Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) Full Story

Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) Full Story

Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.)

After the death of Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.), no other Prophet or Messenger appeared in Bani Israel for a long time. At this time, some people of Bani Israel were living in Egypt and some people were living in Syria and other countries. Almost all of them had forgotten the religion of Hazrat Musa (AS) and started worshiping idols. At that time, although some ulama from Bani Israel preached about pure religion, no results were seen in their preaching; Rather, most of the people of Bani Israel not only apostatized, but their moral degradation also took place in a severe form. Many children of Israel then became accustomed to adultery. In this extreme situation, Allah sent Prophet Ilyas (A.S.) as a prophet among the Bani Israil. At this time the rulers of Syria were idolaters.

That king himself made an idol and worshiped it. He named the image Baal; Saying The king ordered his subjects that each one of you should make an idol in imitation of the said idol and worship it. On his orders, almost all Syrians started worshiping that idol. It is said that Baal was indeed a beautiful young woman. At that time, there was no other beauty like her anywhere in the world. According to many, the famous Syrian city of Baala Bakka was named after the female figure of Baal in Syria.

Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) started strongly opposing idolatry as soon as he received prophethood and made the idolatrous king well aware of its futility and fruitlessness. Then the king gave up idolatry and accepted the initiation of pure religion from Hazrat Ilyas (a), then the king accepted Hazrat Ilyas (a) as his prime minister and honored him with high honor. A few days passed very well; But Satan Iblis could not tolerate this. He deceived the king. As a result, the king started worshiping idols again. Those people who abandoned idolatry with the king: accepted the religion of Hazrat Ilyas (A.S), they again started idolatry on the sight of the king.

Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) was deeply hurt by this. He was angry with everyone and cursed God. As a result, there was no rain in Syria for three years. The crop production of the soil stopped. The country stored food was exhausted. Famine was widespread throughout the country. People and animals of the country started dying due to lack of food. Then groups of people complained to the king court that famine had been created in the country because of Elijah bad deeds.

Hearing this, the king said, wherever you find Ilyas, catch him and kill him. The people prepared to kill him according to the king order. Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) did not get upset even after knowing this, he persisted in fulfilling his duty.

At this time, a pious old woman met Hazrat Elijah (A.S.) and said, Lord! I have a son, by the grace of Allah he is a devoted follower of your preached religion. It is seen that you have no helper in the country, but starting from the king of the country, everyone is the enemy of your life; Therefore I entrust that son of mine into your hands. He will be by your side at all times in your missionary work, accept him.

The old woman son was named Isha. Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) very happily accepted Isha as his companion. After that, he took him and started preaching the religion by traveling all over the country. Once he went to the king and said, Oh king! There is a famine in the country, people and animals are dying due to lack of food, even in such a situation, do you not pray to your gods to remove the famine? If not, immediately pray to them in this regard. If they have the power, then surely they will end the famine. And if it is not possible for them, then you should believe in my God and pray. We will see, he will completely free the country from the grip of famine.

The king said, Elias! You pray to your God. Grant your prayers and remove this danger from the country, but I will believe.

Hearing the words of the king, Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) prayed to God. The Merciful Allah Taala immediately accepted the prayers of His Beloved Prophet. On that night, it rained heavily in the country. As a result, the fields of the country produced abundant crops and the gardens produced enough fruits and flowers. In this way soon the shortage of the country was removed. People regained their happiness.

Then Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) went to the king and said, My God has removed the poverty of the country according to my prayer. Therefore, this time you believe in him and keep your promise.

 In response to the words of Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.), the sinner said, Your lack has not been removed by God; Rather, our gods have removed the lack; So there is no question of believing in God. The people of the country responded similarly to their king. That is, they were on the wrong path.

The heart of Hazrat Ilyas (as) was broken in such a sad incident. He did not want to stay in that country even for a moment; So he appointed his companion Isha as his representative and left that country. After that, he decided to settle in a place called Borad Bahar and then started traveling around the world.

It is said that like Hazrat Khizir (A.S.), Allah Taala also granted long life to Ilyas (A.S.). These two will be alive on the Day of Judgment until the time of Israfil blowing the horn of the angel. Their death will happen every day at the doomsday by the blowing of Israfil horn.

Although Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) is still alive, because he lives in the forest and hidden from people eyes, people do not see him.

It is said that just as Allah has given the dominion of water to Hazrat Khizir (A.S.), so also Hazrat Ilyas (A.S.) has been given dominion over the land.

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