The Story of Zulaikha love for Hazrat Yusuf (AS)

The Story of Zulaikha love for Hazrat Yusuf (AS)

Zolaikha love for Hazrat Yusuf (AS)

Zolaikha had been attracted to Hazrat Yusuf (AS) in a dream from the east. That attraction has increased a hundredfold since he came closer. She cared for Yusuf (as) unimaginably, fed him valuable delicacies, and clothed him with many valuable garments. There was only one reason behind this. And that is that he will get peace by quenching the hunger of his mind by Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him).

But the innocent Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) used to take these cares of his beloved wife Zolaikhar of Egypt very normally and naturally. He did not keep any news in his mind. Seeing his indifference, Jolayakhar mind would get more irritated. At first he thought that the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) would be attracted to her by the attraction of beauty and affection and the persecution of youth; But when his idea turned out to be false, he opened his mouth and tried to attract Prophet Yusuf (AS) to him. But when he failed miserably in his various attitudes, phrases and behaviors, he became utterly disoriented.

Bibi Jolaykha had an anagona of a wise old lady. He always showed enough sympathy and affection towards the weaver. Once in a while, he got to know the thoughts of Zolaikhar mind and taught him the best way or effective way to fulfill his desires. Zolaikha too was absolutely desperate. Moreover, the guilt of failure and the fierce desire of youth completely wiped the scourge of shame from his heart.

At the suggestion of the old lady, Zolaikha decorated her private room in a wonderful way. He embellished it with a variety of perfumes, and on the walls around the interior of the room, on the roof, he painted the scenes of love and intercourse of innumerable naked twin idols. Occasionally, the meeting of Jolaykha and Hazrat Yusuf (AS) was also depicted. Then, as soon as Hazrat Yusuf (AS) entered the room with an excuse, Zolaikha closed its windows and doors.

Then he approached Hazrat Yusuf (as) and developed his own unveiled beauty in order to inspire him. He addressed Hazrat Yusuf (as) in a very attractive soft voice and said: How long will you burn me like this in the burning despair of heart? Do you not have so much kindness? Has God not given you anything called heart? Just look at my rare beauty once.

Hazrat Yusuf (AS) bowed his head and said to Jolaykha, O! Are you talking about sin? Fear the Creator. And do not even say such things. But Zulaikha did not flinch at that word and said the same thing again and requested Hazrat Yusuf (AS) that, Beloved! Take a look around the house and see how beautifully I have decorated it for you. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) looked up and saw the face of the wall, which depicts the reunion of naked twin idols. Seeing those sinful and obscene scenes, evil desires are also created in the heart of the old youth; But as soon as Prophet Yusuf (AS) saw her, he lowered his gaze again and started praying to Allah for deliverance from the temptation of this lustful lady.

On the other hand, Jolaikha was getting more and more anxious to fulfill his sinful desire. Reconciliation-happiness thirsty Apurba Rupbati Jolaykha noticed Hazrat Yusuf (AS) and said, Beloved! And do not delay.

Enjoy your life by enjoying this open developed youth of mine and relieve the burning of my heart, I can no longer bear the burning of this cannon. On the one hand he was making such a request and on the other hand he was trying to confuse Prophet Joseph with his incomparable alluring naked youth. It is not possible for any human being in the world to ignore its intense attraction. This is almost impossible, especially for a person who is in good health and has full youth.

Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) did not receive prophethood even then. So natural human qualities and nature then exist in full in him; Therefore, the scholars have disagreed about such a strong desire and the attempt to subdue the Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him). Some people went to explain the incident and said that in the end he almost tried to undermine his integrity. But suddenly the fear of Allah appeared in his mind and he was able to restrain himself; But the other side says that Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) was never tempted by Zulaikhar; On the contrary, when Jolayakha asked him, darling! Tell me, what is stopping you in this way?

Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) replied, "Two things are strongly hindering me." One of them is that the rights of Aziz Egypt will be destroyed by me. You are his married wife. Only God has given you the right to enjoy it. This right has not been given to anyone else. Secondly, no one in the world will be able to see and know any work of this secret room of yours, but there is no one who can always give a shit to the one who is always Allah Almighty. I will be caught in his eyes. Therefore, on the Day of Resurrection, I must be accountable to Him.

Zolaikha replied to the words of Hazrat Yusuf (AS), O Beloved! Do not worry about it at all. You did not say that your God is very kind and merciful. But if he commits sin and transgression, he will have mercy on him. If you do not sin, how can you find evidence of His mercy? And know that you have no reason to fear, dear Egypt. I will poison him and kill him. Then I will be the owner of all his wealth. Then he used to give a lot of wealth from it and give alms: I will make Allah Taala happy with you and forgive your sins through him.

Hazrat Yusuf (AS) said, Jolaykha! Know that my God never accepts bribes.

Zolaikha did not flinch at the words of the Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) but persisted in his zeal and began to weep to persuade the Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him). Suddenly at this moment Prophet Joseph (pbuh) heard an invisible voice from God? O Yusuf! Beware, if at any time you find yourself engaging in sin with Bibi Zulaikha, your name must be erased from the office of the prophets. "

According to a narration, at this moment the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) drew a line on the surface of Tashrif Aniya Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him) and immediately the youthful lust disappeared from the heart.

In another narration, in the present case, from a nearby room, Aziz, Egypt nephew, suckled a baby and said: O Yusuf! Will not you commit sins with Bibi Jolaykha? You be careful!

Some say that at that time Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) noticed that Jolaykha had covered a gold idol in the room with a piece of lace inlaid cloth. Hazrat Yusuf (AS) asked him, Jolaykha! What did you cover with cloth? And why did you cover it?

Zolaikha said, "This is a golden idol of my deity, to whom I prostrate." I will be ashamed of him if he sees my meeting with you. That is why I kept his eyes closed.

Hazrat Yusuf (AS) on hearing the word of Zolaikha noticed the Zolaikha and said, O Zolaikha! Are you ashamed of sin in the face of inanimate objects? And shall I not show shamelessness to the omniscient and omniscient Allah Taala? With that he got up and hurried to the closed door of the room. As a result, the hungry tiger-like humiliation and frustrated Jolaikha also ran after him.

Narration of the dream of the ruler of Egypt by Hazrat Yusuf (AS).

Joseph imprisonment lasted for about seven years. Once Gabriel (peace be upon him) brought Tashrif and saw Hazrat Yusuf (peace be upon him) sitting with a very sad face. Gabriel (peace be upon him) greeted him and said, "Do you recognize me?"

After a long time, Jilawal (AS) brought Tashrif to him, that look should not be remembered then.

Prophet Yusuf (AS) said, "I did not recognize you." Gabriel said, "I am the messenger of God, the angel Gabriel." I have been sent to you with the salutation of Allah.

The Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) replied to the salutation, "Well, Gabriel!" You travel all over the world and keep up with the world. Tell me, is my father Hazrat Yaqub (AS) alive?

Gabriel (peace be upon him) replied, see Yusuf (peace be upon him)! I am forbidden by Allah to convey any news of your father to you and any news of yours to your father. So you. Forgive me for this disability. But there is good news for you: your imprisonment is almost over, and you will soon be released from prison. Upon hearing this news, Gabriel (peace be upon him) disappeared again.

Shortly after this incident, the king of Egypt had two wonderful dreams. One of them was like this: The king saw in a dream that once he was standing on the bank of the river Nile, suddenly seven very fat cows came out of the water of the river and were grazing in the pasture. In the meantime, seven relatively weak and emaciated cows came up from the same place and devoured the first seven fat cows.

The king woke up seeing this amazing dream. Then he fell asleep again thinking about the significance of this dream. This time too he had another wonderful dream in his sleep. For example, the seven golden heads of the river are swaying in a gentle breeze; But suddenly seven grainless rhymes came and devoured the grainless rhymes.

Seeing this wonderful dream, fear came to the mind of the king. Many famous dream experts from home and abroad came to Egypt to find out what could be the result of the two dreams. The king two dreams were told to them, but no one could tell the exact meaning of this complex dream. Many great dream experts said goodbye expressing their disability.

The king state of mind continued to deteriorate. The peace and tranquility of his heart was gone. The king Saki, who had earlier been released from prison and was reinstated as Saki, suddenly remembered Hazrat Yusuf (AS) in prison. He appeared before the king and pleaded with the tax collector, Jahapana! There is a man in Shahi prison who is very good at telling the right result of his dreams. In this case, I have never seen a worthy person like him.

The man further said that while I was in prison, he had heard the description of a dream I had seen and said, "You will soon be released and you will be able to take up your former position." Another prisoner with me had a dream. He had heard the description of his dream and said that he would be hanged immediately. He was hanged just three days later. Yawn! The man is probably still in jail. With your permission, I can go now and get the meaning of your dream from him. The king gave him permission. He then went to the Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) in prison and told him two dreams of the king.

The Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) listened carefully to the two dreams and said that the main meaning of the two dreams is the same. It is just a reflection of the other. The meaning of the king dream was that there would be plenty of grain in Egypt for seven consecutive years. After seven consecutive years of drought, not a single crop will be harvested. As a result, there will be severe famine in the country. In order to be careful about this, Allah Taala Himself informed the king about the incident through a dream. You go and tell the king about the incident. Saki said goodbye and immediately went to the king and told him everything. After hearing the dream narrated by Yusuf (AS) through Saki, it seemed to the king and everyone else to be reliable and trustworthy. Then the king sent a man to the prison to bring Hazrat Yusuf (AS) out of the prison.

When the man reached the prison, he gave the king edict to Prophet Joseph (pbuh); But he did not go out of the prison with the man, but said to him, "Go and tell the king, after inquiring about the women who cut off their fingers when they saw me, If the king knowingly considers me innocent, then I will get out of prison and come to the king. And if I am found guilty, I will not get out of prison and go before the king. Of course, it is true that Allah Taala is especially aware of all my matters.

The king messenger returned from the Prophet Joseph (peace be upon him) and told the king all the details. The king then summoned the aforesaid gentlemen and Zolaikha and inquired about the incident concerning Hazrat Yusuf (AS). They all said in unison that Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was completely innocent and blameless.

Zolaikh specifically said that, Jahapana! I have never seen such a virtuous and virtuous person like Hazrat Yusuf (AS). By my own instinct I wished him with all my heart, but

His unyielding restraint and strong character have compelled me to bear the guilt of defeat and failure. For which I unjustly sent him to prison to avenge my revenge. Today I am clearly declaring that it is difficult to find a second person in the world with pure character like Hazrat Yusuf (AS).

It is said that Aziz Misr divorced Zolaikhar on the same day due to public embarrassment and loss of honor for blaming Zolaikhar in the king public court. However, some narrations show that Aziz never abandoned his Egyptian wife Zolaikha; On the contrary, Zolaikha remained his wife till the death of Aziz Misr.

Some say that Aziz Misr did not divorce Zolaikha, but when Zulaikha publicly confessed his guilt, Aziz fell into a trance of shame and grief. Soon his body and mind were completely shattered. He went to bed and died within a few days.


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