Prophet Noah (pbuh) Full Story

Prophet Noah (pbuh) Full Story

Prophet Noah (pbuh)

Four hundred years have passed since the ascension of Hazrat Idris (AS) to heaven. During this time no other prophet or messenger came to the world from Allah. As a result, there was no one left to worship the formless God of the world. Everyone was engrossed in idol worship in the name of iniquity and religion.

In such a situation Allah Taala felt the need to send a prophet to the world; So he sent Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) into the world at that time.

The real name of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was Shokar.

Shokar, he used to cry in the court of Allah. That is why his name was Noah. In Arabic, the word Noah means: to weep.

In the narration about Prophet Noah, Allah has said in the Holy Quran:

Inna arsalna nuhan ila qawmihi an anzir qawmaka min qabli ayyatia hum azabun alim.

Meaning: Surely We sent Noah to his people that you may warn your people before there comes to them a painful chastisement.

Prophet Noah (pbuh) was a descendant of Shees (pbuh), the son of Prophet Adam (pbuh). About six hundred years after the death of Prophet Adam (peace be upon him), Prophet Shees (peace be upon him) attained prophethood. Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) lived in the world for one thousand and fifty years. In his long life he tried his best to guide his people; But only forty men and forty women, believing him to be the true prophet, accepted the true religion he preached.

Besides, everyone else in the tribe called him crazy, mocked him and tortured him in various ways. There is no reliable evidence in the Quran or Hadith about the birthplace of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him). However, other sources suggest that he was born in the province of Armenia and landed in Nineveh or Babylon from a self-made ship of the Flood of his day.

Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) used to go up the hill every day according to the command of Allah Taala and would shout loudly at the people of his people and say: O my people! There is no deity except Allah, and I am a prophet sent by Allah. Allah Taala has sent me to guide you. If you listen to me and follow my instructions, Allah Taala will forgive you all your sins and you will be showered with His infinite mercy, compassion and peace.

In the infinite might of Allah Taala, the message of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was spread all over the area; But the result is what is described in the language of the Holy Quran: And whenever I called upon them to forgive you, they would insert their fingers into your earlobes and wrap their garments around them. And some were stubborn and showed arrogance.

Sometimes it happened that when he called the people to the path of Allah, they would come in groups and start fighting. In which his whole body was wounded.

At times he would lose consciousness in their oppression; But even in such a difficult situation, he would not refrain from calling them to the path of Allah. As soon as he regained consciousness, he again engaged in the work of guiding the people.

One day, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was calling his people to the path of Allah. At that time some people came at once and at first beat him severely. Then they chained him and dragged him away. When he lost consciousness, the sinners left him in that state and left.

He was bedridden for four days at a time as his whole body was badly injured. He tried but could not get out of bed. Nevertheless, he did not refrain from inviting people to the path of Allah.

After recovering a little, he resumed his duties. He looked at the people and said, O my people! Listen to me, there is no god but Allah, and I am His Messenger, but no matter how hard he tried, nothing worked, and his people went away cursing him.

And one day, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) called his people to the truth. They beat him so badly that his limbs were bruised that day. The clothes were stained with blood. He had a polytheistic wife who was completely disobedient to him.

He looked down on the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) and despised him. He used to show contempt towards Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) after seeing those who persecuted Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) on that day and said: Why are you beating him, his words have no value

And the guy is crazy. He says whatever comes in his mouth. I do not pay much attention to his words. It is the same thing to beat up a madman.

Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) went to preach the truth and did not tolerate oppression and injustice against his people. The oppression he had to endure was unmatched; But he was silently enduring it.

He had no grievances against anyone; But today he could not bear to hear such a derogatory remark from his wife. He was very sad.

So he raised his face towards the sky and wept in the court of Allah and said: O great Lord! I have become impatient and frustrated. You help me.

At that moment the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) appeared and said, O Prophet Noah (peace be upon him)! Pray to Allah for them. Allah Taala will surely accept that. Those disbelievers will not believe in anything.

The angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) then gave a branch from the hand of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) from heaven and said, bury this tree in the ground.

The Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) buried it in the ground according to the advice of Gabriel (peace be upon him). At the end of forty years, the tree became such a huge mahiruh that its length was four hundred yards and its diameter was forty yards.

Receiving infertility in women:

The new conditions that have been observed in the world during those forty years are that all the infidel women of the world have become infertile. Their childbirth stopped.

The only reason for this was that women used to say to their children, O children! Think of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) as your eternal enemy and treat him with hostility.

Do not listen to any of his words; Instead, always disrespect him and make fun of him. Since he is nothing but a madman.

Hearing all these words, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) became desperate and desperate and prayed to Allah that, O Lord!

You will not spare a single person of the ungrateful community and will not increase their lineage. When they are so disobedient to you, no good can be expected from them.

Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, in accordance with the request of His beloved Prophet, had infertile women of the time of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him).

The construction of the ark of Prophet Noah (pbuh)

In the time of the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) the extreme danger of the unbelievers was imminent. Allah Taala did not consider infidel women as the ultimate punishment for infertility; Rather, he used to inflict the harshest punishment on them: he thought it necessary to destroy their lineage.

Meaning: O Noah! You build the boat according to my instructions. And do not intercede for me against the unjust, they will surely be drowned. (Surah Hud: 30)

The tree that the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) planted, I have already mentioned, has so far taken on a huge size. Allah Taala ordered Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) to cut down that tree and make a plank out of it. After the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) obeyed that command, Allah Taala commanded, O Noah! You build a huge ship with those planks.

The angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) came and taught the Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) the rules of ship building. According to that law, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) built a huge ark.

The ship is one thousand yards long and four hundred yards wide. When it was being built, the flood was far away in the country, there was no abundance of water, the infidels started laughing when they saw such a ship being built on dry land and mocked Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) as the best fool in the world.

A total of one hundred and twenty-four thousand planks were used in the ark built by Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) and the names of one hundred and twenty four thousand prophets were inscribed in each of its ark. The name of Hazrat Adam (AS) was written on the first board and the name of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was written on the last board.


After the ark was built, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) examined it thoroughly and noticed that it needed four more planks.

Then he began to think that he had no other plank.

Now where will he get that board? And although the board can be collected from any place, whose name will be on that board? The names of one hundred and twenty four thousand prophets are gone.

Suddenly the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) came and asked Prophet Noah (peace be upon him), O Prophet of Allah! Looks like you are thinking of something. Then Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) brought the matter to the notice of Gabriel (peace be upon him).

Gabriel (peace be upon him) said, "There is nothing to worry about." There is a bust on the banks of the Nile. Someone brought that tree and made a plank out of it and put it on the ship. Then there are four prominent names, write them on the board.

Those four names are those who became intimate and the main four companions of the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Their four names are as follows: Abu Bakr (R), Omar (R), Osman (R) and Ali (R).

The angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) also said that if the four planks named after them were put on the ship, it would be safe from all kinds of dangers.

At the suggestion of Gabriel (peace be upon him), Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) asked his children to cut down the tree from the banks of the Nile, but they expressed their inability and said: It will not be possible for us.

Send it to Uz bin Onok. This will be done effortlessly by him.

Since he knows the path of the blue river. And he is much stronger than we are. Then, when Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) asked Uzza to cut down the tree, he said, "If you promise me to eat it once and for all, I can cut down the tree."

Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) said, "Yes, I promised you." If you cut down the tree, we will feed you once and for all. Uz happily walked to the bank of the Nile and uprooted the tree. Then he carried it on his shoulders and presented it to Prophet Noah (peace be upon him).

Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was very pleased with him and brought him three loaves of bread and let him eat them. Uz saw that and laughed and said, what will I do with these three loaves of bread? Twelve thousand loaves of bread like this I eat every time and that is a common meal for me.

Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) said, "What do you think about it? Until you are completely satisfied, you will be given as much bread as you need. You start eating by saying -Bismillah.

Uzz was relieved and started eating bread saying Bismillah; But as soon as he ate half a loaf of bread, his stomach was completely full. He closed the box. Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) said, "Oh, why are not you eating?" I have told you before, I will give you whatever you can eat. There is no reason to worry about this.

Uz said, my stomach is completely full. Not a single Lokma could eat. I have never eaten this full meal again; So do not tell me to eat anymore. After saying this, Uz got up from his seat.

Then Noah (pbuh) made a plank out of that tree and put its four planks on the ark and wrote the names of the four Companions of the last Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on it.

Thus, when the work of building the ark was completed, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) said to Prophet Noah (peace be upon him), O Noah (peace be upon him). The wrath of God is near. You are going to circumambulate Baitul Mamur.

Because before the storm starts, Allah will take Baitul Mamur to the sky. Then you will not be able to circumambulate it. According to the advice of Gabriel, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) went to Mecca and circumambulated Baitul Mamur.

When the great flood was coming, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) came and informed Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) about it and said that there was not much time left for the flood to come. So this time you get ready to board the ship. The angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) also informed Noah (peace be upon him) about those whom he would take with him in the ark.

Then Noah (peace be upon him) began to arrange to board the ark. The ship had seven floors. The ark containing the body of Hazrat Adam (AS) was kept on the first floor. On the second floor, the followers of Prophet Noah (pbuh) were taken up.

On the third floor a pair of all the birds of the world, on the fourth floor a pair of all the other creatures of the world, on the fifth floor a pair of all the herbivores of the world and on the sixth floor all the trees of the world and various kinds of fruit saplings were filled. Nothing was taken on the seventh floor, that is, on the roof of the ship.

Thus, after carrying everything in the ark, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) himself boarded the ark. Gabriel said, "Now you wait for the storm to come."

Gabriel (peace be upon him) informed Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) about the first sign of the onset of the flood, that hot water would start coming out from the stove of your house. Seeing that, you will think that the storm is starting.

Before boarding the ark, the wife of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) once said to him, "Water is coming out of the oven to bake our bread." This is what Allah Taala has said in the Holy Quran.

When my decision was finally made and the water started flowing from the inside of the stove, I said, take everything of one kind and put it on the ship. And take with you all those in your family who have become disobedient, and all the believers who are loyal to you.

When Gabriel (peace be upon him) conveyed this command of Allah to Prophet Noah (peace be upon him), he said that one of their classes is located in different parts of the world. How do I get them together and put them on the ship? The angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) helped Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) in this matter; So Noah (pbuh) did not get any more speed.

In Noah own family, one of his wives and one of his sons became disobedient infidels; So they were not allowed to board the ship. They faced extreme consequences. Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) had a total of four sons.

Their names were Ham, Sham, Japheth, and Canaan, respectively. The first three sons were obedient; So they boarded the ark with Prophet Noah. The fourth son, Canaan, was disobedient to his father and a coward. She disobeyed her father command. And he did not board the ship in disbelief. As a result, he had to drown in the water of the Great Flood.

The torment of the great flood

The floodwaters receded completely. The date was the 2nd day of the month of Rajab. Ershad has said in the Holy Quran about this, Allah said, I opened the door for water to come out of the sky. And I gave way to the stream of water from the depths of the earth.

The two waters merged in the way that was written today. A torrential downpour of rain began to fall from the sky and a stream of cold water began to flow incessantly from below. This went on for forty days at a time. The whole world began to throb in the water. Everything sank under the water. The water rose forty yards above the highest mountain in the world.

Canaan, the son of Prophet Noah, climbed a mountain. When that mountain was submerged and Canaan life was in danger, the soul of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was saddened to see it.

He raised both his hands and prayed in the court of Allah and said, O Lord! You promised me that I would protect your family; But now my son is drowning. One of my wives has already drowned and is buried in Salil.

Meaning: Today there is no one to protect from the command of Allah. Only he who has God mercy will be saved. At that moment, the waves became a barrier between the two of them, and they were drowned. (Surah Hud: 43)

Allah Taala said, “O Noah! Do not be sad Those who have drowned or are dying are not part of your family. Those who disobey God can never be part of a prophet family; So do not tell me anything about these people.

Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) then realized his mistake and begged Allah for forgiveness. Shortly after, a huge wave of water came and swept away Canaan. When Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) boarded his ark, he learned from the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) and read: Bismillahi Majreha wa Mursaha Inna Rabbi Lagafurur Rahim.

That is: I boarded the ship in the name of Allah Taala. With His blessing the ship sails and stops, surely my Lord is Forgiving and Merciful.

Iblis also boarded the ship:

The ark became monotonous with the excrement of human beings and animals. Noah (peace be upon him) then moved his hand on the forehead of the elephant at the command of Allah. Two pigs were born. He ate all the excrement and cleaned it.

Seeing this, the wicked devil put his hand on the pig forehead. As a result, two rats were born. Seeing this, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) said to him in a very angry voice, Sinful Iblis! By whose order did you get on the ship? Iblis said, "Why, you told me to get on the ship."

Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) said, "When did I tell you to get on the ark?"

Iblis said, "I was pulling the donkey tail while the donkey was getting on the ship." He could not get on the ship.

Then you got angry and said to the donkey - Ray Satan! Get on the ship quickly without delay. Do not you see that the flood waters have come and gone? I thought the donkey was no longer the devil. Satan is my name. So I quickly got on the ship. Immediately the donkey and the ship got on.

Then Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was very sorry for his mistake and was about to throw Iblis out of the ark into the water. At that very moment, instructions came from God, O Noah! Let him stay on the ship. He must be kept alive.

Because I am committed to keep him alive till the Day of Resurrection. After hearing this word of Allah, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) said nothing more to Iblis. Meanwhile, the rat began to cut holes in the bottom of the ship. Then Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) prayed to Allah for protection from the clutches of rats and Ershad said, O Noah! You put your hand on the tiger forehead.

Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) obeyed God command. There were two cats. The two cats immediately ate the ship rats. Needless to say, the current relationship between the cat and the rat has been established since that day.

After the flood

From the second day of the month of Rajab to the first ten days of the month of Muharram, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) was in the ark with his companions for a total of six months and eight days. Then Allah Taala directed the earth, O earth! You suck the water of the world in you. And O heaven! Thou shalt not water the earth any more.

For six months at a time, the water receded and the tops of the hills became visible.

The ship floated on the Judi mountain. On the day before the water began to recede, the ship reached Makkah and circumambulated the Kabah seventy times.

After the water receded, he released a bird from the ship to test how much the water had receded. The bird flew to the ground and saw a variety of food and forgot to return to the ship to eat it. For this crime he lost his ability to fly.

Then Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) released a dove. The pigeon flew away and landed on the muddy ground and came back again. Seeing the marks of mud on his feet, Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) realized that the water of the earth had dried up and now there was only mud.

Then Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) released all the animals and birds from the ark and came down to earth himself. Allah Taala commanded him, O Noah! This time you sow the seeds of all the trees in the ground and plant the seedlings. He obeyed God command.

The identity of the three sons of Prophet Noah (pbuh)

The Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) had a total of four sons, as mentioned earlier. The son of Canaan, one of the four sons, was buried in the wrath of God because he was disobedient and disobedient to God. The three sons of Sham, Hum, and Japheth were believers and God-fearing, and they were saved in the ark with their father. This time I will mention their identities one by one.

Sham: The first son Sham was very religious and pious. God blessed him with prophethood. He was a very wise and prudent man. The Prophet Noah (pbuh) took his place before his death and bequeathed it to other sons and descendants to accept his obedience and follow his advice.

God gave Hazrat Sham nine sons. Their names are respectively: (1) Abul Ambia (2) Abul Mulk (3) Adam Aswad (8) Efano (5) Yuruj (6) Lawad (6) Ayalamo (6) Daram A) (9) Tur.

Each of Sham nine sons had many children. Because they moved to different countries, they became different speakers. No one understands anyone language despite being descendants of the same person. A total of nineteen of these languages ​​were introduced. For some time the practice of religion was good among the descendants of the Prophet Sham, but unfortunately no scholar Fazil was created due to lack of education and initiation among them. Sinful Iblis, seeing this as the perfect opportunity for him, used to show the false benefits and rationality of idolatry among the foolish descendants of Sham. Gradually everyone became idolaters and became polytheists.

Hum: According to some books, Hum, the second son of Prophet Noah, was also a prophet of God. This ham had nine sons. The names are as follows: (1) Tuya (2) Kinan (3) Jajjo (4) Kos (5) Hend (6) Barbar (6) Kabat (6) Hasab and (9) Chhend.

Each of them also gave birth to many children and spread to different countries. Various languages were also introduced among them. People living in one country among them could not understand the language of people living in another country. A total of eighteen languages were created among the descendants of the Prophet Ham.

It is said that one of the grandsons of the Prophet Ham was named Harham. That person was unique in all respects at that time in terms of physical strength and influence. His huge body was about four hundred yards long and thick accordingly. He was the king of a kingdom at that time. He built water canals in different places for the benefit of the people of the kingdom.

He also did many other good deeds; But since no provision of education was made in the country, all the people remained ignorant. Taking advantage of this ignorance, the devil introduced idol worship in that country as well. It is said that Iblis gave the following five idols to the people and taught them to worship them. The names of the pearls are: (1) Ud, (2) Shuya, (3) Yaguch, (4) Yauk and (5) Nasar.

Yafes: According to some narrators, Yafes, the third son of Prophet Noah (pbuh), was also a messenger of Allah. He had eleven sons. Their names are as follows:

(1) Chin, (2) Chaklab, (3) Kamari (4) Monsaj, (5) Tarak, (6) Barz, (6) Aja (6) Khalaj, (9) Rush, (10) Chadchan and (11) ) Khejar.

They started living in one area after another and each area was named after them. Eleven lands were filled with these children of Japheth. A total of twenty-six of these languages ​​were introduced; But people who know one language do not understand another language at all.

The descendants of Japheth were highly skilled in the art of Hunar. He learned many things like weaving cloth with silk and wool and extracting musk from the navel of deer and making perfume from it.

They were living in sufficient happiness and peace. In the beginning, religious activities were maintained among them for some time, but later it was no more. Because Iblis, the eternal enemy of man, went to them and started worshiping idols of gods and goddesses.


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