS) were building the wall of Kaaba. (Then he prayed like this) O our Lord! Accept (this service) from us. Surely Thou art the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.

He immediately prayed to God:

Rabbana wazalna muslamaini laka wa min yurriyatina ummatam Muslimatal laka wa arina manasikana watub alaina innaka antattawabur rahim. Rabbana waas fahim rasulum minhum yatlu alaihim ayatika wa yuzakkihim innaka antal azizul hakim.

That is: O our Lord! And (we also pray that) make us your true loyalists and create a group loyal to you from our descendants. And guide us to the provisions of our Hajj and other matters and pay special attention to us. You accept our repentance. Surely Thou art the Oft-returning, the Merciful. O our Lord! And appoint from among them a prophet from among them who will recite to them your verses. And teach them (the heavenly) Book (its subjects and wisdom) and purify (them) from (foolish beliefs and deeds by this reading and teaching). Surely, You are the Mighty, the Wise.

Beginning of career

Of the four sons of Abraham (peace be upon him), Ishmael (peace be upon him) and Isaac (peace be upon him) were the two sons who received prophethood. Prophet Ishmael (peace be upon him) was the first and Prophet Isaac (peace be upon him) was the prophet.

Hazrat Ishmael (AS) used to go to Syria to visit his grave once a year after the death of his father Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). There he used to meet his brother Hazrat Ishaq (AS) and return to Makkah. He was married to an aristocratic family in Mecca and had twelve children in his wife womb.

After receiving the prophethood, Hazrat Ishmael (AS) concentrated on preaching in Mecca and its western countries. He was engaged in this work for about fifty long years. As a result of his preaching, countless people in those lands renounced idolatry and embraced the true religion. It can be said that in his time there was no false religion in those countries except the only true religion.

This is what is stated in the Holy Quran about the qualities and characteristics of the Prophet Ishmael (peace be upon him). He was a true keeper of promises and he was a prophet and a messenger. He used to instruct his family to pray and pay Zakat. And he was very pleasing to God.

It is said that he once made a promise to a man that he would wait for you until he returned. The man went away, saying that he would return soon; But he did not come back after a long year. But the promised Prophet Ishmael (peace be upon him) waited there with the man for one year only to keep his promise. This is why Allah Taala has given him the title of Chadikul Wade in the Holy Quran.

Hazrat Ishmael (AS) once went to Syria in his last life and saw that his blind brother Isaac (AS) had two sons. The eldest was named Ais and the second Jacob. Hazrat Ishmael (AS) had a daughter named Tasmia. He taught her about the marriage of his nephew Ais. Then he returned to Mecca after talking to his brother Isaac.

Shortly after returning to Mecca, he passed away. He was buried near the grave of his mother Bibi Hazra. He was one hundred and thirty years old at the time of his death.

After the death of Hazrat Ishmael (AS) his sons migrated to different regions. They live in different countries one by one. Only two of these sons lived in Makkah.


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