Hazrat Yaqub (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Yaqub (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Yaqub (AS) Story

Jacob used to sacrifice a goat as his mother advised: he roasted its meat and fed it to his father. Father Isaac (pbuh) was blind, so he prayed to God, thinking that Jacob was coming, O Lord! Give prophethood to the one who made me eat roasted meat. God answered his prayer and granted Jacob prophethood.

After this, he used to hunt deer from the ice forest and roast its meat. When he presented it to his father, all the facts came to light. Prophet Isaac son said to Ais, Ais! Jacob has taken away the prayer you deserve. Hearing this. Ice is furious and wants to kill Jacob. The Prophet Isaac (peace be upon him) forbade him and said, No, come, do not kill him. I will pray for you too. God will make your family prosper. The prayer of Prophet Isaac (peace be upon him) was accepted in the court of Allah.

With the blessing of this prayer, the family of Ais multiplied. The whole country was filled with his descendants. His descendants were scattered throughout the western world, especially in Alexandria and the coastal areas. One of Ice sons was named Rome. The name of the place where he went to live was Rome. Its capital was Istanbul. The whole of Rome was filled by the descendants of that Rome.

After Isaac death, his wife feared that Ais might kill Jacob in a fit of rage. Fearing this, he sent his youngest son, Jacob, to his uncle house in Syria. One night Jacob secretly left Canaan. Hazrat Yaqub uncle heard everything and gave shelter to his nephew Jacob with absolute affection. Hazrat Jacob uncle had two daughters. The eldest was named Leah and the youngest was named Rachel. Hazrat Yaqub wanted to marry Mama youngest daughter; But his uncle said, "You have given up all your father possessions and gone into the hands of the rich." Therefore, giving my daughter to you is not possible at all. But if you want to get married alone, then my goat will graze for seven years at a time. Her remuneration will be your own property and in return my daughter can be given in marriage to you.

It is to be noted that Hazrat Jacob uncle had a large flock of goats. The number of goats in it was about ten thousand.

Hazrat Jacob agreed to his uncle offer and grazed the flock for seven years. Then his uncle kept his promise by marrying his daughter to Hazrat Yaqub.

But after the marriage, it was found that the uncle of the Prophet Jacob had tricked him into marrying his eldest daughter Leah instead of the youngest daughter. Then Hazrat Yaqub became very displeased and said to his uncle, I wanted to marry your youngest daughter Rachel, but why did you marry Leah to me?

Mama said, look, how can I keep my eldest daughter unmarried and marry the youngest? But if you want to marry Rachel, you have to herd my goat for another seven years. See if you can do that?

Hazrat Yaqub (AS) agreed to this proposal of his uncle and kept the flock of goats for another seven years. Then Mama married Rachel and him. At that time it was not forbidden to marry two sisters together.

A total of twelve children were born in the wombs of the two wives of the Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him). Ten of them were born in the womb of Leah and the other two in the womb of Rachel. Both were named Yusuf and Bani Yamin respectively.

In a short time, Allah made him the owner of many animals and possessions.

Twenty-one years have passed since his arrival at his mother-in-law house. All but his twelfth child, Bonnie Yamin, have already been born. Suddenly, the Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) had a strong desire to go to Canaan to visit his mother. He also told his mother-in-law about this desire. Matul gladly agreed. So soon Jacob set out for Canaan with his two wives, eleven sons, many slaves and a large number of possessions and a large herd of cattle.

After crossing some paths, he suddenly realized that the anger of his elder brother Ais might still be on him, maybe he could kill him if he saw him still. With such thoughts and fears in mind, he would cross some other paths: When the caravan reached the outskirts of Canaan, his brother Ice was out hunting and was advancing on this path.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) saw him from a distance and recognized him. He then told his companions and companions that if Ais asked, "Whose wealth, livestock and caravan?" Then you say that a Canaanite slave from Ice who was living in Ice mansion in Syria has now returned with all this. After teaching this to his companions, Hazrat Yaqub (AS) hid inside the caravan and started walking. Meanwhile, the elder brother approached the ice caravan and asked, "Whose caravan is this?"

The people said that all these were the words of Jacob, the slave of the Canaanite Ice, who went to Syria. When he heard the name Jacob, he could not understand anything else. He said, "Oh, where is the slave of ice?" He is my brother Yaqub. By this time, both eyes of Ais were filled with tears. When Hazrat Yaqub saw it from a distance, his heart changed. He ran and hugged his elder brother Ice. Then Ais took his younger brother Jacob with his caravan to Canaan. Jacob came to Canaan and lived with his mother and brother. One year after his arrival in Canaan, his youngest wife Rachel bore him a son named Bani Yamin. This was the twelfth son of the Prophet Jacob. Shortly after this child was born, the mother of the Prophet Jacob passed away.

After giving birth to twelve sons of Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him), Allah gave him prophethood. Many of the people of Canaan believed in him and adopted the religion he preached. When the ice

When he saw that his brother had indeed received prophethood from Allah, he said to him: O brother! You have been living in poverty in your mother house for so long, now you are living in your father land and preaching religion without any hindrance. I have to go somewhere else.

By this time many descendants of Ais Farzand had been born and by their offspring the Ais dynasty had spread to a large extent. They went abroad. One of Ice sons was named Room. Ice himself took the son and went to a country. That country is now known as Room after this son of Ice.

Ice died on the spot shortly after leaving.

It is said that many children were born to Ice child room and the family grew. It is said that no prophet was born in this lineage of Ais except Hazrat Ayub (AS); But a large number of prophets appeared from the descendants of Hazrat Yaqub (AS).

The fragile condition of Hazrat Yaqub (AS)

The Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) did not believe what he heard from his sons about Joseph. But if you do not believe or what is the benefit. He never found her again. It is easy to imagine how miserable Joseph must have been if he had not seen him in the blink of an eye. Everything about him seemed to be a lie. Then he had nothing to do but cry in the court of Allah. He sat in a secluded room and started worshiping Allah and praying to Him. Tears welled up in his eyes as he wept. He was blinded by bloodshed.

Once the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) brought Tashrif to him. He asked him, "Brother Gabriel!" Tell me, where is my Yusuf? Where can I find him? At that moment the divine word came from God, O Jacob! You can learn about your son from him, to whom I have entrusted the life and death of all. Hearing the divine command, Yaqub (AS) realized the displeasure of Allah Taala and complained to His court, O Lord! I may have made a mistake in your court without knowing it. Forgive me and have mercy on me.

Then he said to the angel Jibraeel (AS), Brother Jibraeel (AS)! You see Malakul Maut, what is the condition of my Yusuf? Since he captures the souls of all living beings. So it is up to him to know whether Joseph is alive or dead. When Gabriel (peace be upon him) went to Malakul Mawt and asked about Yusuf, he said that he was safe by the grace of Allah. Malakul took this news from Maut and informed Hazrat Yaqub (AS) about it. This time he was relieved of his son fear of life, but he was still tormented by the pain of separation; So his crying did not stop.

It is said that there was a reason for the Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) to suffer the loss of his son in this way. It is as follows:

 Once upon a time there was a feast in the house of Hazrat Yaqub (AS). That day a hungry beggar appeared at the door of his house and begged for some food. Hazrat Yaqub (AS) asked him to sit down and engaged in other activities in such a way that by mistake the beggar was no longer fed.

Waiting for a while: The beggar gave this curse to Hazrat Yaqub (AS), O Lord! You delay to fulfill the desires of Jacob mind. Needless to say, this curse of the beggar was granted in the court of Allah. And as a result, the hopes she had for her beloved son Joseph were long overdue.

Death of Hazrat Yaqub (AS)

Shortly after the enthronement of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh), the former emperor Raihan died. A few days later, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) brought Tashrif and said to Hazrat Yaqub (peace be upon him), O Prophet of Allah! You came into the world and suffered for a while, that there is no limit to that sorrow; But in the next stage, Allah made you happy again, which has no limit. In front of you, Allah Taala bestowed the kingdom of Egypt on your son Hazrat Yusuf (AS) along with the Prophethood. And it was at his call and arrangement that all your family became permanent residents in the heart of the Egyptian capital. Everyone is living in absolute happiness and comfort. But today I have been sent by Allah. God will is that you die in Canaan. So go to Canaan immediately.

The Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) conveyed the warning message of the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) to his son Joseph and others. They all became anxious about the future patriarchy.

The Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) used to ride on a camel after hearing various messages of consolation and consolation for them. He set out for Canaan. During the journey, the wife, children and children said goodbye to him with various lamentations. This was their last meeting in worldly life. That is why the last words of the departed Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) were: May you all be united and may Allah be pleased with you. This is my last meeting with you in the world. If Allah wills, we will meet again in heaven.

When he arrived in Canaan, he first visited the graves of his parents and grandparents and visited them. Tears flowed from his eyes as he wept during the pilgrimage. He lay down in the tomb weeping and fainted. After a long time, he did not wake up. In this state he fell asleep.

In his sleep he saw in a dream that Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah (AS) was sitting in one of the most beautiful seats in heaven and Hazrat Ismail (AS) and Hazrat Ishaq (AS) were sitting beside him.

Seeing him, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) said, Jacob! We are waiting for you, you come soon.

At such a time he woke up. He realized that his end was near. At that time he sent word to his sons in Egypt that I had departed from the world at the call of the Almighty.

After sending such news to his sons in Egypt, he returned to the tomb and found a newly excavated tomb. It looked like a nice, clean, well-appointed room. An enchanting fragrance was emanating from inside him. Hazrat Yaqub (AS) saw a man with a gentle calm face beside the grave and asked him, “Sir! Tell me, for whom is this tomb destined? The man said, "It is destined for one of Allah most beloved and virtuous servants." Then Hazrat Yaqub (AS) complained to Allah, O Lord! You specify my address in this Mubarak grave.

The supplication of Hazrat Yaqub (AS) was granted and an invisible voice came, Yaqub! But I specified it for you. You will stay inside it. At that very moment, the angel of Malakul-Mawt, Azrael (AS) came there and greeted Hazrat Yaqub (AS). Hazrat Yaqub (AS) said, Azrael! If you have come to capture my soul, please make a request, so that you can finish the job very easily. Azrael obeyed his request.

As soon as the soul of Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him) was captured, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) appeared with many other angels and finished his bathing and burial.

Apart from the account of the death of the Prophet Jacob (peace be upon him), another account is that he died in the land of Egypt at the age of one hundred and forty-five, one hundred and forty-five and according to some, two hundred years.

But the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) was reluctant to bury his father Jacob (pbuh) in Egypt. Gave. Then he bequeathed to some people that you should take the body of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to Samads and bury it in the mouza called Haran where the Prophets like Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Ishmael (peace be upon him) and Isaac (peace be upon him) are buried.

Coincidentally, another incident happened at about the same time. The name of the eldest brother of Hazrat Yaqub (AS) was - Is. According to some people, he also received prophethood. His son was then king of Rome. Hazrat Is (AS) used to stay in the land of that son. What a wonderful will of Allah Taala. At the time of the death of his younger brother Hazrat Yaqub (AS), his elder brother Hazrat Is (AS) living in a different country also died.

When the people arrived in Syria from Egypt carrying the body of Hazrat Yaqub (AS) Mubarak, at that very moment the people from Rome took the body of Hazrat Is (AS) and appeared there. Then the people on both sides, thinking that there was a deep purpose and deep secret of Allah Taala in this incident, buried the two brothers of the Prophet in the same grave.


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