Hazrat Hud (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Hud (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Hud (AS)

In the total two thousand two hundred years from the time of Prophet Noah (peace be upon him) to the time of Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him), only two prophets, Hazrat Hud (peace be upon him) and Hazrat Saleh (peace be upon him) came into the world from Allah.

Among the descendants of Prophet Noah (pbuh) was a very powerful king named Aad. No one else in that era was as strong and powerful as him. The children and descendants of this king were also strong and mighty in all respects. According to the name of King Aad, they are known in history as the people of Aad or the tribe of Aad.

Some of them had a body height of four hundred yards. The height of their middle class people was two hundred yards. And those who had the most bets had a body seventy yards long. They were all as strong as they were brave. In the glory of courage and strength they forgot Allah and the Prophet.

No good deeds are borrowed; On the contrary, they worshiped the idols of the gods and goddesses in the evil counsel of Satan.

When this situation became strong among the people of Aad, Allah sent a man named Hud from among the people of Aad as a prophet in order to guide them; This has been narrated in the Holy Quran, Allah says:

“A ila adin akhahul hudan qawla ya qawmi‘ budullaha ma malakum min ilahin gairuhu in illa antum muftarun ’.

Meaning: Allah says, I sent to the people of Aad their brother Hud as a prophet. He said: O our people! Worship the One God, besides Whom you have no other god. You are now just lying.

In the Quran, Allah Taala mentions the following events. E.g .:

Qayyabat Adunil Mursalin. Iz Qala Lahum Akhuhum Hudun Ala Tattakun, Inni Lakum Rasulun Aminun. Fattakullaha a atbiun. 

That is, the people of Aad denied the Prophets. When their brother Hud said to them, "Do you not fear (Allah)?" I am a faithful prophet to you; So fear Allah and follow me.

Thus the Prophet Hud began to call the people of Aad to the path of Allah. He also addressed them as follows:

‘Qalu ya hudu ma ji’tana baiyenatiu ama nahnu bitariki-alihatina an qaolika ama nahnu laka bimu’minin’.

Meaning: O Hood! (In favor of your God) You did not bring any party letter. We cannot forsake our gods by your word alone, and we cannot believe in your word.

Hazrat Hud (AS) tried his best to guide them for a long time; But it did not work. He was able to somehow guide only seventy people. They also used to worship Allah secretly for fear of disbelievers and did not dare to worship openly.

However, Hud (AS) was still calling the disbelievers to the path of religion in the same way. And the people of Aad were answering him in this way, O Hood! Do you expect us to abandon the religion of our forefathers, as you say, and to worship one God? Know this, we will not worship your God. If it is true that you are showing us the fear of your God, why not make it known to us? Otherwise we will not believe it; Rather, we will kill you knowingly.

In their words and deeds, Hazrat Hud (AS) became utterly disillusioned with them and prayed to Allah, ‘O Lord! They are not flinching at my words. Besides, it scares me to death. I do not even have the strength to hang out with them. They are all stronger than I am.

You save me from their hands. In fact, their king had such great power that whenever he walked on a rock, his knees would sink into that rock. In the pride of power, the people of Aad said, "Who is stronger than us in the heart of the universe?"

Observing their behavior and hearing the prayer of Hazrat Hud (AS), Allah Taala said, O Hud (AS)! Take the seventy people who have believed in your word and embraced the true religion, and go to the distant mountainous region with them. I will send down wrath on them and destroy them all.

When Hazrat Hud (AS) was leaving with his seventy believers, he once again called the disbelievers to the true religion and said, "Obey me still." Otherwise, you will soon perish in the wrath of Allah.

Death of Hazrat Hud (AS)

Hazrat Hud (AS) lived for four hundred years even after the destruction of the nation of Kafir Aad. Then he died at the appointed time according to the will of Allah. After his death, the people who followed him in the true religion practiced religion for about one hundred years.

Then one day the wicked devil came to them and asked, "Whom do you worship?" They replied, "We are worshiping the only formless God."

Iblis asked, "Do you see that God?"

They answered, "No, we do not see him."

Iblis said, "Worship Allah with an idol made of stone." Then that idol will intercede for you in the court of Allah on the Day of Resurrection.

They said, "We do not know what kind of idol to make." Then Iblis said, "Well, then I will make a statue of Hazrat Hood and bring it to you." Each of you would make an idol and place it in your own house - you will place it in front of it and worship it.

Iblis made them an idol. They put it in one place with great care: they built a huge dome over it. Then everyone in the country started prostrating to that idol.

In this way, the sinful devil revived the world and introduced idolatry. After this condition had been going on for a long time, Allah Taala sent Hazrat Saleh (AS) as a Prophet to guide the people of the world.


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