The secret of the creation of the Moon and Stars

The secret of the creation of the Moon and Stars

The secret of the creation of the Moon and Stars

In the Holy Quran, Almighty Allah says:

Allah, the Most Glorious, Who created the orbits in the sky and created in it the great stars and the bright moon.

(Surah Furqan: 61)

Almighty Allah created the night for leisure and rest. Made the air cool and comfortable. He did not create the night as pure darkness. Rather, it has gathered a peaceful, soft and gentle light. Because people often have to work at night. And it is impossible to work in pitch black nights. During summer, many tasks of the day remain unfinished due to extreme heat or lack of time. In many cases, the work has to be completed at night. Moonlight is very helpful at this time. Passengers can also travel comfortably in the softness and softness of the night. Many times the starry sky (ie the soft and sweet light of the full moon) fills the human mind with joy.

On certain nights of every month, the moon is absent from the sky. The stars twinkle in the dark sky. The soft soft light of the star makes up for the lack of the moon to some extent. On the nights before and after the full moon, a full moon floats in the sky amid a cluster of stars. Then a flood of light flows throughout the world. Fills everything with a dreamy obsession. People lose themselves in the sweetness and softness of that light. Look at this incredible creative skill of Almighty Allah, He dispels the impenetrable darkness of the night with the soft light of the moon and stars, so that people do not get lost in deep darkness.

Apart from Alodan, there are many hidden mysteries in the moon and stars. The craft of creation of Almighty Allah. The reckoning of years and months is also determined by the revolutions of the moon and stars, and much of the significance of krtis and rituals is associated with its movements.

The direction of the moon and the stars is a great resource for travelers by water or land. It is very easy for a disoriented traveler to find his direction by the moon and stars in deep forests or vast deserts or on vast oceans at night.

Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran:

Allah has created the stars so that you can be guided in the dark (at night) on land and water. (Surah Anam: 97)

The rotation and evolution of the moon, rising and setting, decreasing and increasing and going into the depths of creation under the influence of eclipse or eclipse in some nights, all this contains the great secret of Almighty God immense power and creation. It is not only difficult but also impossible for humans to penetrate the web of that mysterious mystery.

Moreover, the moon travels in its orbit keeping pace with the other stars floating in the sky. Which is clearly visible even to the naked eye. If the Moon had varied rather than such consistent motion, it would not have been possible for it to travel a fixed orbital distance every 24 hours with such thorough time balance.

Almighty Allah has placed the moon far above, so that the glimmer of its motion does not confuse and burn our eyes. For example, the immense creation of Almighty God, the flash of lightning confuses and burns our eyes. Allah Taala has kept us at a safe distance from these negative or harmful aspects of the moon. Otherwise, if the moon were very close to us or its speed was within our sight, then all the disasters might have been created which are beyond our imagination. That is why Almighty Allah has created the moon in a particular direction and placed it at a distance according to the need.

There are some stars in the sky that are visible on certain nights of the year and not visible on other nights. Such as Suraiya, Jua, Shua etc. If these stars were always visible in the sky, people would be deprived of the benefits they currently derive from them. And Almighty Allah has created some stars in such a way that they can be seen every night of the year. For example - Saptarshimandal or Sat-Sitara. They benefit people in various ways. Every night these seven stars rise in the sky. Aadhaar night travelers get special help through these.

If the stars floating in the sky were not in motion, did not travel in their orbits and remained fixed in the same place, then man would be deprived of all the benefits and guidance that man is now receiving by their motion. For example, now travelers in the dark night get directional help from these moving stars to cross different destinations during the journey. Apart from this, the animal and plant world get various benefits due to the seasonal rotation of these moving stars.

Almighty Allah, in His infinite power and immense majesty, created the sky beautiful and strong and placed it in its proper place, which has not weakened or collapsed even in thousands of years and no calamity has happened to it. If there was even the slightest disturbance in the sky or a change in the balance, there would be a terrible disaster on earth and the lives of its inhabitants would be in danger. And the status and speed of creation was disturbed. Here is something characteristic of the great creator that in his masterly creation-skills this world is being run according to the same rules and at the same speed.

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