Hazrat Saleh (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Saleh (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Saleh (AS)

The followers of Hazrat Hud (AS) also remained steadfast in the path of religion for some time according to the prevailing tradition and finally lost their way due to the persuasion of Satan and devoted themselves to idolatry. The people of the tribe of Aad had perished at that time. It was at this time that Thamud, a descendant of the prophet Sham, became an influential figure, and the followers of the place between Sham and Hejaz, as they had become accustomed to idolatry in the later stages, followed their lead; On the contrary, they became even more unjust than they were.

In this situation, Allah Taala arranged for the Thamud to be guided. In this regard, he himself said in the Quran:

A ila shamuda akhahum chalihan qawala ya qaomi budullah ma lakum min ilahin gairuhu.

Namely: Allah Taala, the Most Merciful, sent Hazrat Saleh (AS) as a Prophet for the purpose of guiding the people of Thamud. He said to his relatives, O my people! Worship Allah Almighty. For there is no god but you. And He has sent me as a Messenger, so obey me. You have seen with your own eyes what happened to the people of the past.

The camel of Hazrat Saleh:

In response to the call of Hazrat Saleh (AS), the people of Thamud said-

Ma anta illa basharum misluna fati b ayatin in kunta minash chadikin.

That is: you are nothing but a (normal) human being like us; And man can never be a prophet-messenger. So perform one of the miracles, if you are truthful.

Hazrat Saleh (AS) said, "What kind of miracle do you want to see?"

They said that a she-camel would come out of the middle of the hill and she would give birth to a baby and breastfeed him properly. Only if you can show such incidents will you understand that you are the prophet of Allah.

At that moment the angel Gabriel came and said to him, O Prophet of God! Make a promise to them that they will not beat that camel. In fact, Hazrat Saleh (AS) received such a promise from them.

Right at this moment, the instruction came again from the court of Allah Taala that, O Saleh! Pray to me - I have raised a camel in that mountain four thousand years ago, so that in time your majesty may be manifested and the proof of your prophethood may be strengthened.

Then Hazrat Saleh (AS) prayed in the court of Allah, at once an incomparably beautiful camel came out from inside that mountain. No one has ever seen such a beautiful camel. As soon as the camel came out, it gave birth to a very beautiful calf and immediately began to graze in the nearby pastures.

It is narrated in the famous Tafsir book Fathul Aziz that it may be that seeing the miracle of Saleh (AS), the chief of Zamud tribe named Zinda immediately said: Surely Hazrat Saleh (AS) is the true prophet of Allah. Saying this, he took his relatives and six thousand loyal people and at the same time believed in Hazrat Saleh (AS); But no one else accepted the true religion even after seeing such a wonderful miracle. They began to say, Saleh is seen as a terrible magician.

Where did you see the camel coming out of the solid rock? We can never give up worshiping gods and goddesses by seeing such a terrible magic trick. Shall we, like Zinda, have a firm face, forgetting in a game of magic and accepting Saleh as the Prophet of Allah? As a result, they broke their promise and were on the verge of destruction. No one believed.

God gave them a well to drink. All seven of their tribes drank and drank from the well; But the water in the well did not decrease so much.

When the driver of the said camel took the camel to Kripa, he drank so much water from it that all the water in the well ran out.

Hazrat Saleh (AS) said, "You should all milk the camel one by one." They all milked and drank her milk in a great heat, and they filled large jars and took the milk home; But the milk of camel butt is not a little less in it. Allah Taala commanded Hazrat Saleh (AS) to inform the people of his people that one day they will all drink water from the well. And one day only the camel will drink its water. On that day no man will drink of the water of the well; And on the day when people drink water from the well, they should not drink camel milk.

Hazrat Saleh (AS) informed everyone about this command of Allah and he also told everyone that it is but the camel of Allah Taala himself; So do not disturb it in any way. If you do that, but Allah Taala will punish you severely.

The people of Thamud all drank the milk of that camel. Apart from that, they used to prepare excellent foods like curd, ghee, lamb, butter etc. with milk. Through this they started earning a lot of money. As a result, they soon became very wealthy. Thus four years passed at once.

Then one day Hazrat Saleh (AS) while talking to the people of his nation made such a statement that if a son is born in someone house this month, any mishap by him will cause the destruction of your nation. What is the glory of God? Incidentally ten women gave birth to ten sons in 6 months. They all listened to the words of Hazrat Saleh (AS); So nine women killed their children. But a woman did not kill her child; Instead, he began to nurture her. The boy became very strong and strong. The boy was named Kedar. Seeing Kedar, the nine women who had killed their children were very sad. They just began to think that the words of Hazrat Saleh (AS) were completely meaningless. We lost our children unnecessarily. They became very angry and annoyed with Hazrat Saleh (AS). They began to say, "We have simply lost our children by believing in the words of Hazrat Saleh (AS)."

The anger of the women took the form of revenge. Hearing their words, the confidence and trust of many people in Hazrat Saleh (AS) diminished. They began to think that nine innocent children, centered on a camel, had died prematurely; So many of them made a promise that they would kill that camel; But no one thought that the Prophet Saleh (peace be upon him) had warned that if anyone misbehaved with that camel, severe punishment would come from Allah.

Destruction of Thamud:

The misfortune of the Thamud nation was deepened.

So soon after, Kedar Mechda, once mentioned, drank alcohol at the same time and argued that they would be responsible for killing the camel.

Some of the other drunkards of the nation encouraged them in this matter. When the camel came to the well to drink water, they decided that they would do the work.

The next day, when the camel came to the well to drink water, Kedar shot an arrow at his neck from a distance and injured him. Many people were present at the scene, but not a single person stopped him from doing so; Instead, they all tacitly agreed. When the injured camel became restless in pain and tried to attack the crowd, they ran away. The camel also chased after them. At that moment, Mechda ran from behind and hit him on the leg with a sword. The camel split in two and fell. At once the miscreant came running and killed the camel with a weapon.

The incident related to the killing of the camel is narrated in the Holy Quran as follows:

Faakaruha-faasbahu na-dimin. 

That is: but they killed the camel. (Of course) later they were ashamed of this deed.

The baby camel was nearby. Seeing the tragic scene of his mother murder, he quickly ran away and hid in the place from where his mother had appeared. Many of the sinners were about to kill the child; But he could not do that anymore.

When the Prophet Saleh (peace be upon him) heard the news of the death of the camel, he appeared before his people and said, "You can now have only three days of worldly comforts." Because the warning that has been given to you is not going to be false at all. You have only three days to live.

People asked, will any of its precedents be revealed?

Hazrat Saleh (AS) said, of course it will be revealed. On the first day of the three days, all your faces will turn green. On the second day, the implied color will be red. And on the third day, your face and your whole body will turn pale. On the next day, severe wrath from Allah will descend upon you. When the evidence of the destruction described by Hazrat Saleh (AS) came to light, those who had taken a direct part in the killing went to his house with the intention of killing Hazrat Saleh (AS); But the wrath of Allah had already reached them. Then they became restless thinking of self-defense, let alone killing the Prophet. They ran again and took refuge in each other houses; But at the command of Allah, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) then assumed a terrible form. He seized the houses of the people of Thamud and shook them a little.

Then Gabriel (peace be upon him) gave such a loud roar that at the sound of his heart breaking all the people became unconscious and immediately they were buried in the ground and perished forever. No trace of them remains.

It is narrated from Hadrat Abdullah bin Abbas that all the seven tribes of Thamud came and asked Hadrat Saleh (AS) how they would perish.

In reply he said that they would be buried in the earth with a heart-rending roar of the angel Gabriel. Upon hearing this, they all threw cotton in their ears so that the sound of the loud cry of the angel Gabriel would not enter their ears. And each of them dug a huge hole and hid in that hole; But in those holes they fell into the lap of eternal sleep.

After the people of Thamud perished in the great destruction of Allah, Hazrat Saleh (AS) went to Syria and preached the true religion there for many years. Then, according to the will of Allah, he departed from the world at the appointed time. He is said to have been buried in one of the largest mosques in Syria.


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