Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) Full Story

Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

The birth of the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him)

No one can do anything against the might and will of Allah Taala. In any way or through any situation, the will of Allah becomes a reality. Nimrod strict instructions were being obeyed. No couple in the entire state dared to taste the bliss of reunion on the specified three days. But whatever was the will of Allah Taala happened freely.

Azar was the name of King Nimrod bodyguard. He would stay up all night guarding Nimrod bedroom, and his wife would spend the night alone at home. On the night that Nimrod stern proclamation was announced, Azar wife accidentally became obsessed with her husband. He lay in bed alone until about midnight, and snatched it up; But he could not bear it anymore. Unsettled by the orgasm, she left the bed and went to meet her husband. Azar wife was living alone in the house, so no one seemed to need to guard her house or keep an eye on her; So Azar wife left the house unharmed.

Azar, on the other hand, was sitting at the door of Nimrod bedroom, wasting his time. Due to the favorable environment and conditions, Azar mind and arousal appeared that day. He just thought that if he could have been reunited with his wife at that time, how much happier he would have been! But the desire of the mind was dying in its mind. There was no way to make the desire come true.

Meanwhile, Azar wife reached the front door of the palace and saw that the two guards stationed at the door were asleep in their seats. Therefore, she entered the house without any hindrance and met her husband. Even today, the husband has been impatient with Kamjbala from the east; So at this time, seeing his wife in this situation, it was as if he found the moon in the sky. The language of the two eyes informed each other of the state of mind. No one had to say anything out loud. Azar got up immediately and took his wife to the room next to the sleeping king and met her. Satisfied with the reunion, the husband returned to Azar Nimrod room and the wife returned to her home.

Azar told him, be careful! No one should know about this incident in any way. The wife kept her privacy as much as possible. Needless to say, as a result of this reunion of Azar couple, the Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Ibrahim Khalilullah (AS) got a place in the mother womb from the surface of his father. No one knew, did not understand, did not notice. In spite of such caution and caution of Nimrod, Allah solved his work without anyone noticing. After three days had passed, the aforesaid astrologer would come to the royal court and say to Nimrod, "Jahapana!" In spite of all your caution and caution, your worst enemy is the baby that has arrived in the womb.

Upon hearing this frightening and wonderful news, King Nimrod became very worried. He thought for a while and said, well! I am currently remedying it properly. He immediately re-announced throughout the state - that within a year from now, every child born in the state should be killed. Failure to do so would result in death penalty.

At the king command, his servants, attendants, soldiers, feudal lords, etc., searched for him and killed all the children he had adopted in one year. Thus millions of young children in the country died prematurely.

No one could understand that Azar wife had become pregnant as a result of the infinite mercy of the Merciful God, even before the day before the delivery. There was no sign of her womb.

At the appointed time, Azar wife very carefully went to a nearby mountain cave and gave birth to a child. This was a complete secret. The child was left in that mountain cave; However, Azar wife used to go to the cave once a day to see the child.

God infinite grace! Milk came out of one finger of that child hand and honey came out from the other finger. The child drank it and began to grow in the eyes of the people. Seven days passed in the same way day by day. Young children are now teenagers. Something with his eloquence

Wisdom is born. Yet his mother would not bring him home from the mountain cave for fear of the king; On the contrary, he himself went to the cave in secret and came to see and hear him.

The idol was smashed by Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was thinking in his mind that it was necessary to show everyone by doing something so that they could understand for sure that worshiping this idol has no fruit. Since they do not have the power to do anything good or bad. They are absolutely incompetent. Therefore worshiping them is only proof of stupidity and foolishness.

There was a huge temple in the capital city of Nimrod. There were innumerable idols of gods and goddesses in that temple. All the idolaters of the city used to come there and worship him. Once on the occasion of a special episode, everyone in the country went to a fair. He wanted to take the father of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and his son Ibrahim (peace be upon him) to go there; But he did not go to the fair, citing physical illness.

There was no priest in the main temple of the city that day. They also left the temple empty and joined the fair; So the temple remained completely deserted. At that time Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) entered the empty temple with an ax and saw that at the foot of the idols there was a variety of delicious and delicate food and valuable clothes. The idol-worshipers have kept it for the purpose that they will be blessed with the blessings of their revered deities. Then if they eat it and wear it, it will bring them a lot of good and welfare.

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) addressed the idols and said, "Oh, you are not awake gods!" But these delicacies are lying at your feet, why do not you eat them?

After waiting for a while, he said again, what! You are not answering my words or you are not moving so much! But are you completely lifeless? And if that is the case, then what is the use of fooling people by making your position useless? I see everything is false, everything is unreasonable.

That is why I have come here today to dismantle these false idols. Saying this, he smashed one of the poetic statues with an ax in his hand. He left the temple with the ax hanging around his neck, leaving only the largest statue intact. The idolatrous polytheists, returning from the fair, entered the temple and were astonished at the sight. They observed this extreme misery of their gods

Just started moaning and shouting, oh what a villain has abused our gods like that? Who dared to commit such a great sin? They said to one another, "There seems to be no one in our country who can be so disrespectful to the idols of our gods. What? We know very well who did this.

This has been accomplished by none other than Ibrahim, son of Azar. He once vowed alone to abuse our idols in this way, it has come to our ears; So there is no doubt that it is his work alone.

The subject of this incident is described in the language of the Holy Quran as follows:

They (all or the first inquirers) said, (if this is the case) well then present him before all the people, then (probably) he will confess and they will be witnesses (of his promise). They said (to him), "Have you done this to our gods, O Ibrahim?" He (in reply) said: No, but this is their chief guru. So do not ask them? If they have the ability to speak.

They thought to themselves, then said to each other, "Indeed, you are on the wrong path." (Then in shame) they bowed their heads (and said) O Ibrahim! You know that these idols cannot speak. 

Then they took Abraham (peace be upon him) and took him to the court of their king Nimrod.

Nimrod asked Abraham, "Who broke the idols in the temple?" He replied, "I saw an ax hanging from the neck of your great idol." Probably he will be broken.

At this Nimrod became very angry and said, "Can he move or can he move his hands and feet to break the idols?"

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) said, "If that is the case then why do you worship them like fools?"

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was thrown into the fiery furnace

King Nimrod could not answer Abraham bold statement about the incompetence of idols. The people gathered in the court thought that what Abraham was saying was completely true. Are they really worshiping these clay dolls made by their own hands? They were about to ask this question of their minds, but they did not dare to fear the king.

King Nimrod, on the other hand, was defeated in his argument with this young son of Azar. He became furious and ordered his bureaucrats, saying that this arrogant young man had crossed the line of audacity and defiance. I was amazed at his courage. And it can not be given at home. Its poisonous teeth need to be broken right now. You start the system, light a big fire. It must be thrown into the fiery furnace and burned at the stake, and the event must be held in public, so that people can see and learn that anyone who commits such a crime has to suffer such an extreme punishment.

King Nimrod instructions are topical, of course; So immediately the construction and lighting of the fireplace began. A huge hole was dug in a large open field with a huge hole. They brought huge amount of wood from the hill and started arranging it in this hole. Then thousands of pounds of oil were poured and the wood was soaked and set on fire. Dark black smoke billowed from his head and the world-burning fire glowed with great roar. Its heat heated up the surrounding area.

It is said that the fire was twenty-four miles long, twenty-four miles wide, and one hundred yards deep. When the fireplace blazed, no one was able to move around in the heat. The flames rose so high that even the birds flying at least half a mile above the sky died of its heat and fell to the ground. Then everyone started thinking about this problem as a mistake, how could Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) be thrown into the fire by getting close to the fire? No intelligence played on anyone head.

The sinful Iblis kept a close eye on everything. He saw that his human disciples were in a dilemma. They were advancing quite nicely in the path directed by him; But suddenly their speed was disrupted by an obstacle. He thought that this obstacle would have to be removed on his own, otherwise they would not be able to move forward.

With this in mind, he himself, disguised as a saint, appeared before the bureaucrats of Nimrod and advised them to plant a huge charkha tree. Then throw Ibrahim into the fiery furnace with that wheel.

At the suggestion of Iblis, they made a huge spinning tree and tied the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) at one end of it. But they could not lift the other end of the wheel into the air.

It is said that when the disbelievers were trying to lift the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) into the air, about four thousand people grabbed the other end of the tree and tried their best but could not lift him into the air.

Everyone was worried about how to get things done now. At that time the evil devil came and said that even if people from all over the world came together and tried in this way, they would not be able to throw the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) into the fire. Because seventy thousand angels are pressing one end of the wheel. So if you can openly have intercourse with forty men here and forty women with strangers, then the angels will depart from here. Then you will be able to lift Ibrahim (AS) into the air and throw him into the fire.

According to this evil counsel of Iblis, forty women were made to have intercourse with forty men in public in front of innumerable people. Due to this heinous act, all the virtuous angels departed from there. And on this occasion the servants of Nimrod used to lift the spinning tree in the air: they threw Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) into the fire.

It is said that when the disbelievers were about to throw Ibrahim (AS) into the fiery furnace, they grabbed the wheel of four thousand disbelievers and tried to lift it into the air. Among them was Azar, the father of the idol-worshiping infidel of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) himself. Because he was also very angry and dissatisfied with his son.

Seeing this scene, Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) complained to Allah that, O Lord! I see that even my birth father has been involved in killing me today, so there is no one to help me today except you.

It has been narrated that when the beloved friend of Allah Ibrahim (AS) was falling down from the spinning wheel of the disbelievers into the fire, at that very moment the gates of the heavens were opened by Allah command so that the angels could see the extreme distress of Allah friend. Truly, all the angels in the heavens were thrilled to see this heartbreaking scene. And all together they cried out to God, O Lord!

You have saved your friend Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) from the burning fire of Nimrod.

Allah Almighty granted their supplication and the angel commanded Gabriel, O Gabriel! You take all the angels and come to my Khalil immediately and go and ask him what help he seeks from you.

Gabriel came to the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in the blink of an eye and said, O Khalil of Allah! Tell me what I should do now, if you command me I can take the angels and throw this fire of Nimrod into the seven seas at this moment with the blow of our wings.

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) asked him, O Gabriel! Is this God will, or are you expressing your will?

Gabriel said, "Allah did not tell me this, but I am saying it." Then Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) said, Brother Gabriel! It is your duty to do what God tells you to do, and nothing else.

Gabriel said, "But tell me, do you want help from me in this critical moment?"

In reply Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) said, I do not want to get any help from you. I seek help from Allah, the Almighty.

Upon hearing the words of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), the angel Gabriel became completely silent. He said nothing more. Meanwhile, the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) has been so close to the fire, now all that is left is to touch each other. But just at that moment, a thunderous voice came from the holy jawan of Allah Taala:

Kulna Ya Naru Kuni Bardaun Wa Salaman Ala Ibrahim.

That is, O fire! Be soothing and soothing to my friend Abraham. The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) fell into the fiery furnace, but it did not remain. Just before he fell, it turned into a beautiful, lush garden. The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) fell into it; And found absolute peace. It is said that the angel Gabriel then stared at the drink of the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) in amazement. Seeing this, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) asked him, "Brother Gabriel!" Why are you so surprised?

Gabriel replied, O Khalil of Allah! I am thinking and thinking about the grace and mercy of Allah, seeing the scene of your unprecedented patience. Honestly, I was overwhelmed by your unimaginable patience and reliance on God. I have never seen such an example of patience and dependence.

The aftermath of being thrown into the fire.

After the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was thrown into the fiery furnace, King Nimrod, along with all his people, saw in amazement that fire was burning around the fiery furnace. While the fire in the middle of it is extinguished, a beautiful flower garden has been created there. And in its center, on a golden couch, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) is sitting and praising Allah Taala with absolute joy.

King Nimrod regrets seeing this amazing event and says, Alas, my hard work has failed.

Seeing this amazing event, a large number of infidels immediately converted to the true religion preached by the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him).

But the sinful Nimrod mind was stirred again. He again tried to kill the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and told his army that even if the fire did not follow his religion with Ibrahim, we would kill him in another way. Come on, look at him and throw large boulders and rocks at him. Lets see how Ibrahim can save himself now.

It started raining down stones and boulders like rain, but not a single drop reached him due to the infinite might of Allah. The slopes all floated in the air with the wind. King Nimrod, seeing that his attempt failed this time, looked at Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and said, O Ibrahim! At this point it seems to me that your God is truly unique and He is the darkness of infinite power. He can do whatever he wants.

This time I am ready to believe in him, but I will have a condition. I will tell you that. Before that, get out of there and come to me.

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) came out and came to Nimrod, then said: Tell me, what condition do you want to apply to believe in Allah?

Then Nimrod said, I will sacrifice one hundred and four thousand camels, ewes, goats and cows in the name of Allah before you. Then I will give to God all the heavens and silver of twenty treasures from my treasury. My only demand to him is that instead of being initiated into his religion and giving me all these gifts, he will give me such a miracle as he has given you- by which you have astonished us all.

Listening to Nimrod words, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said, "You have no idea about my great God." He does not accept any bribe from anyone. He does not demand anything in return for what he has given. And oh foolish king! Whose wealth do you want to give him as a gift? Is it yours Where did you get all this? These are all gifts of His mercy to you. The fact that you have become the lord of this vast land is only the result of his will. If it were not for his will, you would not have owned any of it - you could not have declared yourself king.

After saying this, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) went to his house. King Nimrod, on hearing this, became anxious. He began to think that Ibrahim words were very clear, there was no inertia or ambiguity in any of his sentences. Surely he is so powerful in the power of his invisible God.

I never stuck with him in any word, any argument or force. Yet why should I not believe in his God, that is, in the God of all? Suddenly Nimrod got up and went to his chief vizier and said busyly, vizier! Lets not delay and there is no result, lets go to Ibrahim and take initiation in his pure religion.

The chief vizier of Nimrod was a hard-hearted traitor. In his heart, the stigma of sin and disobedience to Allah had taken such a strange form that there was no way for the slightest trace of virtue to enter. Noticing this change of heart of the king, he began to console him with various absurd words that, Jahapana! You may be emphasizing the importance of surviving the fire of Abraham, but it is not important at all.

No matter what Ibrahim says about the formless God, he is basically a worshiper of fire. I have retrieved this information in a very reliable way. As a devotee and worshiper of fire, he did not have to be burned by fire; So if you fall into his trap and do something with your self-esteem, that will be your future.

The only reason to regret. What is more, if the people of Samatra kingdom worship you in the knowledge of the Lord, you take care of all of them, if you yourself accept an imaginary person as your lord, then how can you face the people of the country or the people? And make a thoughtful decision about what you will say to them about your role so far. Nimrod state of mind changed with such words of the vizier. He pushed the goodwill of his conversion to the feet of Nimrod, who was completely Nimrod, remained.

The first marriage of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

Despite the best efforts of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) to guide King Nimrod, it was not possible.

Then the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) left the country of Babylon with some of his faithful lunatics and companions and went to the Holy Temple; And after reaching there, he stayed there for some time and taught religion to the people living there. Then he returned to the country and went on tour again. After traveling to many countries, he finally came to a city called Haran. Then he started living there for the purpose of preaching the true religion.

Once he came to a place called Khazainul Wajah and saw that many people, dressed in fine clothes, were going somewhere. He inquired of them and learned that a meeting of the most beautiful and infinitely beautiful daughter of the king of that place would be held.

The king-princess, seeing with her own eyes all who are present, will accept as her husband whomever she chooses voluntarily and freely as she pleases. Upon hearing this, the Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) went with them and joined the meeting.

The meeting was attended by innumerable kings, princes and handsome men. In due course the princess came to the meeting. One of his companions was moving forward one by one asking for the identity of everyone. The princess was moving backwards and forwards as she heard it. Thus he heard the identities of the multitudes present and saw them; But none of them agreed with him.

God Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was sitting at one end of the meeting. He did not have any valuable ornaments like other people. He was dressed very modestly. Thus the princess companion came to her and asked her name and identity. He said, "My name is Abraham. I have been living in Babylon for some time.

After saying this, the princess herself came forward and asked him, "Are you Ibrahim, the prophet of God, whom King Nimrod tried to throw into the fire and burn?" The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) said: Your guess is correct. There was no further talk from either side. At that moment, the princess placed the garland in her hand in the hand of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS).

The king himself was present at the meeting. He hurried to the scene after seeing the veil of his daughter and stared at the face of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) for a while. Then he just uttered this word, mother Sara! Your life is blessed. The priceless gem that you got today by virtue of fortune, no woman deserves it even for the virtue of seven men. The Swayambhara ceremony ended here. All the pots that had come with a happy hope and a happy face, full of hope, with a gloomy face of not being found and despairing, said goodbye this time.

The next day, with great pomp and splendor, Princess Sarah got married to Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). For some time after the marriage, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) stayed at his father-in-law house and started preaching to the people there. A few days later, an instruction came from Allah Taala to Hazrat Ibrahim (AS), O Ibrahim! You go back to Babylon and invite King Nimrod to your religion. Accordingly he prepared to leave for Babylon.

His wife Sara BB also grabbed him to go with him. The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) said, "Babylon is a long way off. You are a woman." So the trip will be very difficult. Especially your father would not let you go that far.

Sara said, I will endure the hardships with my husband with a smile. Then leave it to me to persuade my father.

This time Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) agreed to Sarah words and after preparing for the journey, Bibi took Sarah with her and left for Babylon.

Second marriage of Prophet Ibrahim: Marriage of Bibi Hajar

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) had reached old age at that time, but he was living in solitude because he did not have a single child. He once prayed in the court of God, O my Lord! Please grant me at least one child, so that my lineage may continue in the world.

 Allah Taala granted his prayer: He revealed to him through revelation, O Ibrahim! Do not grieve and do not despair. The whole world will be filled with your innumerable children like the stars in the sky. In the womb of Hazrat Sarah, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) was not likely to have any children at all. Because Bibi Sara was then in extreme old age. So she asked her husband to marry her again.

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) did not agree with Sarah proposal. Because Abraham love for Sarah was endless. He had no intention of ignoring her and remarrying. She said, "If God wills, you can still give me a child in your womb." I do not want to ruin your peace of mind by having another marriage in the hope of having children; But in the end, at the urging and request of Bibi Sara, he agreed to have another marriage.

Hazrat Sara said to her husband, O husband! At this age in my womb, there is no possibility of having any more children. If Allah Taala would have given you a son if you had remarried, seeing him would have opened our eyes and calmed our minds. My sincere request to you is that you do not agree with this issue anymore. In any case, as a result of such a request, the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) finally agreed to the marriage.

After convincing her husband in this way, Bibi Sara noticed her maid Bibi Hajera and said, Hajera, the youngest sister of my affection! Today I will make a special request to you, I hope you will grant my request. Hazera age was then over sixteen and she was only seventeen.

At first, Hajera did not understand what her husband-in-law wanted to say to her. So he said, sister! Why are you talking like this today? Why would you ask me, you are my master wife, and I am your servant. But it is your grace that you love and love me like your own sister. Tell me, what do you order me to do? I will obey your orders and try to obey them.

"I have no chance of having any more children," she said. So I wanted to get my husband married again. And you will be my husband second wife. If Allah Taala grants you a child in your womb, then the three of us can live happily ever after.

Hajera said, sister! You are saying the same thing, your husband is my guardian. And you are my lord wife. How can I get married to your husband? I will never forget the affection you and your husbands have for me in this worldly life; But in saying that, I do not want to be a thorn in the side of your husband wife and your path to peace. Mom! It can not be. I can not defend your order at all.

If you want to marry me, you will marry me somewhere else, and I urge you to abandon your decision. Mom! No woman in the world agrees to give her husband share to another. Maybe you have a lot of regrets and regrets for this work.

Hazrat Sara said, no hajera! By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. You do not agree with that at all.

In the end, Bibi Hajera could not help but agree to such insistence of Bibi Sara. Shortly after the marriage, Bibi Hajera conceived a child. The desires of the mind of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) were fulfilled. In due course Hazrat Hajera gave birth to a son like the moon of Purnima. Ishmael named the son of his father Hazrat Ibrahim (AS).

Bibi Sarai fervent interest and effort resulted in the marriage of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) to Bibi Hajar and through him the birth of a son like Hazrat Ishmael; But the mystery of the glory of God is beyond the reach of human beings. That Bibi Sarai became angry with Bibi Hazra again after she had a child. As a result, Bibi Hazera had to accept a life of exile in the desert. We will mention that intriguing tragedy in due course.

Abraham passing away

At the age of fifty, when the beard and beard of Abraham (pbuh) turned white, he became very worried. It is said in the court that before this no one had ever grown a mustache or beard.

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was always terrified of death. For this reason, Allah Taala, out of special grace, told Malakul Maut Azrail (AS) that his life should not be captured without the permission of his beloved Khalil.

It is said that once the angel Azrael (AS) came to the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) in the guise of a stranger and asked him for his identity. The stranger said that I am Malakul Maut Azrail. I am the captivator of the souls of all living beings.

Upon hearing this, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said, "Have you come to capture my soul, or have you come for some other purpose?" Azrael (AS) said, I do not know the charm did not come! I have just come to meet you and give you good news. Allah has instructed me not to seize his life without the permission of my Khalil. So I came to ask you, do you want to say goodbye to the world now, or stay here for a while longer?

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) was very happy to hear this and said, "Wait a little longer." Several years after this incident, one day the angel Azrael (AS) came to Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and asked him, O friend of Allah! Will you leave the world now?

The Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him) replied, "No, brother, I still have some work to do in the world." You give me some more time.

The angel Azrael (AS) also left that day. Then Abraham (peace be upon him) appointed his second son Isaac (peace be upon him) as his representative in Syria. Then when he was two hundred years old, two hundred and thirty-two years old, he once prayed to God, O my Lord! I thank you innumerable times for all the blessings you have given me in this world. Now I have no desire to be in the world at all. So please take me out of the world now.

Then Malakul died and took the life of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS). He was buried in a place about twenty-five miles from Baitul Moqaddas. That place is called Khalil in the book. Later a city was built on that place and that city is also called Bait Khalil.

At the time of his death, Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) left behind four sons. Their names are 6 respectively (1) Hazrat Ismail (AS) (2) Hazrat Ishaq (AS) (3) Madin and (4) Madain. Except for Hazrat Ishmael (AS), only three sons were born in the womb of Bibi Sara and Hazrat Ismail (AS) was born in the womb of Bibi Hajar.

Shortly before the death of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), Prophet Ishmael (peace be upon him) once asked his father Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), O Khalil of Allah! What traits did Allah Taala bestow on you as a prophet?

In reply, Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) said, Allah has given me three characteristics, namely- (1) I have never thought about earning a living, what will I eat tomorrow? (2) I have never eaten without a guest all my life. (3) When the work of this world and the hereafter came before me, I used to do the work of the hereafter first and then the work of this world.

Ishmael was not present at the time of Abraham death. Shortly after his death, he said to his younger brother Isaac (peace be upon him), "Give me some of my father abandoned wealth, so that I may preserve it to myself as a sacred memory of my father forever."

In response, Prophet Isaac (peace be upon him) said, You will get nothing from your father wealth! Since you are not my equal. Your father abandoned you when you were young. You are an abandoned child of a father. At that very moment, the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) brought Tashrif and said to Prophet Isaac (peace be upon him): O Isaac! It is not at all appropriate for you to show such glory to Hazrat Ishmael (AS).

Because, Sayyidul Mursalin Rahmatullah Alameen will be born from the descendants of the last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (peace be upon him) Hazrat Ismail (peace be upon him). On the contrary, among your descendants will appear the misguided Jewish community.

Upon hearing this from the angel Gabriel, Isaac wept so much that he was blinded by tears.

In this miserable condition of the Prophet Isaac (peace be upon him) God had mercy on him; So he sent the angel Gabriel (peace be upon him) with good news. Gabriel came and said to him, O Isaac! There is no reason for you to be sad. I have come to you with good news from Allah!

Know that Allah Taala will produce at least four thousand prophets among your descendants and will create among them a major prophet named Hazrat Musa (AS) with whom Allah Taala Himself will speak directly. Hearing this news, Hazrat Ishaq (AS) is very calm. And reassured.

Of the four sons of the Prophet Abraham (peace be upon him), Ishmael (peace be upon him) and Isaac (peace be upon him) both received prophethood.


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