Prophet Hazrat Lut (A.S) Story

Prophet Hazrat Lut (A.S) Story

Guest of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS): The incident of Lot among the people

We have already mentioned some of the identities of the Prophet Lot. He was the son of Haran, the brother of Abraham. While Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was on his way to Syria, while staying in a country temporarily, Allah blessed Hazrat Lut (AS) with Nubayat and by the order of Allah Taala he went to a place called Sodom and started preaching the religion of Allah.

The inhabitants of the area were extremely dishonest and abusive. Tahawa was accustomed to robbery, looting, kidnapping and worship of gods and goddesses. The most heinous and nasty of these was Lawatat, that is, intercourse of men with men. The reality of the people was that they were more addicted to sex with men than women. Not only the people of Sodom but also many other places around it. The names of the places are 1. Sodom II. Amura 3. Chaburat 4. Chhuda and 5. Duamat.

In those places there is an incident of the beginning of a heinous act like Lawatat. The story goes that at one time the evil Iblis chose that place as the base of his evil deeds and went up and down to mislead the people. Once Iblis entered the orchard of a local man in the guise of a very handsome boy and broke the fruit tree, its branches and stole it. The owner of the garden noticed and entered the garden: tried to catch the boy, but he ran away in such a way that he could not be caught. From then on, the boy would often enter the garden and cause such damage, and if the owner of the garden chased him, he would quickly run away. When the owner left, he would come back and damage the garden.

The gardener became very upset with his behavior. He could not seize the boy or stop him from doing so. Finally one day the gardener saw the boy from afar and in a very soft tone asked him to refrain from this work.

The boy smiled a little and said, "If you follow my advice, I will never harm your garden again." If you agree to do lavatat (male) with me, I will not do any more harm to your garden. The owner of the garden was compelled to guard the garden, but the gardener kept his garden safe from damage. This word was no longer a secret. It spread all over the country and from this the practice of Lawatat or male intercourse started in that country.

The Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) went to that country at the command of Allah and tried his best to keep the people away from all evil deeds including Lawatat. His efforts continued unabated for twenty-nine years at a time; But no fruit was seen, but the more he tried, the worse the people became.

Seeing their condition, Lot raised his hands in the court of God and prayed, O Lord! You are an eyewitness of everything. You see their evil deeds and my efforts. Now you do what needs to be done for the people of this area. Allah Taala determined his duty in response to the pleas of Hazrat Lut (AS) and called the angel Gabriel and instructed him: You will have to go to this world with some angels and there you will have to complete two tasks. One of his deeds is that you will give good news to my prophet Ibrahim about the birth of a son in the womb of Bibi Sara. And the only thing that happened was that the people of Prophet Lots people would have to be destroyed as a result of their evil deeds.

The Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) went to that country and married a woman named Ayla, but incidentally that woman also did not believe in the true religion. She was also the transgressor of her husband, the Prophet of God. Some of the qualities and dispositions of the Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) were very similar to those of his uncle Abraham (peace be upon him). Just as Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was a very hospitable person, Hazrat Lut (AS) was also interested and accustomed to the care, hospitality and care of the guests.

Guests in the presence of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS):

Allah Taala once called the angel Gabriel and said, Gabriel. You used to go to the world with some angels: give good news to Prophet Abraham about the birth of his child in the womb of Bibi Sara and punish the people of Prophet Lots people for their evil deeds. The manner in which the events that followed the issuance of this command by Allah Taala were heading towards the end is mentioned in the language of the Holy Quran. We are referring to these events here exactly in imitation of Pak description in that Quran.

Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): “My Messengers came with the glad tidings of Ibraaheem (the birth of a son) and they greeted Ibraaheem. Soon after, the cooked beef was brought and presented. Later, when Abraham saw that their hands were not reaching for the food, he began to think of them as strange or fancy, and he was terrified by them.

Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) had a habit of never eating alone without a guest. If one day a guest of his own would not come to his house, he would either not eat, or he would go out on the street himself and invite a foreigner to his house and dine with him. Once no guest came to his house for seven days at a time. As a result, he fasted for seven days at a time.

It was at this time that Allah Taala sent twelve angels in human form from the sky to his house as guests.

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was very happy to have the guests after so long; But he did not understand that they were angels. He wondered if he would entertain them with food. Finally he said to his wife Sarah, what can be done to entertain the guests? Bibi Sara had a very dear cow-calf, which she sacrificed and asked her guests to eat her roasted meat. The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was very pleased with this. He then slaughtered the calf and asked Bibi Sara to roast its meat and make some bread. It was getting late while preparing food. Then it was presented to the guests. Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was fasting so he himself sat down with the guests to break his fast. The guests were waving their hands over the food, but not a single Lokma was picking up the food. The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) did not notice that. He was eating his own food. Hazrat Sara saw it from behind the curtain and said, Husband! You are eating, but the guests are not eating.

Then Ibrahim (AS) looked at the guests and saw that they had not really given a single Lokma till now. Just shaking hands. Abraham (peace be upon him) asked, "Why are you not eating?" The guests replied, "We do not eat from anyone without paying a price."

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) said, well then pay the price. The guests said, what price will you accept?

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) said, "If I start the meal with Bismillah and recite Alhamdulillah after the meal, the value of my meal will be paid."

This sentence of Ibrahim (AS) was considered as the most pleasing sentence in the sight of Allah. Allah was pleased with him and bestowed upon him the title of Khalilullah. The guests were angels of God, they never eat or drink. Their eating and drinking is contrary to the law of Allah; So this time they had to introduce themselves to the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him); So they said-

Look! We are the angels of God. Our eating and drinking is unconventional. You fasted for seven days at a time without eating anything. God has sent us to break your fast. There is one more thing to do, that is, we will go to the area of ​​Prophet Lot (as) with good news for you. He is a prophet like you; But he is living in extreme turmoil because of the evils of his people. Destroying his wicked nation and providing for his liberation and relief is another task of ours.

Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said, "Well, but tell me this time, what is my good news?"

The angels said, "God will give you a lucky son in the womb of your wife Sarah." You will name him Isaac. Isaac son will be named Jacob. Seventy more of his descendants will be prophets in a row. Hazrat stood behind the curtain and laughed when he heard this and said, how is it possible that a son will be born in my womb? I am now eighty years old. I have not had a child in my whole life, now will I have a son in this extreme old age? How can this be believed? The angels said, "Everything is possible with the will of God." Allah Taala has sent us to convey this good news to you. You will know that Allah never breaks His promise.

Near Hazrat Lot (AS): After completing the work of the court of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), the angels set out to go to the area of Hazrat Lut (AS). Then Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said,

I want to be your tour companion. The angels said, "Look, you can not stand seeing the hard work we have come to do." It is beyond your reach.

However, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) insisted on going with them. They took him away, but after a while the angels said to him, "Wait here." Because after this we are not allowed to take anyone with us. Besides, there is the cause of your danger. They left the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) there. There he became engrossed in worship, and the angels went and came to the house of the Prophet Lot.

The following description of the Holy Quran is as follows:

Then when those angels came to the family of the Prophet Lot, he said: You are strangers. They said, No, not that, (we are not human) but we (angels).

I have brought to you the object (ie that punishment) of which these people (the people of Lots people) doubted. And We have come to you with the inevitable (torment) and we are absolutely truthful. So go away with your family at some part of the night (from now on) and you will be behind them all (so that no one will stay or go back) and none of you will look back and go where you are commanded to go, Go that way. And I sent word to Lot, saying, As soon as the morning dawns, they will be cut off. (That is, it will be completely destroyed. ").

I have already mentioned that the people of the people of the Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) were very wicked and wicked. In fact, they were the most abominable people in the world at that time and the then Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) rejected all attempts to correct them. As a result of their crime, Allah Taala finally sent angels with the intention of destroying their entire country.

When the angels appeared to Lot, they said to his daughters, "Is there anyone in this city who can give us shelter for a guest tonight?"

They answered, "No, there is no one in this city who can give us shelter except our father." You wait, we are sending our father.

When Hazrat Lut (AS) heard the news, he came out and saw that twelve very handsome young guests had come. He feared in his heart that the people of my people would try to do evil to them if they found them in such a beautiful young man.

He took the guests into his house so that no one from the city could come and oppress them; But the wife of the Prophet Lot (as) was an infidel and an unfaithful woman. She was disobedient and mischievous to her husband. The lady then informed the bad guys of the city that twelve beautiful foreign guests had come to our house. You can enjoy them if you wish. Upon hearing this news, many miscreants of the city came to the house of Hazrat Lut (AS) and said, "Twelve guests have come to your house, hand them over to us." We will enjoy.

In response, Lot said to them: O my people! I have many young daughters, and I will marry them to you. Enjoy them and let my guests be safe. None of you are righteous?

They said, O Lot! We have no need of your daughters. We want your guests. You give them to us. Otherwise we will snatch them from you by force.

The Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) said, "If I had the power to fight you, I would have strongly resisted you; But I do not have that power. Therefore, Allah Taala will save them from your grasp. Then he put the guests in the house and closed the door.

The angels said, O Prophet of God! You do not have to worry about us. We are the messengers of Allah and we have come to punish them according to the command of Allah. You will leave this city on the last night with your daughters and your believing ummah, but you will not take your wife with you and no one will look back as you go. Meanwhile, the evildoers tried to break down the door of Lots house. The Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) said to them, O my people! You still refrain from evil deeds. Otherwise the wrath of Allah will descend upon you; But they did not listen to him.

Thus the night came to an end. The people said, O Lot! The night is almost over, but the wrath of your God has not yet come down. If you want the best, still hand over the guests to us.

But when Lot did not hand over the guests to them, they broke down the door and entered the house to snatch the guests. Then the angel Gabriel gave them a blow. Immediately all the evildoers were blinded, and great pain began to afflict them all. Besides, the whole body became ugly. They started screaming and running away from there.

The Prophet Lot (peace be upon him) went to the place where his uncle Abraham (peace be upon him) was staying with his family and faithful people as per the instructions of Gabriel (peace be upon him). As soon as the night came to an end, the angel Gabriel (pbuh) inserted his seventy thousand wings forty yards below the ground and turned the whole country upside down in such a way that forty yards below the ground came up and the upper soil went forty yards below. So that the people of the whole country, the houses, the trees, etc., all fell underground. When this happened, there was a loud noise,

Abraham (peace be upon him) and Lot (peace be upon him) were trembling in fear of God wrath.

Hazrat Lot (AS): The gain of his prophethood

It is said that after the destruction of all the armies of King Nimrod and his own disgusting death, when Prophet Abraham (pbuh) departed from the kingdom of Nimrod, he took his nephew Lot with him.

One of the brothers of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) was named Haran. Lot was the son of Haran. The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) took Lot and some other people to a country called Haran in Kasba and stayed there for a while. While staying there, Allah Taala bestowed prophethood on Prophet Lot (AS) through revelation.

After receiving the prophethood, he said goodbye to his uncle Abraham (peace be upon him) for the purpose of preaching the religion and went to the area called Sodom and started preaching the true religion.

How did Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) attend this local princess swayambar ceremony and marry Bibi Sara Namni, then take Sara Bibi on her way to Syria and get trapped in the hands of lustful king of Egypt and get rid of this terrible disaster and how Those events we have described in the previous Balaam.


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